Dangerously Obsessed

Dangerously Obsessed – episode 4

Dangerously Obsessed (episode 4)

Betrayal is the highest form of hurt you can receive from someone you love. Thelma couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted her ‘supposed’ missing passport inside Jason’s drawer. She felt a sharp pain in her heart and couldn’t help but wonder what was going on.

Few seconds later, there was a knock at the door and it was Jason. Thelma hurriedly got up from where she sat and went to open the door for him, so he could explain why her ‘supposed missing passport was in his drawer.

“Jason, what exactly is going on? Can you explain why the passport we all thought was missing is locked up in your drawer” she curiously asked when she opened the door. At the sight of the passport in Thelma’s hand, Jason almost dropped dead and wished the ground would open up and swallow him. He was tensed; as he didn’t know which lie would be befitting enough to cover up the truth.

As Thelma confusingly stood in front of him demanding explanation, Jason realized that the only way out was to come clean with the truth. “I can explain everything baby but please, promise not to get too mad” he soberly said with his hands shaking, “Go on, I’m listening” Thelma responded, with her eyes steadily fixed on him. Jason took a deep breath and began confessing his mischievous deeds. “I hid your passport because I didn’t want you to travel; the thought of you being gone for such a long time as 4 weeks drove me crazy. Thelma, I need you by my side always; I can’t function properly if you are away for even an hour, talk more of 4 weeks. You might probably think that I’m a psycho or insane but I’m not; I just love you so much that it hurts whenever you are away. I know what I did is disappointing and selfish, but I can assure you that the motive wasn’t to hurt you. I’m so sorry baby” he said and bent his head in shame.

Thelma was shocked beyond reasonable comprehension as Jason confessed his misdeeds. She found it hard to believe that the man she loved and trusted, could do such a thing to her. Never in a thousand years would Thelma have thought that Jason was capable of such a mischievous act. She was dumbfounded and totally disappointed in him.

“But why Jason? Why? This is so demeaning of you; sorry to say but I don’t trust you anymore. How could you huh? How dare you do a thing like this to me. What made you think you have the right to determine what happens in my life? You are my partner, you are supposed to have my back and not attack me. Do you know how much that retreat meant to me? Do you? Just stay away from me and don’t you ever come one inch close to me ever again. I don’t trust you anymore, I need space to think if I can continue with this relationship” she said and walked out on him.

Jason was dying within and didn’t want to wrap his head around all that Thelma said. He immediately pursued her and grabbed her hands when he caught up with her. “Baby please I’m so sorry, please, please just forgive me” Jason pleaded with tears in his eyes. Thelma wasn’t interested in anything he had to say; all that was in her mind was to leave his house. “Get your hands off me right now!” she commanded with tears flowing down her cheeks, “Baby I’m sorry please, ok I can pay for a trip to any place you want to travel to. Please give me a chance to make it up to you and I promise never to do a thing like this ever again” Jason said, still holding her hands. “You don’t just get it, do you? It’s not about the trip but rather, it’s about the fact that you are capable of doing a thing such as this. I don’t even trust you with my life, I don’t feel safe around you anymore. If you can do a thing like this, then who knows what’s next” she said.

The situation didn’t look like it could be resolved as Thelma’s mind was already made up. Jason helplessly sat in the living room couch and watched her pick her bag to leave. He couldn’t control the tears that fell uncontrollably from his eyes, “Are you truly doing this?” he asked but Thelma ignored him and banged the door.

Jason’s world seemed as though it was coming to an end. He scre-med and hit the living room center table with his elbow and the glass broke to pieces, cutting his hands in different places. Jason was angry and highly disturbed; he kept talking to himself as though he had gone crazy. Blood kept gushing out from the cuts in his hands and he gro-ned in pain. Jason was devastated and didn’t want to imagine his life without Thelma.

On the other hand, Thelma cried all through as she headed home in a taxi. She was still in denial and didn’t want to wrap her head around all that happened back at Jason’s house. Thelma felt betrayed and her feelings were greatly hurt. “How did he even come up with such a mischievous act? How was he able to maintain his cool while I cried my eyes out for missing my trip? Jason is unbelievable!” she said to herself as she sobbed.

When Thelma arrived at her house, she quietly walked to her room, shut the door and burst into uncontrollable tears. She cried bitterly because she loved Jason and couldn’t believe he would do a thing like that to her. Jason called her phone over and over again but she didn’t pick up. He kept calling till she had to switch her phone off. Thelma needed space to think on the way forward of their relationship, “I don’t think I can trust him again” she soberly confessed.

Her elder sister heard her crying and came to enquire what the problem was but Thelma’s door was locked; she knocked but no response was forth coming. “Talk to your sister, what is the problem?” Thelma’s sister enquired but there was no response from Thelma.

That day wasn’t a pleasant one for the two lovebirds, as they were going through emotional meltdown. Jason felt more broken than Thelma because he was scared of the decision she would make, concerning their relationship. Days passed and he was still unable to access Thelma nor speak to her. He was losing his mind and kept torturing himself violently. The wh0le emotional breakdown became unbearable for Jason, that he was at the verge of doing something drastic to himself, of which he did.

After about a week of being unable to see or speak to Thelma, he started thinking of crazy harmful things to do to himself, in order to get Thelma’s attention. One evening, he speedily drove his car and knowingly hit a huge tree along the road. Prior to the planned accident, he dialed Thelma elder sister’s number so it would reflect on his call log as the last number he dialed before the accident.

When Jason hit the tree, people gathered the scene and rushed him to the hospital. One of the good Samaritans that rescued him, searched for his phone so as to contact his family or friends to inform them about the accident. They dialed the last number on his call log and Thelma’s sister picked up, “Hello Jay jay” she greeted but had an unfamiliar voice say, “The person that has this phone just had an accident, please come to Immaculate hospital now” the person said and ended the call.

Thelma’s sister was shocked and walked to the parlor where Thelma was seated. “Why are you looking like you just saw a ghost?” Thelma asked and received the shocker of her life when her sister said “Jason had an accident and he’s battling with his life as we speak”.

In great shock, Thelma scre-med “What!”

End of episode 4 😉

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