Dangerously Obsessed

Dangerously Obsessed – episode 6

Dangerously Obsessed (episode 6)

There’s a popular saying that when something happens the first time, it could be a mistake but if it happens again; then it’s deliberate and should be checked. Jason had been giving Thelma hints and clues of his obsessive nature, but she was too blinded in love to see that his behavior towards her was far from what love truly was. She was devastated and extremely upset with Jason for punching her old time friend.

“What on earth is wrong with you?” Thelma shouted on top of her voice, trying to caution Jason for hitting her friend. The guy who was punched, held his face for a second and gave Jason a piercing stare. “You better count your stars that not everyone is an animal like you; otherwise, that fight you are looking for would have happened here today” Thelma’s friend angrily said

Jason cared less about what came out from the guy’s mouth and was only interested in taking Thelma away. “Baby let’s go home now!” Jason commanded but Thelma refused to step an inch away from where she stood. “Just leave me alone” she said and shamefully walked away; leaving Jason to himself and the people that were watching.

Immediately Thelma angrily walked away; Jason left the wedding reception, headed straight to his car and zoomed out. He boiled with anger as he drove off from the venue and wished he had beaten the guy Thelma was talking to more than he did. Jason’s anger was next to non and the fact that Thelma wasn’t with him, made the wh0le situation worst.

On the other hand, Thelma was broken beyond words could say and deeply regretted bringing Jason to the wedding as her date. She felt humiliated and didn’t know how to face her friends who saw the wh0le incident. The worst part of it all was the punch Jason gave to her long time friend. It’s been over 3 years since she saw him last and was fortunate enough to see him at the wedding, only for it to end in such a tragic way.

After about 30minutes of being alone in the bride’s hotel room crying, Thelma’s friends came in to console and cheer her up. “Babe, I never knew you as someone to tolerate an abusive relationsh¡p, what has happened to you?” One of her friends asked.

Thelma was dumbfounded and didn’t know the reply to give her friends. She wasn’t a huge fan of talking about her personal life but this one was beyond her. “I personally don’t know what comes over Jason at times. He can be the sweetest person just now and change entirely to a monster few minutes later, I’m honestly confused” Thelma soberly said. “Does he hit you” her friend enquired, “No, he has never laid a finger on me before, but his behavior at times makes me scared that he might hit me someday” Thelma said.

Her friends felt sorry for her and consoled her. They also advised Thelma to be careful and follow her heart in whatever decision she wanted to make concerning her relationsh¡p with Jason. Thelma nodded her head at every thing said by her friends but her mind wasn’t there at all. She was upset with Jason and kept thinking on what to do, concerning their relationsh¡p. “I just can’t take it anymore and don’t know what next he might do to me” she thought to herself.

The wedding reception ended and Thelma bid her friends ‘Goodbye’ as she headed home. All through her journey home, she was still bitter and angry with Jason and didn’t want to see him anytime soon. “How did I even get here? How can someone be so authoritative and demanding over someone?” Thelma wondered, “He hasn’t even called or texted to apologize for what he did. It’s ok, I don’t even need any deceptive apology from him” she added.

Thelma arrived home to her worst nightmare, sitting at her balcony. One look at Jason and her wh0le body refilled with rage. She ignored his presence and pretended as though he was insignificant. Just as she was about to open the door and enter in,side, Jason got up from where he sat and held her hands. “Just get out of my house this moment and don’t you ever touch me again” Thelma warned in anger.

Jason wasn’t threatened by her threats, all he wanted was to make peace with her. “Babe I’m sorry that I let my emotions get the best of me every time. I was jealous and felt lonely while you were talking to the stranger” he said in a low tone. “You are so complicated and I can’t keep letting you hurt me. Who told you that guy was a stranger? For your information, he is a long time friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in over 3 years, and the only thing you could do was ruin our little catch up chat. Did I tell you not to join me? If you were bored or lonely as you claim, why didn’t you join us in the conversation we were having? And to think that I already told him so much about you and was about to introduce you to him, only for you to make a fool out of yourself and me. Just leave my house this moment” Thelma said in rage.

Their voices were a bit loud and it drew Thelma’s sister’s attention. “What’s going on her? Thelma why are you shouting?” Her sister enquire but none of them could explain what the problem was. Thelma sighed and entered in,side the house, leaving Jason with her sister.

Jason was devastated and felt sorry at the same time for all that had happened. “It’s late Jay jay, go home and come back when things have cooled off” Thelma’s sister advised, “I’m not going anywhere until Thelma accepts my apology. I wouldn’t even be able to sleep throughout the night, knowing that she is upset with me this much” Jason said.

Despite everything Thelma’s sister said to change Jason’s mind, he still didn’t move an inch from where he was. Thelma’s sister gave up and went in,side the house, leaving Jason at the balcony, all by himself.

Thelma wasn’t aware that Jason still hadn’t left her house. It was after passed 10pm, that her sister came to inform her that he was still outside and pleaded with her to talk to him. Thelma looked out from the window and still saw Jason’s car parked outside, she became emotional and decided to go and see him.

“I thought I told you to leave my house, what are you still doing here?” she curiously asked but Jason remained mute. “I’m talking to you Jason, why are you still here?” she repeated and he looked into her eyes with tears in his eyes and said “I have been asking myself the same thing as to why I’m here, but all I can say is that it’s because I love you and can’t function properly without you”.

Thelma’s heart melted and she started tearing up too. “But why do you do all these things you do to hurt me” she asked, “I guess it’s because I love you so much that it hurts” Jason said. He got up from here he sat and knelt down in front of Thelma. She was confused and didn’t know why he was kneeling before her. “Why are you kneeling down, please get up” she said.

Before she knew what was happening, Jason held both of her hands and said “Thelma, would you marry me?”

End of episode 6 😉

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