Dark Cold Heart

Dark Cold Heart Episode 9 – 10

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Dark cold h£art 🖤🖤.


Chapter 9 🌹


Jennifer Owens ♥ 🔥





h£ jerked up h¡s dish and right on my face, h£ threw it.

I stood still as th£ dish slid d©wΠ my face and to th£ ground.

I gently wiped off th£ food stuck on my face with my right [email protected] and sobb£d silently.

“what th£ h£ll is th¡s?!” h£ yelled, hitt!ng h¡s fist on th£ table caus!ng me to fl!nch [email protected]¢kward.

“I asked you to prepare my lunch not a dog food or someth!ng! ” h£ yelled.

“I.. I’m sorry ” I wh¡spered.

“What good are you if you can’t even make me human food?! ” h£ yelled but I said noth!ng.

h£ grumbled and angrily went away.

I wiped my tears and went to clear th£ table.

After clear!ng th£ table, I cleared th£ mess h£ made with th£ food h£ sma$h£d on my face.

Wh£n I was done, I went to my room and plumped d©wΠ on my b£d.

I got up few m!ns later and went to take a cold bath to h£lp me calm my nerves.

Th¡s is noth!ng! Should’ve known th£ mess I was gett!ng !nto wh£n I accepted th£ deal.

After fre$h£n!ng up, I didn’t know what to wear.

h£ had earlier said I wouldn’t need my cloth£s cause I’d j√$t be !n my uniform so should I put on th£ uniform?

Nope! Imma j√$t wear one of my cloth£s and wh£n I’m needed, I’ll change !nto th£ uniform.

After chang!ng !nto a simple white gown, I laid [email protected]¢k on my b£d.

Th£re’s still time for me to be called ©vt to make d!nner and I doubt if I’d even be called to make d!nner.

I laid d©wΠ th£re, made my m!nd blank and soon, I slept off.




I tossed and turned on my b£d till I was fvlly awake.

I yawned, my eyes scann!ng th£ wall clock as I did.

Damn! It’s already 18:45 and d!nner is by 20:00!

I spr!nted towards th£ door and flung it open.

I ran towards th£ sitt!ng room but stopped on my track and came [email protected]¢k to my room to put on th£ uniform.

Don’t wanna mess up twice today though it’s sure gon be “twice” if I get to make d!nner.

After chang!ng !nto th£ uniform, I ran [email protected]¢k ©vt and off to th£ sitt!ng room.

Wh£n I reach£d th£ sitt!ng room, it was weirdly calm and that was strange.

No b©dy guards anywh£re nor was master.

Wh£re did th£y all go?

I looked towards th£ stairs and all I wanted was j√$t h£ad up th£re but that’s will!ngly walk!ng !nto my own grave.

Does th¡s mean, I won’t have to make d!nner?

I wonder wh£re Neil is! I wonder how h£’s do!ng.

OK f!ne! Imma h£ad upstairs and if I’m caught, I’ll j√$t make up a lie.

I’m stubborn, I know.

I took deep breaths before s1©wly climb!ng upstairs.

As I got farth£r, I started h£ar!ng [email protected]

Th£ [email protected] were quite loud and wasn’t even com!ng from one voice but multiple voices and that triggered my curiosity m©r£.

I s1©wly traced th£ [email protected] to wh£re it was com!ng from and I found myself !n front of a door.

I took anoth£r deep breath and m©r£ gently than ever, I slightly opened th£ door and popped my h£ad !n to take a peek.

I [email protected] lowly and stopped peek!ng.

On th£ b£d were three girls, two blondes and a brunette and th£n th£re was h¡m on th£ b£d with th£m.

h£’s sure a perv! I angrily went d©wΠstairs and to my room.

I sat on my b£d, angry at God knows what exactly.

I mean, h£’s a perv! How can those girls j√$t throw th£mselves at h¡m j√$t like that? Cause of money? Eww! I’ve for real gotten mixed feel!ngs right now.

Ugh! A knock came on th£ door and I angrily went to get it.

Twas that grumpy guard.

“Master demands your pres£nce right now ” h£ delivered and walked away with©vt add!ng anyth!ng or tak!ng a second glance at me.

I rolled my eyes, sigh£d and went ©vt to th£ir so called master which is unfortunately my master as well.

I got to h¡s front and bowed my h£ad, wait!ng for h¡m to say someth!ng.

“Go clean up th£ room I vented ©vt my anger ” h£ blurted ©vt and I arch£d an eyebrow.

Th£ room h£ vented h¡s anger? Like, th£ room !n which h£ j√$t had s€× with three girls? Eww!

So annoy!ng! I went to get a vacuum cleaner and h£aded up to th£ room.

Who knows? h¡s sp**m might be smeared all over th£ room.

With©vt knock!ng, I barged !nto th£ room not know!ng th£ girls were still !n th£re, dress!ng up.

I mean, how th£ h£ll was I supposed to know th£y were still !n th£re?

“What th£ h£ck?! ” one of th£ girls with rough blonde hair snapped.

Tch! Excuse me? Bish you referr!ng to me?

“Don’t you got manners or someth!ng? ” th£ one with th£ neat blonde sh°t at me while th£ brunette j√$t focused on gett!ng dressed.

Like seriously? Who th£ h£ll do th£y th!nk th£y are to talk to me like that?

“Have you both lost th£ ability to th!nk with those peanut sized bra!ns of yours how to talk to a stranger?!” I fired [email protected]¢k at th£m and th£ brunette let ©vt a “woah”.

Th¡s triggered th£ two blondes and th£y both glared at me.

“what you gonna do little hoes? ” I mocked and I scoffed.

“what th£ h£ll is happen!ng h£re?” we h£ard that deep voice and I h£ld my peace.

What right did th£y have to talk to me that way? And I know master is gon see I wasn’t wrong for talk!ng [email protected]¢k at th£m cause th£y started it.

“it’s th¡s new maid of yours! $h£ !nsulted us say!ng we are worthless ” th£ one with th£ rough blonde seeth£d.

OK that was a lie I mean not totally a lie cause I did call em hoes and hoes are worthless.

“I didn’t, th£y started… ” I was say!ng but h£ raised a palm to shut me up.

“What makes you th!nk you’re worth m©r£ than th£ hoes I fv¢k? ” h£ asked sternly, eyes bor!ng !nto m!ne.

OK, someone please tell me I didn’t j√$t get on h¡s nerves aga!n!

It’s now twice I’ve messed up today with©vt even mak!ng d!nner yet and if I get to make d!nner, it’ll be thrice!

h£ didn’t punish me for th£ lunch but I sure know h£’s not gon spare me on th¡s one 😭.

Dark cold h£art 🖤🖤.

Chapter 10 🔥

Jennifer Owens 🌹


So I’m not even worth a hoe now? Great! My life!

“Sorry ” I apologized with my h£ad bowed.

“You’re j√$t a maid! Not worth m©r£ than anyth!ng !n th¡s house, get that?! ” h£ yelled and I nodded vigorously.

“girls get dressed and leave” with that be!ng said, h£ left.

I looked up at th£ girls and th£y had a smirk on th£ir faces, only th£ two blondes though.

“I’m done ” th£ brunette said and walked ©vt.

Th£ one with th£ rough blonde hair glared at me before stumbl!ng ©vt like th£ angry bitch $h£ is.

“Know your limits next time! ” Th£ neat blondie stated before f!nd!ng h£r way ©vt.

So annoy!ng! I should’ve ripped off th£ir hair and scratch£d th£ir faces so [email protected] th£y’d need a surgery! Ugh!.

I cleaned th£ room and after that, I took off th£ b£d $h£et and blanket to th£ laundry room and plumped th£m |ns!de th£ wash!ng mach!ne.

I was done wash!ng em so I took em [email protected]¢k to th£ room.

I folded th£ $h£et and blanket neatly th£n placed th£m !n th£ closet.

I took anoth£r b£d $h£et and blanket and made th£ b£d with th£m.

“ph£w! ” I let ©vt.

It wasn’t so [email protected] but it was stressful as h£ll.

After gett!ng my freedom from h£re, Imma rest for 3 years!

j√$t kidd!ng! Y’all know that.

I h£aded d©wΠstairs, mak!ng noise as I descended th£ stairs.

I quickly stopped on my track and started walk!ng gently than ever wh£n I saw master seated on a cushion !n th£ sitt!ng room.

h£ saw me, I knew h£ did but h£ didn’t both£r glanc!ng at me nor stopp!ng me so I j√$t went to my room.

I th!nk I’m done for th£ day.

Th¡s is strange tho, I mean isn’t h£ gonna punish me or someth!ng?

Uh…let’s leave that aside and focus on me.

I stripped off my cloth£s and went !nto th£ shower.

Done! So I put on my pajamas and got ready for b£d but I remembered I’d not even eaten.

Got so occupied that I even forgot ab©vt myself.

What do I do? I clearly can’t eat th£ leftovers of that shit I prepared yuck!

All I need is courage and I have that.

I took deep breaths before stepp!ng ©vtta my room to th£ sitt!ng room.

I reach£d and stood !n front of h¡m but h£ didn’t even acknowledge my pres£nce.

Am I now a ghost that h£ can’t notice me?

I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat !n attempt to ga!n h¡s attention but th£ mofo didn’t buy it.

Is th¡s wh£re I get to call h¡m master? Eww! It sounded so h£avy for me to spit ©vt.

My stomach growled ©vt loud and h£ still didn’t look up at me.

h£ was j√$t focused on h¡s phone.

I felt like smash!ng th£ phone on h¡s cute face but damn!

Wait what? Did I j√$t call h¡m cute?

h£ll no! h£’s a monster! A devil! And devils a!n’t cute at all!

“Ma.. Master? ” I stuttered.

h£ looked up at me with furrowed brows.

“What? You f!nd it [email protected] to call me master? ” h£ asked.

Please don’t tell me h£ can read m!nds too 😭.

“no no no, I don’t ” I lied.

h£ gazed at me, not say!ng anyth!ng.

“uhm I wanted to a….ask you if I…..could go get food ©vtside ” I asked, stutter!ng a little.

“Why? Can’t you eat th£ left over of that th!ng you cooked?” h£ asked and I j√$t shyly bit my lower l¡p.

“can’t you ” h£ asked aga!n.

“I’m sorry ” I blurted ©vt and h£ scoffed.

I’ve been say!ng a lotta sorrys lately.

“eat th£ left overs or starve to death ” h£ stated clearly and went [email protected]¢k to focus!ng on h¡s phone.

Th¡s mofo knows that food a!n’t eatable yet h£’s tell!ng me to eat it, how evil!

Well, I myself made it for h¡m to eat so I guess we are even.

“Please ” I wh¡spered loud enough to h¡s h£ar!ng.

“I want you ©vtta my sight th¡s !nstant ” h£ ordered and I ran to my room with©vt a second thought.

My stomach growled aga!n and I h£ld it !n pa!n.

Didn’t even eat lunch and now it’s past d!nner time but I’m so hungry.

I sighted my phone on th£ b£d and I quickly grabb£d it.

S!nce h£ doesn’t want me to go get food, Imma j√$t order one.

I placed an order for a pizza and also paid for it with my credit card.

Now I j√$t have to wait for it to get h£re.

But wait! How am I gon take th£ pizza?

What if th£y don’t even allow h¡m |ns!de th£ estate?

What if th£y did but master puni$h£s th£ delivery boy or girl and don’t let me eat it?

Oh God! Please let master leave th£ sitt!ng room before my pizza gets h£re.

After toss!ng and turn!ng for m!nutes I h£ard th£ doorbell from my room.

Th£ doorbell was so loud it sounded all over th£ mansion.

I quickly ran ©vtta my room like flash and h£aved a sigh of relief cause master was no m©r£ !n th£ sitt!ng room.

I tried open!ng th£ door but couldn’t.

I turned th£ knob severally but couldn’t open th£ door.

“Really? ” I h£ard Master’s voice beh!nd me and fl!nch£d.

“You thought you could order food wh£n I clearly asked you not to? ” h£ asked as h£ descended th£ stairs.

“you thought I wouldn’t f!nd ©vt?” h£ scoffed and came towards me.

“Th¡s house is m!ne! Everyth!ng! And I monitor everyth!ng! Right from th£ estate gate to th¡s mansion. All th£ cameras are connected to my phone, my PC and th£ TV !n my room” h£ blurted ©vt.

“Th£ door can only be opened with th£ knob wh£n it’s not locked but if it’s locked, you’ll need th£ remote to open it ” h£ said and waved th£ small black remote at my face.

h£ pressed a button and th£ door opened.

Th£re stood th£ young boy with th£ pizza !n h¡s [email protected]

“Master” h£ called and bowed.

Seriously? For a moment, I forgot h£ had an !ntimidat!ng personality.

h£ took th£ pizza from h¡m and asked h¡m to leave.

“But that’s m!ne ” I wh¡spered !n a cracked voice.

It’s m!ne and I’m so hungry.

Th£ thought of h¡m not lett!ng me eat my pizza made tears form !n my eyes.

“An act of disob£dience from a mere maid ” h£ said calmly.

h£ turned and started walk!ng away.

“It’s my pizza ” I told h¡m and h£ stopped on h¡s track.

h£ tilted h¡s h£ad [email protected]¢k and looked at me with such an !ntimidat!ng look and I got s¢ar£d.

I looked d©wΠ and h£ walked [email protected]¢k up to h¡s room.

I sobb£d quietly and went to my room.

I buried my h£ad !n my pillow and cried.

Soon, I was enveloped by sleep.


I sqv££sed my eyes shut wh£n I felt light pierc!ng onto my face.

With my eyes still closed, I felt a shadow walk !nto my room.

I opened my eyes and jerked up on my butt and [email protected]¢k aga!nst th£ wall.

!n my room was master, [email protected] !n h¡s pocket as h£ stared at me.

“Master” I called, still s¢ar£d.

What th£ h£ll is h£ do!ng !n my room?

Is h£ h£re to kill me?

My h£art started pound!ng [email protected] wh£n I thought of what a perv would do.

Does h£ wanna rape me?

Oh my God!

“follow me ” h£ ordered and walked to th£ door.

How th£ h£ll did h£ even get !n?

I f**k!ng locked th£ damn door!

I glanced at th£ clock and it was 2:00 !n th£ morn!ng.

Oh God! I’m so s¢ar£d right now.

“I said follow me! ” h£ yelled and I [email protected]

“y.. ye….yes” I stuttered and gently got d©wΠ from th£ b£d.

My legs wobbled below me and I couldn’t stop trembl!ng.

h£ walked ©vt and I walked s1©wly beh!nd h¡m.

Wh£re th£ h£ll is h£ tak!ng me?

T. B. C

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