Dark Knight

Dark knight episode 1 – 2


πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ DARK KNIGHT πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

( Destined To Meet )

By Noel Innocent

Chapter One :


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His lips brush her ears while his fingers gently touch the tip of her n!pole, the thin material still separating them from direct connect ” I want you ” his voice low, fill with seduction that her body shiver under his touch

” please” her voice a little shaken from anxious, her whole life she waited for his touch, his body pressed on hers ” Zoe!!” His hands finally cup her arse drawing her closer to his body

” Zoe!!”

Closing the novel I frown before jumping to my feet ” coming mum ” I was in the exact spot he will finally make the move, finally touch her body

Smiling I pick up my wig and put it on in a swift motion, don’t need another person calling me a witch apart from my siblings. For some reason everybody in this town have black hair and if you end up having some other coloured hair, you’re a witch

So having red hair is defiantly a crime and my blue eyes makes things worst, running down the stairs I head to the dining room ” Mrs Lee” I bow my head slightly at our visitor before furrowing my brows at my mum, asking why she is here

” Mrs Lee here will like you to attend her school for a show around, children will love to see your unique blue eyes” my gaze shift back to a smiling Mrs Lee

” am I getting paid??” The woman shook my head and I sigh, pull out a chair, sit down, sip a coffee then finally speak ” I don’t do favours Mrs Lee, if you want me. You pay me ”

” you didn’t pay God before he gave you those eyes did you??” Blinking I flash her one of my best fake smile

” are we done here, I was reading upstairs ” standing I ignored her glares before walking to my room. Those salvages and bastards, what do they think I am. A good Samaritan?? That don’t need cash

Sitting on my bed I stare at the novel ” forbidden love” muttering the name I sign, always wanted to know why people fall in love, why girls like those annoying creatures

Why love even existed

If love did exist, I don’t think my parent will place me in somebody else hands with just Zoe written in a piece of paper

Love is trash, I have read novels, seen my share of men but none of them give me the spark that is always explained in this books

Maybe that’s why I have never dated and will properly die alone because of the way I see things and men or boys

” martin isn’t returning my book Zoe, he refused to return them ” I stare at my kid brother and sigh before leaning close to him

” go to his special cupboard and steal all his toys, he will return your notebook ” I grin and Marston nod smiling widely before running out

These twins will be the end of me some day, rising to my feet I stare at myself in the mirror, fix my wig properly, grab my jacket, my novel and head downstairs ” mum am going to the library ”

” I thought you just collected a book dear ” my mum drop her cup of coffee starring at me ” and its 4pm, the library close by six”

” that’s why I have to hurry..besides ” my gaze move to Mrs Lee who is still sitting down devouring our home made cake ” I don’t think I can make any reading possible around here ” hiding my hands behind me, my fix my gaze on Mrs Lee cake and each time I move my fingers it will move in its direction ” see you later Mrs Lee” she rise her gaze and at that moment I made sure the cake fall on her lap

oh my god, are you okay ” my mum rush her words and I giggle silently while walking out of house, maybe I am a witch

Since I turn nineteen I have been able to move and lift things around, I kept my mouth shut of course, even my mum doesn’t know about this change in my life

And she don’t need to know at all

Checking my phone the time is already after five and I knew from the beginning I won’t make it to the library that’s why am heading to my secret apartment, a place I rented for my novel reading alone and in peace

Turning to a dark corner I fasten my steps while holding the novel to my chest, cold air usually swirl through me whenever I pass through this ally, like someone is………

Before I could complete my thoughts or process anything that is happening, four men are standing starring at me and someone else is holding my hands tight at my back that it felt I its being pulled out and pointing a gun to my head

I didn’t hear any footsteps approach so how?” now we will do this nice and easy guys, if you don’t want this little Missy here to die, you will turn around and walk away ” the voice behind me mumble, husky and deep that run shivers down my spines

” and you think we care if this human die ??” The four men muttered at the same time like some robots before laughing hard


didn’t bargain for this while coming out this evening, I only wanted to read in peace ” why are you guys dragging me into this ” I groan and the man behind me use the gun and hit my head a little but still painful

” shut it ” and I did, I still want to live long on earth ” am not joking, you should know that about me by now ”

” we will get you for sure hell and when we do ” the four men turn around and vanish out of sight, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Maybe they ran or something

The men behind me push me away and when I turn to yell at him I was rendered speechless, pair of silver eyes met mine, his face perfectly drawn, his hair almost looked white but not white, almost look yellow too. I think in novels they call it blond

He has this blond messy hair, his lips red and a glimpse of blood attached, was he punched, his noise pointed ” sorry about that miss” his voice only did wonders to his features

He tuck the gun at his back trousers the n exhale, those broad chest rise and fall, what is wrong with me, I have never take notice of men like this before

His cold eyes met mine and he wasn’t smiling nor do he look sorry, his face lack expression” stay out of dark allies okay ” he tap my right cheek before walking away

I was still left speechless starring at him as he vanish just like the others. What just happened to me?

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ DARK KNIGHT πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

( Destined To Meet )

By Noel Innocent

Chapter Two :


” where were you” may asked sitting on my bed ” your parents was worried sick that they have to call me last night” she keep grumbling but my mind was somewhere else

Or may I say on somebody, Mr silver ” shh may, I can’t think if you keep groaning like my second mother ” I rob the cheek he tap and giggle softly

okay Zoe, you’re running in sane, what happened ” my gaze met hers and I smile eagerly

” I met a guy”

” that’s new ” nodding I purred on ignoring what she just said ” may, you won’t believe what just happened last night ”

” you mean when you went missing ”

” firstly I wasn’t missing, I saw a guy. He has blond hair may ” she furrow her brows probably confused ” his hair is almost yellow and his eyes are silver ”

” he is a wizard Zoe, stay away from him ” this is probably why I haven’t showed her my red hair or told her I can make things move

” you don’t get it may, I have to find this guy ” I stare at her then fumble with her braided hair, she looked just like show white, only with long black hair ” have you heard me talk about a boy before ”

She sign then shook her head ” no”

” you have to help me to find him ” shaking her by the shoulders she finally give up and turn on my laptop

” do you think he is in Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, tik tok”rising my brows at her she chuckle hard before turning it off ” I get it, you know nothing about this guy, where did you meet him ”

” the dark path we always follow before arriving in my apartment ”

” that’s how we will get him, just pray he show up there again, every evening you have to hide there just to get him okay ”

” that should not take a long time right ”

It did take a little time, Two weeks have passed and I haven’t lay eyes on him, each evening I wait in that dark spot for days but I didn’t even get a glimpse of his toe

” am done searching may ” I whisper while the teacher went on with his words ” it looks like he vanish from the earth, no where to be found ”

” maybe he doesn’t want to be found Zoe… Forget about that wizard, find someone else with black colour hair” I roll my eyes at her and focus in jotting down what was being taught ” come to think of it, the village close to this town have been attacked, several humans killed by unknown creature ”

” when did that happen ” I whisper back and her eyes glittered, always love telling the gossips

” it happened last week, Monday by ten A.M, I watched it and you won’t believe what I saw, some people where left without hands or legs while some has a hole in their heart. dead”

” that’s has nothing to do with Mr silver may ”

” you will never know Zoe”

” you two, out of my class” hearing the teachers voice I glare at may, telling her its all her fault via eye

” Mr silver is a nice man may, he wore a suit while we met”I lied, closing the class room we stand outside and I exhale ” am missing a class in my final year, this will have an effect in my results, how the hell will I go to collage if my results are bad ”

” chill Zoe, you’re being ahead of yourself, one ‘out of the class’ won’t kill you, trust me ”

My gaze met her ” last time I trust you, I got an F in my history” she chuckle then bit her lower lip

” that was different ” rolling my eyes I move my gaze else where and something got my eyes, something blond just pass by

” did you see that ” may looked around confused about what am saying, ignoring her I fasten my steps down the hall, the noise increasing in the principal offices

Opening the office, I stopped in my track. Mr silver was holding a shiny little thing that has a pointy and sharp end, he pierce it into the principal heart ” shit” he muttered and I watch the principal turn to ash and disappear ” you again ”

In a blink of an eye he stood right in front of me ” wh…wh…what did you just ” I step back and he run his hands through his hair before using his hand to knock me out


Starring at the resent pest in my life I sign, I have no idea what to do to her. Usually when you’re caught by a human, you immediately kill them but if you study the art of memory cleaning you perform that

But instead of performing that art I found myself knocking her out and bringing her to my house, one question keep nagging me and I have to ask her when she wakes

Lifting the bucket of water I didn’t hesitate before pouring her the water, I watch her jump up and her hair shift a bit, giving me a glimpse of red

” are you nuts ” she yell and I furrow my brows at her, watching her nag ” you can’t just pour someone such cold water. Do you want me to freeze to death ” when she finally stop her eyes widen and i think it finally hit her that she is yelling at me

Silence fell in the room, I drop the bucket and bend down, my face close to hers, I watch her swallow and her cheek redden for only god knows why ” why are your skirts pretty short, I got tired starring at your yellow childish panties while bringing you here ” the question was out and I wait patiently for an answer but only what I got was a face that turn as red as a tomato

She close her legs and draw her skirt down ” that’s not your business ” she yell at my face and I step back, humans are confused creatures ” I want to go home ”

” what made you think I will let you ” furrowing my brows I watch her sit up ” you saw something you shouldn’t have ”

” I won’t tell anybody ” her gaze met mine and she bit her lips, I watch her closely, she rise her hands and slowly run her hands through my hair leaving me shocked ” you have nice colour ”

I do know women love flocking around me but with the audacity of touching my hair, grabbing her hand I tighten my fists around her wrist and watch her groan in pain” aren’t you scared woman ”

“You did kill a man right in front of my eyes, that too my principal ” her eyes glittered and I frown at that, she has blue eyes which is weird for a human ” I have been searching for you Mr silver”

” Mr silver?” I didn’t smile nor did I laugh, leaving my face blank I watch her sign

” you have silver eyes” she move closer and the touch of red on her hair, is distracting ” what are you ” she asked, curiosity fill in her eyes, she don’t even care that I killed her principal. She should be scared

” something you shouldn’t get close to ” using my finger I push her away and she land on the bed ” I think am gonna kill you ”

” I already told you…I won’t say anything to anyone but you will have to go out with me ” she sit up, her gaze not leaving mine one bit, she blink her eyes and flash me a big smile ” just one date”is she expecting me to agree to such absurd request, dating someone with such innocent look and to top it all a human

” No” was all I said

She move closer, her face one inch from mine ” come on, pretty please. Just one date” shoving her away I just realize I did the wrong thing bringing her here, this little brat happen to have a childish crush on me

” still no” I stare at her ” you’re not attractive “hurt flash in her eyes and I grin at that, a wicked smile rising in the corner of my lips” but I do like your courage little mouse, makes me want to keep you as a pet”

She rise to her feet, zipping down her skirt, I stood in shock ” what are you doing ”

” showing you how attractive I am” her gaze met mine and I sign, I can’t believe this little mouse, where the hell did she come from

” you’re putting on a yellow childish underwear ” I sign in frustrated ” I think I have seen enough for the day, you can go home ”

” is not my fault children panties are cute ” she zip up her skirt and fold her hands before muttering ” I don’t know my way back home ”

” I hate to break this to you little mouse” I tuck my gun at my back trouser ” I have things to do, you won’t see me ever again so I advice you to shove that crush down your arse and find your way home ” with that I walk out of the house


Zoe actually say what I can never say to a boy

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