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( Destined To Meet )

By Noel Innocent

Chapter Sixteen:


Opening the door I step inside, the house seem a little dull and frustrating ” where is Zoe??” Zar voice echo from the dining room but I ignored that ” don’t tell me you have pushed her away ”

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” you don’t know anything Zar” loos£ning my tie I walk upstairs but his words stop me on my tracks ” I knew she was a descendant ” turning around I watch Zar step forward ” what do you take me as, an idiot. The first day I saw her, I perceived her scent in the ball room”

” then why didn’t you say anything ”

” because I wanted to see where you are taking all these to, what exactly you are planning ” Zar rise his hands ” and now that she declared she love you, you are pushing her away??, hurting her feelings?? ”

” staying with me is dangerous for her, her mother wished for her to live with humans and that is what she will do” I step forward ” if you haven’t noticed am their killing machine and if they found out, they will think she is trying to influence me and they might try something funny” I purred my anger kicking in ” what do you think, that am happy with what is happening?? Do you think I want to push Zoe away, do you think because am an experiment I don’t have a heart? That I derive pleasure from hurting Zoe?” Gr-aning I turn around and fasten my steps to my room

Opening the door, darkness met me, this is how am suppose to be, to be filled with darkness and nothing more, shutting the door I take off my jacket, follow by my tie but my hands stopped the moment my gaze land on the only thing giving light to the room, the only thing filled with colours

The cat Zoe gifted me

Lifting it up I stare at the angry little thing ” this is for your own good” opening the window I throw it out just like I throw Zoe out of my life

I hope am doing the right thing


” what happened where is Ares” my mum asked the moment I step in, smiling I stare at her ” he went home, he has an important meeting and when he is done he will come get me but it will take days ”

” okay dear, am glad you will be spending some time here ” smiling I walk upstairs to my room, shut the door, take off my dress and sit on the b£d, starring at nothing more tears flow out of my eyes, am never gonna see Ares again??

We are done? Is this how he wish for things to end, he don’t even feel a single thing for me? He doesn’t mind me Staying away from him

Laying down I pull the sheets over my body and cried myself to sleep since that’s the only thing I can do now


Opening the door I stare at the boxes delivered, my clothes and everything are already here and its just five in the morning, is he so impatient to get rid of me. Lifting the boxes I take them to my room, go to the bathroom, take my bath, rob my lotion, put on my school uniform, grab my bag and check the time

Six A.M

Maybe I will arrive there by seven, walking downstairs I leave a note for them about my where about then leave. Walking down the road I stare at the sunrise, I wanted watching one of these with him

Pulling my phone out of my bag I stare at our ph-oto together, how his eyes look so red after cutting the onions, he looked so surprised and I was happy

I thought we were happy

Inhaling I fight the urge of crying, they must be a reason for this, everything has a reason right. Ares won’t leave me just like that

Maybe novels I read are all lies, maybe not everybody have an happy ending, maybe something’s are not destined to be, maybe Ares is just a blind bastard that need his eyes opened

I have heard of breakups, this hurts so much, like am being suffocated without him being close to me and my heart is being squ-eese together ready to burst

I can’t take this and I can’t go to school like this, taking a u turn I head to Ares house, even I need an explanation for this

You can’t just say you’re my brother and that’s that

His house coming to view, I fasten my steps towards that direction but something stopped me, something slowed me down, moving to the other side of the house I picked up the cat I gifted him

He throw it away, he throw what I worked for away just like he is throwing my love and me away, he doesn’t need me in his life anymore. He has made that clear

squ-eesing my hands on the toy more tears flow, this is painful, too painful, I can’t take this pain anymore, I want him, I want him to be with me

Maybe he doesn’t love me but I do and I don’t think am forgetting him anytime soon

Getting up from there I hold the toy close to my heart before walking away from Ares, far away from him and for good


” oh my god Zoe….is just Six and you’re….” May stop grumbling the moment a tear left my eyes, her gaze drag down to the toy in my hands and back to my face ” no he didn’t ” nodding my head she draw me into a hug while I break down into her arms

” I don’t know what to do may, I don’t think I can survive without him….I love him so much that it hurts”


( Destined To Meet )

By Noel Innocent

Chapter Seventeen:


Looking at the ceiling I sigh then my gaze move to the wall clock, I have locked myself in my house ever since breaking down in the front of may that day, it’s been a week and I have missed class and stick to watching heart breaking movies

Taking a handful of popcorn I shake my head, sit up and t-rn on my laptop putting another heartbreaking movie ” oh god Zoe….its been a week you need to get out of the house ”

” No, I don’t want to ” may walk into the room, pick the laptop, turn it off, grab my popcorn out if my hands then sit, her gaze burning into mine

” you dye your hair red ” she furrow her brows and I realized I stop wearing a wig since Ares k-ssed my forehead and neck

Why do everything lead to him

” yes, I need to feel like someone else ” I said and hug the angry little cat close to me ” you have to throw that cat away ”

” No”

” yes”

” No” she sigh and tuck my hair behind my ear” look Zoe, I know how it feels to be heart broken okay ”

” you mean when jimmy left you ” she nod ” your were just ten may…that doesn’t count ”

” but I felt hurt and maybe yours is in a deeper level but life goes on, maybe he is screwing another woman already. You can’t let that Ares drag you down, he is a bastard for not seeing how great you are “she smile ” get up, get dressed,we are going out”

” where ” I asked as she pulled me up, opening my closet to select clothes ” may this is six pm, am not going anywhere ”

” we are going to a club and you’re going to have fun over there, you are going to get wasted and laid ” shaking my head I sit back on the b£d

” nope, am not getting laid and tomorrow is school, I need sleep ” may turn around, her hands on her hip ” when last did you go to school Zoe ”

” last week” I answered pouting my l-ips ” look may I know you are trying to help me out but not in a club ”

” then we go to jack party”

” what?? I don’t want to see him ” may pull out my old dress, probably pretty short right now ” am not wearing that ”

” yes you are, you are gonna look s€×y”

” am going with a pair of jeans and shirt ” standing up I grab those clothes and hurry to the bathroom before she could stop me


Arriving at the party I drag my feet inside the house, everywhere fill with music and couple hugging, k-ssing, some decided to take some drinks, some playing games and jack smiling at some girls who surround him

Why don’t I like jack anymore, what does Ares have that he doesn’t have?? the way Ares stare at me gives me butterflies in my t-ummy but Jack just stare and nothing happen

” come let’s have a drink ” may pull me to the bar section ” this place is so h-uge that they also have a bar in the house” may voice fill with enthusiasm, her eyes beaming while looking around

” Not as h-uge as Ares place ” I muttered and may frown at me ” what ??” She shake her head

” listen to me Zoe, stop thinking about him okay, even his name shouldn’t be in your mouth right now ”

” yes ma ” my gaze move to the guy serving drinks ” hey tom, did jack turn you to his servant again ” I joked and tom chuckle then lean closer

” this is the best way of getting the ladies drunk and f-cked ” he whisper and I roll my eyes at him ” what, if you weren’t putting on jeans I might f-ck you too ” may chuckle and I shake my head

” she belongs to me dude ” jack voice echo behind me, he lean closer, his l-ips close to my ears, squ-eesing my hands I told my self not to feel guilty, Ares already left me ” want to dance ” he whisper and my irritation was kicking in

” yes she will dance ” may rush in and I furrow my brows at her ” go on Zoe, dance with him ” jack place his hands at my back and directed me to the dance floor

His hands move to my wa-ist while I rest my hands move to his shoulder ” hope I won’t get beaten up by your boyfriend ” I didn’t smile nor did I frown

” we broke up ” I said and jack eyes beam up a little, why am I so irrigated and why am I feeling so guilty dancing with someone else. Ares is the first person I have ever danced with

Missing a step I stepped on jacks foot, he gro-n ” oh god Zoe” Ares was also the first person I stepped on but he didn’t gro-n, just smiled

” sorry ” I muttered, dis£ngaging my self from his hold and out the door I went, why can’t I get him off my mind for good. Its been a week, a wh0le god damn week ” why can’t I get rid of you ” I yell while starring at the stars, why??


Pulling his heart out I watch him turn to ash ” Ares, enough killing….you can’t keep killing these descendants without resting” Xar gro-n at me, our gaze met and this time he didn’t flinch ” you have killed over one thousand descendants during this week ”

” what’s what am made for anyway ” my hands won’t stop trembling and I don’t know why, no matter how many people I kill it just won’t stop

” you’re not feeding again” Zar grumble ” what is wrong with you…do you want to die?”

” that isn’t a bad suggestion ” looking around the forest, I watch the wind swirl around us, trees bending and going back to its normal position, blood and dead bodies everywhere, the moon shining bright on us and sound of insects ” I feel empty ” I said starring at the stars ” I don’t know what I need but I need something, something to make this pain go away” squ-eesing my hands together I frown ” that’s why I need to kill more”

” you are growing nuts each day that passes….killing won’t solve anything, firstly you need blood and you are getting it now ” Zar said, I didn’t try to argue with them anymore and for some reason I don’t want to stop starring at the stars, I feel connected to something, something I want desperately


Ares haven’t realized anything yet

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