Dark Night

Dark Night – episode 12

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Dark Night

Episode 12
A story by Oladipo Daniel

Shadow was on his way to locate the address, they were gisting in the car. Shadow was seen as a coward character, he never had the courage to express his feeling to the lady he loves – Chioma. One of the officers called him chicken, he reminded him a speech from Chioma and concluded the lady is also in love with him and she has agreed to be his wife.

Shadow: what do you mean by that, moreover, I don’t want you see the lady like cheap.

Second Officer: well, Oga, every lady is cheap.

Shadow: (madly) meaning?

Second Officer: they fall for anybody and everybody. Especially, money.

First Officer: Oga, let the man face the steering less he drives us to paradise.

Shadow laughed, well, pls face your driving and don’t ever take a lady for granted because she falls for you. Believe me, there are some guys out there praying her to be in their lives, in fact, some wish if they can only be together for just a day. So, for winning her heart, my brother, respect your lady.

He turned to the first officer and asked, tell me bro, what have you seen or noticed that the lady loves me as I do?

First Officer: Fine, see the last thing she talked before we comot her house. She said you are NOT YET her man.

Shadow: yes, she is right. So what’s the big deal?

Oga, the first officer voiced calmly, you go school na. You too go understand wella.

Second Officer: Oga I didn’t around when she talk the thing but I think what the sentence mean is say she will still be your woman but not now.

Shadow nodded with great excitement, their voices gave him confidence he will definitely win Chioma for himself. Now, officer drive quickly let end this story and drive me back to Chioma’s house.

The other two policemen teased him.

They turned the car to gisting venue till they nearly forgotten the address.

After a long search, they located the building but no one lived there. They tried to make their effort fruitful by make enquiry from the people around. Then they heard the people living in the house have migrated to another street.

Shadow summoned the officers and told them the good news.

But wait, Oga how did you get things from people like this because everyone claimed they never saw anyone lived in the house before, in fact, when a person who has given them attention heard about the house, the way they ran away gave them a doubtful mind. So how did you do it?

Shadow smiled, he reminded them that in Nigeria, once you have money in your pocket, believe me, you have answer to everything… I saw the reaction of a guy you questioned from afar, the way he moved a way from you, so I went to block him at the next junction. I knew he must have known something. Well, the good news is, he later cooperated immediately I handed him over 3k. He said, the building has been a notorious house on the street for long, that kidnappers and rubbers used before the landlords association forced them out. But ever since, whosoever dare say a word, the people kidnapped them too. So that’s why nobody want to talk, He said because we might be working for them like spy. So, he told me they moved to the next street.

Let’s go!!

Getting to the next street, the prescribed house has been occupied by group of people. Shadow discovered the people living in this house are all tenants. He got confused with great anxiety of getting to the root of the matter, to be precise, redeem his lost prestige by vindicate Beauty’s honor.

He, from the information he got in the left street, demanded to see the landlord association chairman. He introduced himself to him and asked the history of the house which he met occupied by group tenants.

Mr Landlord: statutory authority, that house you see has been built for long. Well, it is a politician that owns it. You know in our country, these people are unquestionable. So, at first we dare not utter a word when they started the illegal work in the house till a fellow told us and charge us to summon courage that the people of the other street sent them away so also we can. To cut the story short, we took the step of faith and sent them away.

Shadow: (cut in) sorry Mr Chairman, where exactly did these people go?

Mr. Landlord: well, we never cared, the only thing we want is them leave our street which they did without hesitation. Pls, my humble friend, I don’t know you but you seem gentle. So I will advise you stop searching for trouble, these fellows are dangerous and wicked. In fact, I told you they have power (politics) backup. So stop searching for death warrant.

Shadow: (smiled) thanks baba, but last thing I will like to know. Pls, who did you say the owner of the house?

Mr. Landlord:
(coldly) It is a man called Otunba, he was appointed a minister of recent.

Shadow: God bless you, may you lead us well. See you soon.

They departed from the street, nobody has the idea of Gbosky hidden place. Maybe he has never been amongst the kidnapper or what behind him. One thing shadow thought was that the new name (owner of the house) which might expose them to another chapter of the story. The two officers were silently watching with lot of thoughts in their minds. One of them has been tired of the case but could not quit because shadow was good to them and settled them often. They were just driving without a certain destination. After few minutes of taciturnity, an officer broke the silent.

First Officer: what next now?

Shadow: I don’t know, I think we should get info on Otunba, the minister.

Second officer: but sorry Oga, what connection between Gbosky, the assumed criminal and the politician.

Shadow: well, for now, nothing. But we must not let our today’s effort wasted. So, let’s get to know Otunba.

People say “Mind is deeper than well”. Shadow in his mind has been tired and confused too but just as to say something as a leader and to create in the police minds courage or as a professional detective. He pretended in handling their question meanwhile he only answered unconsciously.

Is there any need in searching for a minister on this matter?
Could there be any relationsh¡p between Minister and Gbosky?

Where is Gbosky?

The story continues.
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