Dark Night

Dark Night – episode 13

Dark Night
A story written by Oladipo Daniel

Episode 13

“Irrespective of the distance between day and night, one day, the two will surely meet”. (Daniel 2019)

The breeze blew, gushing through the car’s window as it touched Shadow’s head. He surrendered himself to the power of the breeze with his eyes closed. They were going without destination. He listened to the fierce sound of the breeze as it whispered strongly in unknown language into his ears.

O! Stop the car please, he announced. Take me to the prison. Let’s meet Lady Beauty.

Oga, are you sure? She will eat you raw, better you think twice.

Don’t worry, you drive. Let the worse happen.

The officer changed their direction back to prison. The wall of the cell is dilapidated and shattered, shadow shook head in pity. He could not compare the prison in structure and maintenance to that of abroad where he came from. He saw it like a place built for abandoned madman. He walked round the building, moving closer to a separated cell that faced the public toilet. As he was approaching, he heard a voice reading gently thus:

“… Hear the voice of my supplications, when I cry unto thee, when I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle… “

He stopped at the front of the cell, looked at the lady who never noticed him. The lady he once saw as an epitome of African beauty, sat down on the floor with hair unmowed. OMG! Neither Poverty or suffering is good for man’s health.

Beauty later noticed the movement of a shadow (reflection), she stoped reading and saw Shadow standing before her cell. Shadow’s legs were shaken, he never knew if Beauty will cut of his head or crucify him.

Hi, he stammered.

Beauty responded with a gentle smile.

Darkness and light eventually met at last. I remember you vividly. She said.

I’m sorry, I never meant to mock you. Pls pardon me for being here. He summoned courage.

No problem, as she stood up closing her bible. Why are you here? She questioned.

I’m… Am… I… Can I come in?

She tittered, here is not my house, how then can I stop you from entering. It belongs to us all. Come in.

Shadow signaled to the warder beside him to open the cell. He entered and sat on mat laid on the floor.

Have you been transfered here or a new member as prisoner? She questioned

***Giggled***, would you mind me your cell mate? He asked.

Why seeking my opinion, Does my opinion relevant before I was brought low down here? She teased.

Pls, forgive me. I know I have wronged you in so many ways, can you please pardon me?

Oh! How could big man like you offend me. In fact, who am I to keep you in mind? Pls spare me.

Ok, can I ask you something?

Go on, Beauty replied.

How did you end up here, like what Truly happened between you and chief that night?

***moody*** pls are you here to mock me again. Why all this question. I beg you Mr. Shadow or whatever you called yourself, I have accepted my cross, don’t just come here to hurt my wound.

I don’t want you see me like an enemy, you know my profession. The truth is we are seriously working to revive your case that’s why I just want to hear everything from you. Pls I beg of you.

Beauty deeply inhaled the air of the prison. Her mind was calm like that of morning water. She began her ordeal:

Chief and I slept off after we had our drinks as usual to stupor only to gain my consciousness in the next morning saw chief laid flat on the floor – dead. That’s all.

She started crying as her l-ips pronouncing the words. Shadow moved closer to her and rest her head on his shoulder. He fondled her like a pet till she cried no more. It is well my sister, God will safe you and vindicate you, just continue praying. I will see you soon.

Shadow, a man of strong ambition, determination and focus, went back to chief’s house together with the two policemen.
He thought there might be connection between late chief and the man (Otunba) the owner of gbosky layout. On getting there, they met chief’s wife feeding a young man who sat at the master seat on dinning table. The young man in appearance was not so rich, he wore a crazy jean with one blue round neck. Shadow was so displeased seeing this. The way he looked at the man made fear gripped the man’s heart as he hurriedly pushed Toyin’s (chief’s wife) hand away and rushed out of the house.
Toyin: how could you enter my house like that. What are you doing here and…

I’m so sorry if I have intruded. Actually, I knocked before coming in but there was no response so…

So what! You should have waited till you were ordered to come in. This is rubbish. I can conclude you lack cur…

 Shadow cut in angrily, sis. who is that young fellow, I mean good for nothing…

Toyin nearly landed a slap on his face, how dare you! Once you are here for nothing relevance, pls vacate my house. Moreover, I’m not your sister, so get out now!

To be continued… Those that commented on this story, a very big thanks. And those that never do, pls say something. Your observations will definitely help the story. Thanks to you all.

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