Dark Night

Dark Night – episode 14

A Story written by Oladipo Daniel
Shadow was disappointed in Toyin (chief’s wife), he never believed someone like her could be with another man in her husband house. In fact, even though she wanted to do such, it should not have been a person like that of garage boy. Mtchew!
He turned, living the house while the police with him asked why he
angrily left just like that without fulfilling their purpose of coming there. Is she truly your sister as you called her?
Shadow stopped, he remembered why he came down here in the first place, he shook his head in anger, looked at the police and said, “She is a family friend. Her family has really helped us for long. In fact, it was through them I managed to travel out of the country till I became what I am today. The thing is I never expect her in a mess like this. I even suspect her, maybe she assassinated her husband to have freedom in doing rubbish.
Just let’s go”.
Sir, the second officer voiced, are we forgetting the case or how do we get information about Otunba, the minister?
They all stopped for a while and went back in,side, they met Toyin on phone. She was discussing and pleading the person to forgive her what just happened and asked the person to come back that night. Shadow got more furious because he had already known she was speaking with the guy that just left. The officer calm him down. They gave him signal to calm. Ok, he replied them silently. Shadow coughed out, then Toyin noticed their presence, she ended the call.
Yes, what can I do for you? She questioned.
I’m very sorry ma. Please forgive me. He cleared his throat, ma, we got new information about your deceased husband.
What! She exclaimed. Is my husband back to live? OMG! Where did you see him?
Ma, it is not like you think….
Then what!
We realised there are some people behind his death.
Yes, we all know that. I think the case has already been settled Because the culprit is now in prison.
Not like that ma, something beyond that. I think the lady is innocent…
Wow! I know you will one day come up with this story. I told you on the first day you will fall, and now, you’re in love with criminal which means you too are criminal.
I’m sorry ma, it’s not about her.
But about what? Do you think I never knew your movement in that girl house. What’s her name again! She tapped her l-ips to remember. O, yes, she is chioma.
Ma, one of the officer, said. Pls we only want to help.
The second officer: We heard something about a man called Otunba, he recently appointed as a minister.
So, look at people of same feather. She laughed. Aren’t you shamed. I’m asking the officers. Haven’t you work? Why are you going about with this useful but nothing fellow who I begged to fight for my husband and now working against us. I mean, supporting the criminals.
She quietly sat down on the chair at the dinning. She touched her head as a person whose head is aching.
Pls ma, take care of yourself, one of the officer said.
Do you know this Otunba ma, Shadow asked.
Are you stupid? Now, you guys should leave my house. Now!
They turned away from the house leaving.
I know she will not cooperate, a useless wh-re like that will not care to know what killed her husband. I told you, she killed her husband by herself. Shadow complained.
Oga, let’s not concluded for now. Pls can you let’s ask the guy at the gate?
Then, as they stepped out from the main building, they sited the gate keeper, who rest on the small window in the room beside the gate, looking outside within the compound.
Hi, shadow greeted. How work now.
Oga, fine o. The gateman replied.
Can you please come out?
Before he got out, shadow brought out some cash and waved it that enthusiastically troubled the mind of the keeper.
Oga, he prostrated on the floor.
Come big man, how much do you want. Well, to give you this money is not the issue, but I want you to tell me something.
Oga, ask now, anything. Even if you need madam’s head. I swear, I will bring it now now.
Are you sure?
Yes now. Should I bring it for you now?
He stood and heading towards the main building. Shadow smiled and pulled him back.
Thanks, you are my man. A guy left this house few minutes ago. Who is he or what do you know about him?
O, that one. He was the former gate keeper here now. He has been working here before chief died until after his death, he became our boss.
Shadow and the officer looked at themselves, like somehow confused.
You mean, I don’t get you. How is he your boss?
He smiled. Oga, he and madam has been washing the same plate now.
You never understand? I mean he wash madam’s plate.
He used tongue to demonstrate, licking his palm.
Can you explain better.
One of the officer who understood the language said they have been sleeping together.
Yes, your soul is there. They sleep. That’s why he is our boss. Because once we disobey him, we disobey madam.
Shadow stammered in bewilderment. Since how long have you known this?
Ah! Even before chief died, they have been collaborated.
Jeez! People are very wicked. So… Officer, let’s move it.
The keeper was so sad and embarrassed, oga, you never gave me the money now.
Who cared about him, they just went away. So he began raining curses upon them, calling them all sort of names.
********* ****** *** ** *
The three are in there car, still thinking of the complexity of the matter. So, Toyin has never been unfaithful to her husband. The elder said, “if an adulterous wife does not kill herself, she will kill her husband”.
Who killed chief? Was the question running in Shadow’s mind.
Who killed chief?
To be continued. Pls comment and let’s discuss the matter. Thanks.
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