Dark Night

DARK NIGHT (episode 2)

© Oladipo Daniel
Detective Shadow as promised, took with  him a male policeman to seek for chief movements on that day. He started the investigation from chief’s office. He asked his manager whatever he knew about chief,  what he did and when he left the office. They were told chief only spent few time with them on August 25. He came late on that day, he (Chief)  said he took his wife to work that her car was faulty. He was too busy on phone even when I went to drop a file on his desk.   He could not attend to me, he only spoke with hand (gesture). I was with the secretary, the next thing   I saw was, chief was on phone  saying that ‘I’m on my way’.  He did not utter us a word but wave in goodbye. I didn’t know it would be our last day, I would have… He concluded. Shadow was going back with the policeman to chief’s house, the police asked why the detective did not arrest the manager because he seemed to be hidden something with that his uncompleted  statement. Shadow said his case was  infinitesimal to the matter at hand. At chief’s house with his family, chief,  as told was a good man,  kind, honest  and very STUBBORN (even incorrigible). He was one of the aspirants for this coming election they said. Shadow demanded for chief’s phone and his lawyer approval to  check through his line from the network provider in order to know where to start from.
**** *** ** *
Chief did call three numbers after he left his office on August 25. He received from  mama Bola,  the last wife of his late father who lived in their village; he called honorable Ankara, they were friend and in the same party before he joined another party, the last person on the list was beauty, his client  when there was cold.
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They took further, now there were suspects, men are equal but some are more important than others. Chief did not go to the village, so, nothing much could be done with mama Bola in the village (though, the wife said she was there first suspect because she (mama Bola)  used to do charm. She might have,  therefore,  charmed chief to kill himself. They threw away this ideology because it was unproved according to the law. Shadow tried his best to investigate honorable Ankara, he often failed.  Hon.  could not be tempered at this time of campaign. He (hon. Ankara)  told them he has nothing to do with the death of chief after all, they were not together at that  night. The policemen suggested that  so far politics is a dirty game. And,  Chief and Honorable were  once friend when they were member of the  same party. They (police)  said they must have known the weakness of one another.  As the elder said, no man loves his friend and allow him to take away his daily bread to put him in hunger. So, Honorable might have played his opponent politics as they were  both running for the same post in this coming election. Well,  they might be right but   Shadow’s  major suspect was a female because they were told that chief went to the hotel with a female who could not be found after the incidence.  He demanded beauty’s address she used  for her sim registration when she bought her sim card. They set out to begin the investigation…
To be continued (episode 3, coming soon)

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