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Dark Night episode 20 – finale


Dark Night Episode 20 (finale)
A story by Oladipo Daniel
So, whatsoever crimes in this country, politics is their source and strength. He left home in the following morning to the hospital. He wanted to know if this so called Gbosky is also the man behind Bobo’s case because he (Bobo) also connected to chief’s death. He remembered everything he has heard about this terrible man from Rebecca. “Wow! Things are getting better”, he inserted a disc and played a song by Nathaniel

Bassey titled, “Olowogbogboro”. It is true that everything happens at its own time. He was so glad.
At the hospital, Bobo was drinking tea when he entered. He told him not to panic because Bobo was so tensed seeing him. “I believe you are absolutely fine now?” shadow asked.
He nodded.
I’m very sorry for whatsoever that has happened. I’m sure it’s not your fault, but believe me, we have to accept our mistakes if we will like to live a better life. Toyin, chief’s wife told me everything: how you both planned to execute chief and…
(Cut in)
We never did.
(Put down the cup of tea)
We never did: after the plan, I followed chief all around then I noticed some people too were spying his movements. The only person I know is chief manager. I think he has something to do with the assassins. And, finally, the day I was to terminate him, waiting outside rainbow hotel in dark night where he lodged.
(Adjusted his seat)
You mean you now killed him?
No, I wanted to kill him when he would leave early morning on his way back home. That’s why I waited all through the night sleepless outside the hostel like a man monitoring crab. Quite unfortunately, instead of him to come out, I heard of his death.
That is terrible. You mentioned his manager, right?
Yes, I once saw him given big envelop to the people spying on chief.
OK, thanks. This will really help us to arrest Gbosky and everyone behind it. But, if this is the truth. How or what happened, I met you lifeless with mark on your neck?
“I thought you were behind it until I heard from the doctor that you rescued me and brought me here. Sir, it was one of your officers. He told me to kneel down that he would make me confess my crime, before I could, he bounced on me forcefully. That’s all I remembered till I found myself here again.
“My officer did this to you!” Shadow was dumbfounded. He never believed it. But why? He asked himself. Though, he suspected the first officer that was told collected bribe to expose their investigations. He told Bobo to lay low at the hospital till everything settled else, they might still kill him.

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“Nothing is last forever”. And, it was said “if lies live for 200 years, truth will one day surface”
Here it comes…
With immediate effect, shadow ordered for the arrest of all mentioned people – the officer, Gbosky in his layout and kept them separately for thorough investigation. He nearly killed them before they opened up…
Officer’s confession:
It wasn’t my fault Mr shadow, you were so nice to us, but I know I must do the needful. Firstly, these people used money to entice me, secondly, if I failed to help them,

they might assassinate me too. So, they gave me money to kill Bobo so that you would believe he killed chief and the case will wipe off. As they know your attention was on him.
How did they know about Bobo?
I told them.
So, it was true when they said the insert that destroys vegetables lives beneath it. The officer said he worked for Otunba (the minister). In Gbosky confession too, Otunba was also mentioned. So, Otunba was arrested and later known as the late chief manager. But how come he suddenly became minister after the death of chief?
After seen all the arrrstees, he did not wait till tortured, he confessed.
Manager’s confession
Chief was a nice man, he loved us and always good to us. But the thing changed when his beloved friend, Honorable Ankara called and gave me an offer that he would change my story. Having heard that, I helped him in his quest to kill chief who was his strong opponent in the election.
Sooo! You guys killed that chief. And, to cut the story short, it means it’s politics. Gosh!
Beauty case was revived. Everyone of the culprits was jailed even Honorable Ankara while Beauty was released. Wow! Congratulations to our dear innocent Beauty. They organized a welcome party for he. There she made Chioma and Shadow proposed. The two friends were offered a job rather than selling their bodies.
Beauty returned to her aunty, Helen who brought her to Lagos. Remorsefully, Toyin too compensated her and pleaded for forgiveness.
Beauty appreciated Shadow’s effort and called her last night with Chief – A DARK NIGHT she would never forget.
A new life demands a new thing: Now is the beginning of their new lives.
The End.
finally the

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