Dark Night

DARK NIGHT (episode 3)

© Oladipo Daniel 
Shadow’s eyes were like a man that was just dethroned when he met Beauty’s house lucked. He was told the house has been empty for a week or so. He didn’t know anyone with beauty from all the information he has got since he started his investigation on her. Her number which should have been the only source was switched off,  no relative. He told the police to make sure they guild the building twenty-four/seven (24/7). And,  once they see anyone around the house, they should arrest the person irrespective of his/her status. Shadow went back to chief’s wife, he asked   her maybe she knew anything about the lady called beauty. 
Chief’s wife: of course Mr shadow, my husband has been going out with the useless  girl for  a while.

Shadow: when and how did you know of her?

Chief’s wife: it was the stubbornness of a fly that makes it follows corpse to the grave, because I have warned my husband of that girl…  I was at home one day when a young girl introduced herself as our neighbor. She gave me a picture of a girl that she was my husband concubine. She called her name beauty. Ever since then I have been spying on them. 
Shadow was so happy to hear this, he wished  to know everything she had known  maybe it would help them to get beauty. She continued,  beauty had a friend very close to chief’s office where she believed they have met. She said from the information, the girl was coming from her friend when her husband was charmed with her so called beauty and…. Shadow cut in,  is it true the girl is beautiful as her name implies? Yes, she replied, if you too are not stand, you might end up of sleeping with her. How on earth, never! He responded boldly.

Chief’s wife: She was a street girl according to the news. Shadow was relieved having known a person has at  least now been ascribed to beauty. He demanded for her address… 
In Chioma’s house, Shadow introduced himself to Chioma. Chioma a typical African girl – chocolate in complexion; worthy of African queen,  wore a transparent lemon gown. On it was a fly over black jacket left  unbutton. The gown was in between her laps so light that eyes could describe every mark in her body.  Shadow smiled whenever Chioma talked, he could not control his eyes as it  often glanced seen the two balls on her chest through the little space of the unbutton jacket: in his mind was another story entirely – love affection.  Quickly he has to compose himself so that he would not be victim as well. Chioma said her husband that brought her to Lagos died after three months of their marriage. She could not go back to village and no man as well to propose. She has decided to go out with men that was what brought connection between her and beauty.  She said she was indeed a friend to Beauty but for the past few weeks she could not reach her because her number was switched off. 
Shadow emotionally asked, why did you decided like that,  can’t you see how beautiful you are to turn yourself out for men!  He quickly covered his mouth, knowing so well that he should not have said that.  Chioma smiled because she could read through his eyes that his mind was full of what she called “man lust”. 
Chioma: I’m 35 years of age without a man to man me. I believe you understand what I mean… As others, body is not stone, I do have feeling too. And I will need someone to fill me when there is cold. 
Hearing this, Shadow could not control himself,  He jumped up and asked for her toilet.  Something like police rod was standing between his legs, pushed out his zip trouser as he was rushing to the toilet. Chioma shook her head, she thought within herself, “men are all the same”. They hærdly control themselves whenever they lost their mind. She pretended as if she saw nothing because so many of such she has seen before… 
In the toilet,  Shadow  discovered his boxer has already w-t. He stayed few minutes before he came back. No body actually knew what took him long. Coming out from the toilet, He went straight to his suitcase and told her he would come back next  day for further information about her friend… 
To be continued (episode 4 is coming up next Monday) 
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