Dark Night

DARK NIGHT (episode 4)

© Oladipo Daniel 

Every town has its own way of cutting chickens, Shadow took with him a male police because of his last time experience in Chioma’s house. He knew there are many colorful flowers in the path of life (but the prettiest one are dangerous): the beautiful ladies are dangerous. Chioma was glad to see them. She actually didn’t know they would come that day, you are highly welcomed she said delightfully. Shadow’s eyes penetrating through his spectacle thinking he would emotionally destroy this meeting again. Chioma pleaded for how she dressed last time that she never knew visitor would come and there was heat. She was quite aware what transpired in the last meeting. This time around she put on a slimy orange gown that nearly reach her knees. 
‘Back to the business’ shadow uttered, we need to see your friend concerning the death of late chief… She cut in, She might be with her clients or peradventure she travels out of the country. She paused, oooh!  Let me get in touch with her maid. She should know her whereabout. She was the one that brought the young lady from her village to work with beauty.  She dialed the number of the maid parent.  It was a voice of a young lady. Aunty chiomaaaa, the voice said, who are you please, chioma asked. It is your girl aunty,  Glory. Ah, thank God, I wanted to speak with you that’s why I called. Pls what happened to your boss and by the way why are you with your parent’s phone. Are you not suppose to be with your boss?  Glory told her aunty that her boss sent her away and how she told her not to let anyone knew anything about her. where is your boss?  Chioma finally asked. I don’t know ma, she was at home when I left. 
Chioma sat down for a while, she stood up and went in,side only to come back with a jotter.  Officer!  I will love to help but I don’t think I have any information or know beauty’s bearing. And,  concerning this matter, i am not sure beauty can kill a fowl not to talk a man. Pls visit this address, ask for aunty Helen. The is the person that brought my friend to Lagos, she concluded. Shadow’s appreciated her effort and exchanged numbers. 
Aunty Helen was on her way out early in the next morning when shadow with three officers came. They told her whom they were looking for and why. Sister Helen told them beauty left her place few days ago back to Osogbo, Osun State and gave them her address. She nearly fainted after the policemen left. She could not hold herself because she had been imagined what caused charade of her sister during her return “from exile” as prodigal son. She called beauty’s number to inform her the scenario but it was switched off. She could not go out any more, asking herself if her sister truly killed chief as the police said. She found it very likely due to the drama beauty performed on their way to hospital in,side police car… 
Shadow took a journey from Lagos to Osun state. On their way,  he sat at the owner side, while two other policemen at the back seat. 
Officer 1: oga!  That lady is beautiful o. 
Shadow: which lady (he turned back to look at the officer) 
Officer 1: the woman we go visit yesterday,  chi..  Chi.. Chin.. 
Shadow: o! U mean Chioma? 
Officer 1: yes, you are correct oga. 
I come see the reason why you talk make I follow you go. If na only me too. Hmm, I fit fall o. 
He quickly paused as he saw Shadow’s eyes red like god of thunder. Unexpectedly, BOOM!  they were all shouting “jesus!  Lailai ilalai! etc. One of their car tire busted. The driver could not control the steering,  before a wink, the car tumbled. Alas!  What an accident? People began to rush towards them after the car was eventually stopped by a big tree very close to the road. No casualty was record except  a minor scar on shadow – at his right arm. Hope nobody get injury?  Officer 1 inquired. Thank God we are all okay👌. Wetin we go do now oga!  Officer 2 frained. 
Shadow: I never experienced anything like this in my life,  hmm,  the only problem now is this car. 
Officer 1: Oga make we go back, maybe this matter get spiritual. 
Shadow : (laughed)  I don’t believe in any of such. Let me call chief’s family. We must  continue our journey. (He brought out his phone and dialed a number) hello ma, ehm.. em.. We.. Had an accident! 
Phone voice (chief’s wife) : God!  How?  Hope it was not  fatal?  How is… 
Shadow: nothing much ma. The only issue is the car we chartered. 
Phone voice: don’t worry about that dear, I will take charge of that. i will send my mechanic to the s₱0t now. My husband mist not die like that. 
Shadow: Thank you ma (He ended the call).  Officers, let’s take taxi while the driver stays with the car till  mechanic gets here. 
Officer 1: Oga!  To where. You no they fair? 
He could not continue as Shadow shut him up. They followed him to the road to take matatu. 
The address was right, they located the house. They met an old woman at the front of the house whom was asked if beauty was living in there. The old woman sent for beauty. Wow!   if there should be better words than “beauty”,   Shadow would have  used, he found it difficult to open his mouth as she was coming forth. She was more fairer, unblemished, template, the figure 8 and what she carried at the back drove men crazy. Her steppings  too like the world paparazzi.  He was carried away with “beauty”.  
Are you Ms. Beauty? Officer 2 cried. Yes I am,  can I help you?  she replied. You are under arrest, Officer 1 alarmed. She was about to collapse, shadow held her and she was taken back to  Lagos and kept in police custody. 
To be continued… (Episode 5, coming soon) 
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