Dark Night

DARK NIGHT (episode 6)

© Oladipo Daniel

The court was set, two lawyers were stood against me. Aunty Helen was there, I could see my friend Chioma too.. The judge was yet to arrived. I didn’t have lawyer. Lawyer for what?  Though the female officer (who was now a friend)  advised me to take lawyer but what will I tell him?  I didn’t know how it happened. I only woke up to see Chief laying flat on the floor… 
The judge has come… The clerk pronounced my case.    None of the words I understood, it sounded like speaking unknown language. But I got it very clearly that the case would be  adjourned for three weeks… 
I saw the look on my aunt’s face,  the pity even my dearest Chioma too. But what would I do. Aunty helen came to meet me at the station, asked if there is anything she could do to help. She pleaded me to open up on her. Chioma too said the same thing. My answer still remain, I don’t know how it happened… Days were gone, I found the police custody more interesting  and lively. My new friend (female officer)  did visit. She did bring tape recorder whenever she came. She said her little sister who was a writer had interest in my biography and she has been writing fiction on it. I didn’t know where fate would take me, so I decided to let the world learn from my story by narrating her without hidden a bit of it…
(Beauty’s narration)  
I needed to survive after I left home, I was taken from place to place. Men of all kinds went through me. At first, I never had a home, I slept at the road side. Until a young guy; Adebayo promised to help me, he took me to his house and turned me to s€× machine. It was there I decided to use what I have to get my want. This guy only gave me daily bread and often brought home some friends to sleep with me. One day, I took his money and ran away where I would have freedom. This is how I began the work in fullness, I have traveled to many states, called for business. But now, my level has changed, I have become  international supplier. My officer friend still wished to know more about me, but was not allowed to visit my cell anymore. She was reported to DPO and commanded her to abstain away from me… 
Finally it was time for the court again, I was taken to witness box. Chioma was indeed a good friend, she brought me a lawyer. Who came to me, asking me time without number whatever I know about this case. He said for him to help me, I have to open up. Well, as usual, I never knew anything. The last thing I remembered was we (chief and I)  drank that night. And, it seemed chief had a knife   and a gun with him which he told me it was for self-defense. As politician I knew he needed it. I never remembered we had anything together that night because we were too high. The last word I heard from chief was “I will enjoy you in the morning”.  It was a surprise, woke up in the next morning, I saw chief laying down on the floor,  stabbed. One of the lawyers of the plaintiff asked, did you see sign of  anyone entered? 
No, we locked the room immediately we entered, and in the next morning, I saw the  key rightly in its position. The door remained locked. The only thing was, the bed, I mean his side was dogeared… The court lasted an hour, my lawyer defended me. I was surprised to see a man who knew nothing about me and the crime,  proving to the court with evidences  I never could imagine in my life that I am innocent. Well, I believe he was trying to do his business. After much debate, hearsay witness from the hotel, chief’s family and the like, the judge pronounced his judgment… “Beauty you are guilty and therefore charged with murder, you are to spend the rest of your days in prison”… I never surprised,  I have long awaited this fate. Thank God it was not execution, I whispered to my self.
Aunty Helen said as she walked up to me, you put this upon yourself, you should have heeded to the advice of elders…  I became a lady looked at with pity by others but looks at herself and laughs. I took this as my cross and the reward of my waywardness… Shadow became an hero as they were taken me away, he was celebrating, thank you Mr shadow, you never allowed my husband to die in vain… 
The prison was not friendly, but what would I do?  It was my new home, where I would live till death closes my eyes… But one thing I have learnt from aunty Helen was that when there is life, there is always hope… I will…. 
To be continued… (Coming soon,  episode 7)
“DARK NIGHT” is a weekly story… Pls stay tuned, and we will like to hear your comment. 

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