Dark Night

DARK NIGHT (Episode 8)

© Oladipo Daniel 

A problem of one is a problem of all, Chioma in her joblessness has reached the peak of various level of thought of all man can think of. Why would an hotel attendant run away?  She dressed up, painted her face as every other ladies, and drove to mega hotel to look for Rebecca. Luckily, she met her  as she was about to leave at the front of the hotel. Excuse me!  Good morning, she packed at the back of her car and quickly hastened to meet her, good morning, she stretched hand to Rebecca who just wanted to unlock her car. Do you still remember me? Chioma asked. Ahm, your face is,  yes, in the station, she replied causally.  Yes, you are right,  Chioma responded, I have been thinking of where I have known you for long. Hmm, do you know rainbow hotel?  Rebecca who seemed less concerned,  busy with her car door suddenly stiffed. Chioma read her body language and decided to pressurize further questions on her. I heard a man was murdered in the hotel, are you aware of it? The  key in her hand dropped,  she hurriedly bent, picked up her key, she could not unlock the car as her hand was shaking.  I heard some of their staff ran away… She could not hold herself anymore,   she quickly left the scene and ran back into her hotel…  Chioma stood still looking at how she nearly fell down as she was running.   She knew from Rebecca reaction that something was wrong, especially when mentioned rainbow hotel. she was confused and never knew where to go and what to do, perhaps, she should go into the hotel or leave… her phone rang in,side her bag, she checked, it was Shadow. Hello, how do you do? 

I’m…  I… I’m fine. You sound stranger, hope you are alright?  

Chioma: yes, but… Don’t worry. Shadow: have you put yourself in trouble again? See,  I’m sorry about your frie… Chioma: I told you to forget that, thanks for sending me your friend last week. Shadow: OK.  (There was long silence)  OK, talk later. Chioma: wait!  (She broke the silence) I need you to help me on something. Though, I’m still confused. Can you do that for me? Shadow who has been longing for a way to bridge the cap between them, he was so delighted to hear this. What do you have me do? He asked. I can do anything, you just command me.

  I need to leave here, I will call you when I get home… Shadow has returned to Nigeria, he has been told little about the matter, a professional in his field.  I have a weird feeling she acquired her wealth illegally, in fact, I suspect her, maybe she stole from their customers during the death of honorable in their hotel. I heard some people like customers ran away when discovered chief’s corpse, they knew police would raid the hotel.  She might has stolen from those people to establish… Why not inform police, shadow asked. They will not do anything, those people will silent whenever they are offered  money, you should have known Nigeria police now… I have a plan but you have to trust me and I will use two or three policemen, he said. No problem, she replied, tell me, what is the plan? I will tell you that later… How far about your married life?  Chioma was so disappointed on hearing this, she knew very well where Shadow was heading… Hope your people will not get furious seeing you with me or working with me, she asked… Well, I have right to work with whosoever I want, this is what I was trained for. When next will you cone back for our plan?  She stood up, walking towards the outside door as she was talking. Shadow stoop, and walked behind her… Are you sending me away?  He asked. I cannot wait to know the source of Rebecca wealth, pls you need to make the plan snappy, Ok! Alright madam, he said, I will like to be on my way, I will get back with my plan… 

Shadow with his plan took two policemen along to arrest Rebecca. They pretended when they got to her hotel as if they were customers. They told the manager to let them see their boss that there is important meeting they need to have with her. They told them that they are into drug and they would be paying them well if they could allow them to have their meeting with their agents that would be coming from from abroad. The manager did not want to take the responsibility of it, because of the raid that occurred in their hotel few weeks ago. He took the young guys (shadow and the police) to his boss – Rebecca. Ma, there is need to attend to these young men, they are our customers, he announced. Gentle men, pls do have your sit, she said warmly, how can I help you or what is it that you cannot discuss with my manager? Ehm, we actually would have loved to bargain with your boys, but this case is far beyond that, shadow presented himself. They discussed with her just as they have lied to the manager and begged Rebecca to lead them to their car because they wanted to show her some of the products (drugs)  so that she would believe them… On getting to their car, the police men showed her their ID card and told her she was under arrest.  She did not know the reason of her arrest, officer, can you just tell me what I did,  but you guys said you are into a business. O!  So, you are arresting me thinking I have something to do with drug dealers? You guys are not funny at all.  She wanted to make call, dialing numbers when the police snatched the phone from her can’t you allow me to make a call?  She asked.  Madam, you better keep your mouth shut, else whatever you say or do will stand against you in court so, better cooperate… They forced her into their car and drove her away… 

To be continued… (coming soon – Episode 9) Dark Night is a weekly story. Pls stay tuned. And your comments will really encourage us the more. Pls help us to comment below. 

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