Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of the Serpent – episode 10

Episode 10

Fiona didn’t know what had happened and she wasn’t sure she if she had froze for long, immediately she said a silent prayer and hoped what she saw wouldn’t happen but her wrong she was.
The following Monday, it was announced at the morning devotion that Mr. Jack Simon, the english teacher died in an accident last friday when he was going to his home.

The students were shocked, the evil girls knew what their cohort did and they were all happy.

Fiona turned around, it was obvious she was looking for someone then her eyes came across the person she was looking for. Roseline. When Fiona saw her, Roseline was smiling including her friends she was with. But something scared her, Roseline’s eyes turned red for a moment before being normal again and when Fiona looked around, she noticed that no other person saw this. She knew everything happened the way she had seen it in her class last friday, and this made her wonder if this was what the Angel meant by ‘in time you will know’.

She came to her sense when someone tapped her and when she realised it, she was being called out by Mrs. Gold to sing a song of praise and worsh¡p.

Immediately she stepped on the podium, many of the girls frowned at her and some started sneaking out of the devotion.

It took ten minutes of endless praise song before the principal, Mrs. Gold told her it was okay. She gave a short speech and after a short prayer and preaching by a local pastor, sang the national anthem before the students went to their different classes.

As soon as Fiona and Gabriel entered the class together, some girls brushed past her and murmured some words that Fiona nor Gabriel couldn’t hear.

Fiona went to sit with her nerdy seat mate and her bestfriend, Florence Young who hasn’t been initiated yet while Gabriel went to sit with Moses.

That morning, Fiona was moody, she actually was confuse but she felt comforted when she prayed.

Florence noticing her friend’s mood decided to keep her distracted with talks.

“So it’s a tragedy, what happened to our english teacher” She said hoping it will help the mood seeing it didn’t she brought a topic she knew Fiona would like. “So I’ve decided to come to your church this coming sunday.” Fiona looked at her friend then smiled.
Fiona and Florence prayed for the day to go smooth and that nothing bad should happen to anyone in the school.

That day, the principal, Mrs. Gold and rest of the teachers were in a meeting talking about they would prepare for the burial of the late teacher so through out that morning till when it was break period, no teacher came to classes.

During break. . . Fiona and Florence went to the class where they were org-nising a bible group called ‘Scripture Union’ and Fiona was the head of it so she was always early, Florence was part of it, infact they were the only girls from SS2B who were attending, the rest were from junior classes and other senior classes, that day they decided to use JS3A Class which was closer to the school field and where Fiona stood to lead the group could see what were going on in in the field, she sighted her brother with his friends sitted on the field exactly the way she saw in her dream last friday, she thought it was a mare coincidence until she saw three girls approaching them.


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