Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of the Serpent – episode 14

Episode 14

Susan appeared in her python form and was obviously happy about it, she moved into the circle of the serpent and to Jezebel’s side, the girls knew that Susan is Jezebel’s favourite and made her next to be the heir in the kingdom, even though they were those that are older than her knew they weren’t ruthless as Susan, they know that Jezebel love Susan because she had brought more souls into the kingdom and has killed more than any of them.

There was a time when a girl who had initiated Susan challenged her because she thought Susan was taking everything she had planned to be and knew that as Susan became Jezebel’s favourite, that automatically would be the next Queen after Jezebel.

Susan and the girl whose name was Stella once fought, Stella had gotten the upperhand but was distracted as she looked at their Queen Mother, Susan used the opportunity and jumped on her before piercing her teeth into her neck, biting it hærd that blood flow freely, every was shocked. Susan was angry that she didn’t feel pity for stella, she wanted until Jezebel told her to stop that she had to let go of Stella. Stella in other words was too ashamed and very weak, she tried to heal herself but didn’t have the strenght to move her hands, Jezebel walked to where Susan was lying in her own pool of blood.
She placed her staff at the puncture of the wound, it healed up.

She was stripped of her powers and her memory was wiped before Jezebel sent her home, it was a rule in the circle, if you challenge a hear to the Snake Throne and lose, you will either be used as a feast or given the forgiven stone which is stripping you of your powers and wiping away your memory of the circle.

But if you win, you will be the heir.
Since that day, no daughter had the courage to face Susan, they all respected her.

So when she appeared, the daughters bowed recognising her as their next Queen.

“Queen Mother. Your daughter humbly bows before you.” she knelt down before Jezebel and proclaimed.

“Susan, my heir. You are welcome.” Jezebel’s sweet voice rang through the circle. “I see you are happy.” she added.

“My Queen, I had gotten the pest who had disturbing our activity.”

“Who would that be? Susan.” still her voice was melodious.

“Fiona Jeremy, my Queen.” as she said her name, the daughters gasped.

“Oh my Susan, you always get our enemies, and that’s why I have a special liking to you my dear.” she got up from the throne, and took Susan by the hands, when they were face to face, Jezebel k-ssed her, it was for few seconds before she withdraw from the k-ss. “Oh how happy you’ve made me be.” she said to Susan as she is still holding her head.


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