Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of The Serpent – episode 2

_The following day the news came to the school that the senior student who confronted Susan was dead. The entire school was in shock. How could this happen to him? Everyone was sad and fear began to grip them all. Some of the SS3 students teamed up and went to the school authority to report the conflict that had happened and how she had threatened his life before his unfortunate demise.

Unfortunately for them, the school administration found their accusations unfounded and biased. The authorities claimed Susan was a sweet girl who wasn’t capable of this evil. She might have said some things out of anger but she couldn’t mean them. So after the students tried very hærd to convince the authorities to think otherwise, they left.

All this while Susan was looking at them through a mystic mirror while in the class and she got angry and decided to deal with the group leader Mack, two days later they heard he was bitten by a poisonous snake in the school laboratory which made the Principal, Mrs. Gold Stephen to bring in —Your reading Daughters Of The Serpent by JakeSam— an exterminator. The students who knew him and the ones who heard about it was shocked to hear that he was bitten by a strange snake in a room full of students and teachers and none of them could kill the snake, that it disappeared after it bit him.

The school authorities thought it was a mere accident and the parents of the boy was angry with them and even threatened them.
They pleaded and sympathised with them, it was the husband who decided to drop the charges.

Few days later, Justice Woha, one of the boys that were among those who reported Susan to the authorities was found dead in the students restroom.

This time, the school authorities decided that it would be best if they investigate into the matter, the deaths were now piling up and because of that, the school was getting bad reputation.

They invited Susan’s father to the sunday one Monday morning, they needed to be sure that Susan had nothing to do with their deaths.

“Good morning sir.” the principal greeted the man when he walked into her office.

“Good morning Principal.” he responded to her greeting.
She was in her early thirties.

“Sir, your daughter. Susan has been accused of having a hand in the strange deaths of our final year student who was the senior prefect of this school. It was reported to me that Susan had threatened his life when he had flogged her for noise making, now the boy in question lays dead. How do you explain this sir? Sis how well did you know your daughter in and outs? Because we don’t know what to make of this anymore.”

Susan’s father was very angry. He wasn’t expecting such a direct approach, nevertheless.

“I respect you Mrs. Stephen but I am a man of nobility. I don’t like the way you put your question. I am a man of authority and deserve to be respected. There are some things I don’t tolerate. This is one of them.” Susan’s father rebuked.

“With all due respect sir, we acknowledge who you are.
It’s not my intention to insult you. But we still have the responsibility of protecting our school and the students against all harms. Over the past two years, we had several cases of prematured deaths and missing persons ever since your daughter was admitted her but with all due respect, am not saying your daughter is the cause of it but you have to understand our point of view here. This is really bad for the reputation of any institution. But we got lucky, our reputation and intimidating results seemed to keep us immuned to the publics’s scathing assesment. This school would have been closed down long ago if not for for our outstanding results.” Mrs. Stephen said to him.

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