Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of the Serpent – episode 3

Episode 3

“Anyway I know my daughter. We kept close watch over her all the time. I and my wife raised her by ourselves. She has been given the best that she ever des**ted. She is brilliant and I’m sure you can testify to that. I have never seen her with bad friends neither do I allow people I do not know to visit her. So I am very sure that this accusation is wrong. Maybe there accusers are just jealous jealous of her.” Susan’s father concluded.

The Principal was speechless and had nothing more again to say knowing she won’t get to anywhere with him so she dissolved the meeting and apologized to Susan’s father once again.

The next day, Susan came to school late and was asked to kneel down by the senior students at the gate, but she refused to obey them. They tried to force her but she still refused. She didn’t know that the School’s disciplinary master was watching her closely. So the disciplinary master came down to the gate and asked the senior students to leave her for him. He then took her into his office and flogged her mercilessly for not respecting the senior students. Susan didn’t cry, she only winced at the pain, Mr. Jude Okafor, the disciplinary master was confused, he had given her strong ten heavy strokes of cain yet no tears was coming forth, though Susan knew he was among the few teachers who didn’t like her, she decided to use that opportunity to disgrace him, in a blink of an eye, he farted in the teachers lounge and the odour was very bad that the teachers who were eating lost appetite, then Susan’s did something with her hands and Mr. Jude peed and s–t in his p-nt, all the teachers started laughing and laying abuses on him, Mr. Jude knowing what had happened was shocked and decided to run the teacher’s restroom leaving Susan but no one cared as Susan left the staff room.

Throughout that day, in school. Mr. Jude was in the restroom farting and shitting, that day he was humilated, nevertheless he suspected Susan to be behind it but couldn’t accuse her directly cause he had no proof.

The news about how the how the disciplinary teacher pissed and pood on his p-nts went round the school for weeks and when students saw him passing by, they would laugh in silent and shouted ‘Shitty shitty old man’ and then ran away.

However, the rumor that Susan had a hand in the death of Jide was still circulating. It made Chibuike, Jide best friend and some two other boys who are in SS3 to investigate the matter.
There plan was to spy on Susan now since her dad had moved her to a boarding house. Her parents wanted her to have enough time to study since she will be taking her SSCE examination from SS2 and would be staying in her dorm room alone,her father claimed he didn’t want her to be disturbed or attacked by those who envied her success but said she could invite anyone into her room and the senior prefects were not barred from the room. However, this development gave Chibuike, Tony and Okoro to map out their revenge plan.


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