Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of the Serpent – episode 5

Episode 5

The first academic term wasn’t over yet. Susan and her demonic sisters in the class had initiated all the girls including Queen in SS2B. Now the boys were now used and played by the girls, Susan knowing that the school had started suspecting her decided to stop killings for a while when she remembered what had happened in her room two nights ago when those boys had snuck into her room that night not knowing she was transforming and was preparing to go to their midnight meeting where all the young girls were attending and that she will be a half snake half human before going but when she had sensed their coming she decided to use them as a little sacrifice to her Queen Mother.

She still remembered the shock on their faces when one of them lifted up the blanket and saw that had been replaced with a snake’s tail, she had opened her eyes immediately and saw their terrified faces and in a twinkle of an eye turned into a big anaconda snake and swallowed the three of them then disappeared to the deepest part of the ocean.

Her Queen Mother who was called Jezebel by the sisterhood was happy with Susan, infact Susan was an elite soldier who always delivered any assignment and this made her to be second in command even though she was sixteen years old.

She vomited the boys out still alive, Jezebel stood up and said to the dark sisters

“Dark Sisters of the great Vampire.”

“Daughters of the Serpent.” Susan and the girls had responded before Jezebel had told them to feed on the boys who were sobbing and was too scared to say anything.

She was still thinking when Ms Chisom Bright, the class maths teacher walked in with a girl and a boy by her side.

“Good day Class.” Ms. Chisom greeted as she walked in.

“Good day Ma!” they all echoed.

“It’s been awhile since I stepped foot here. Anyway, with me here are our new students and your new classmates, Fiona and Gabriel Jeremy. Please guys make them feel welcomed.” she said as she str-de out of the class while Fiona and Gabriel looked for a seat, some of the boys made a chance a space for him and Fiona to sit, and while they were getting, they soon knew they were twins.

That day they had made some friends, Susan approached Fiona and took her hand for a handshake as she sat down with her, the boys who saw this was frowning at the act of gesture towards Fiona.

“Watch your sister closely around that girl, she is a bad influence to her please. You guys should steer clear of all the girls in this class and don’t accept anything from them.” Moses, one of the boys told Gabriel.

Gabriel was confused as to why the boys were scared of the girls, he didn’t think it was strange but he decided to do what his new friend has told, not taking anything from anyone, he looked around the class and noticed that the girls in the class was admiring him.

Before the class would be over, he and his sister had been tagged the most beautiful siblings in SS2 in a wh0le.
Infact, Fiona was considered to be more beautiful than Susan. Gabriel, well had many girls flocking at him even in SS3 classes.

Something bothered Susan and that is Fiona.
She sensed trouble coming.


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