Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of the Serpent – episode 6

Episode 6

Susan saw that Fiona would be a problem for her due to her insistent habit of praying and singing worsh¡p songs in the class and during break, and with her bible.

Susan felt weak anytime she was close to Fiona and even though they were now friends, she sometimes refused to go near her, even the other girls knew that Fiona and her brother were a born again christians but unlike her brother, she always go out with her bible and when ever Fiona did her morning prayer in class, the girls would stay atleast five feet away from her but Fiona and the rest of the class didn’t realise all these.

Susan wanted to initiate Fiona so that she and her dark sisters could have rest.
Fiona was the only one in class that thursday as the rest including her brother had left for the field to play soccer and other sports when Susan and Crystal entered, they walked up to Fiona and started engaging her talks. Fiona who was reading a christian book about the Apostles and what had happened to them but seeing the girls decided to to talk to them a little as she hadn’t speak to any of her friends since she came to school.
They talked for a while till when Susan brought out a milk cookies then offered it to Fiona whom politely refused.

“Am sorry, I can’t take that. Am fasting till 4pm today so I can’t eat anything for now.” Fiona said to them. Susan and Crystal were disappointed but nevertheless, they brought NutriMilk and offered it to her again but yet Fiona rejected it again. Susan gave up and decided to try another day.

As they were going out, Gabriel who was rushing in all sweaty knacked shoulders with Susan and immediately apologized, Susan wasn’t angry to the suprise of Crystal and was more suprised when she saw Susan smiling at him.

Susan didn’t think anything of it as they left the class, few minutes later break was over and after three hours, class was dismissed and the day school student went home while the boarding students walked to their dorm.

Fiona and Gabriel were boarding since their parents weren’t around much, they were ministers of the biggest church in Nigeria and they had their over the country and had flew to Japan to host a conference that week.
They weren’t always available so they had put Fiona and Gabriel in a boarding section of the section but they did not share a room together as Gabriel was staying in the male hostel while Fiona is in the female hostel.

Gabriel roommate was Moses, the boy who had warned him to look after his sister while Fiona was staying with Crystal, Susan’s best friend who is also a daughter of the serpent.

Fiona had went into her dorm room and saw Crystal and Cynthia k-ssing and was shocked beyond measure.

“What are you girls doing?” she asked hoping what she saw wasn’t true.
“I thought I told you always to knock when you want to come in,side this room, enh?” Crystal asked angrily.
“Am sorry, I forgot.” she didn’t say anything again as she silently walked to her bed and climbed it, she prayed silently before dozing off.

She woked up by the sound of the ringing bell, she sat upright and checked the time in her wristwatch, it was a minute past five in the evening, she remembered it’s time for lunch in the cafeteria and the school had put down a rule that a student shouldn’t be ten minute late or he/she would go to bed hungry.
So she immediately brushed her teeth then she remembered she hadn’t pray since her east ended at 4pm so she immediately said a short prayer and dashed off to the cafeteria, she was happy she came in time cause her stomach had started fighting then she felt a hand wrapped around her wa-ist and a familiar voice offering a peanut snack.


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