Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of the Serpent – episode 8

Episode 8

“Okay, what problem and how can we be of assistance?.” Gabriel asked the girls.

“Why don’t you come and see for yourselves. It’s difficult to explain here.” Gold told the boys.

“Well, we would love to help you but we can’t.” Gabriel said and Roland and Chike looked at him confusingly. “Hey bro, speak for yourself.” it was Chike who said as he stood up and faced Eve.
“I can help.” he said

“Me too.” Roland ch¡pped in.

“What about you two?” Linda spoke referring to Gabriel and Moses.

“Nah, we’re next in the field so we can’t help you girls.” it was Moses that replied them.

“Just forget them.” Roland said as they walked to the SS2 block.

Chike and Roland followed the girls and entered SS2D class, they saw that the class was empty and well arranged so they were wondering what the girls were upto.

“Okay, how can we help you girls.” Chike asked.

“We need you guys.” they said in unison as Eve went to close the class door.

Roland and Chike were wondering what the girls were up to.

“Girls, it’s time to feed” Gold said as her eyes turned red. Chike and Roland was shocked as the girls now had little snakes for a hair (just like Medusa). The boys tried to run but was cornered by Linda and Ini.

They wanted to scre-m but was too terrified to even do so. The girls were all smiling as they pounced on them. Gold plunged her teeth which were extremely sharp at Chike’s throat and was s-cking his life force out of him, the other girls were feeding on Roland.

Gabriel and Moses was wondering what was holding the boys so they decided to go check for them.
They got to the class and saw that the door was closed. Moses smiled as he had an naughty thought.

“This boys will not change.” he said smirking, he wanted to leave but Gabriel held him back.

“Wait, listen.” Gabriel said as he placed his ear at the door. “What?” asked Moses.

Gabriel didn’t say anything as he pushed the door open, Moses seeing the scene didn’t know when he puked, Gabriel on the other hand was shocked as to savaged snake looking creatures feeding on their friends, the girls turned around and saw them then hissed, Gabriel and Moses wanted to run but Linda and Eve had already blocked their path, hissing while the boys were retreating from them then Ini and Gold stood behind them and as they wanted to attack them that was when Fiona woked up from her bed scre-ming the name ‘Jesus Christ’ repeatedly, she was sweating. Fiona immediately knelt down and prayed for her brother and his friends, then came a light reflecting on her face saying.

“My Child,” the voice was bold and it was humble as well.

Fiona was praying when she heard the voice and when she opened her eyes, she saw a man in white which shown brighter than the sun that she had to shield her eyes. . . Knowing it was the Angel of the Lord.


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