Dear Mother

Dear Mother Episode 3 – 4


Chapter 3

…..Mother was always lost in thought,the pains and frustration of making a second marital mistake was killing her.Aunty Stella was really sorry,she never knew uncle Clement would turn out that way,she fell for his smiles and gentility,,,indeed,one can not judge a book by its cover….

As days went by,uncle Clement became worse,he would go to work but his mind would be at home,he could call mom up to 10 times, asking where she was,who she was with or what she was doing.And when she mistakenly misses his call,she would be dead upon his return.Anytime he gets back home,the first thing he ask me,is who came visiting while he was away,who mother talked to,who called her and all of that..I had no choice but to start talking,this didn’t go down well with mom.

One day as he returned as usual and was asking me questions again,home asked him to stop,that she doesn’t like what he’s teaching me.who asked mom to interrupt him.he gave her the beating of her life, claiming mom was talking to him like that because he wasn’t my father.Every single day in that house was hell.i told mom we should leave,she cried and held me,saying she can’t.i didn’t know why she was saying that,but I respected her opinion..

Months on ,mom fell very sick,I and our neighbor took her to the hospital,and soon discovered she was pregnant,she was given some medicine and asked to stay off any thing that would stress her .i was very happy,at last I am expecting a baby brother or a baby sister. mother was really happy too,at least this is going to calm daddy,and make him a better mam,mom had said,and we had when he came back,mom told him the good news…

I thought you didn’t want to get pregnant for me that paid your bride price in full, and took shame off your face,it took you five months to become pregnant for me,but a man who didn’t pay a kobo on you,you gave him this bastard (referring to me) as fast as you could….

You will not call my daughter a bastard ,mom I the one you are shouting at,a sound slap landed Mama’s face.i ran to where she was and held her.mother cried bitterly that night,and regretted remarrying him.


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morning,about a week after mom had told uncle clement about the baby.he called mother and I,,,he told mother to take me to go live with any relative of ours,since mother was already expecting a child for him,he wants them to be a complete family,hence I should go live else where…


do you mean by I should take my child else where.didnt you know I had a child before you married child goes no where,mother said in anger,I have told you what I want, and you have untill seven days,to take that thing out of my house.

.i had started to cry,where would I go,I had never slept a night without my mother.who would love and take care of me like she does.mother knew all I was thinking,she held my hands and said,my child,don’t cry,I am still here,you going no where.she said.Mother promise,I said.i promise my child.we had a long hug and mom took me to my room.As she held me trying to make me sleep,I could hear her heart beat,she was worried,there were tears in her voice,her eyes swollen,she was trying to fight back the tears,but some tear drops betrayed her.


next day,mother called aunty stella,asking her to come over.when aunty stella came.mother told her she was contemplating a divorce,after telling her what uncle clement know I can not live without my daughter, neither can she stay without me.i can’t deal with all life was so fine as a single mother, what’s the essence of being called a Mrs when I am worse that a slave in my supposed home.Noooooooo Sarah, don’t talk time that, aunty stella said to mother,you can’t possibly be thinking of divorce,see I know you love your daughter,but you can’t afford to miss your marriage because of your child,you can take her to your parents place,or her father’s people,I mean you have tried for herrrrrrrr,

hold it Stella,what are you saying,that I should take my child where,have you forgotten my parents and I aren’t that close because I got pregnant,and how can I take my child to her father’s people,a place where I was not loved and welcomed,how can I leave my child in thier care.mother was really mad at aunty stella,calm down Sarah, remember your condition,don’t worry I shall talk to your husband,maybe that would help.she said and left after some time….

Mother was a little relived and optimistic that Aunty Stella talking to uncle Clement would be able to change him positively….

Chapter 4.

…..My mother was very worried about the whole situation,she was really hoping aunty stella changes daddy’s heart…

Two days in,aunty stella came home to inform mother that she had visited dad in his office,and that he gave her audience and she was able to talk to him to a very large extent.Mother and I were very happy,we had thought a positive result will come out from it.mother made uncle Clement’s favourite meal of pounded yam and vegetable soup.


returned at about 5pm,and mom went to him trying to welcome him cheerfully with a smile and hug.But to our greatest surprise,a sound slap landed Mama’s dare you make me look bad and evil in the presence of your friend,so when you and that stupid friend of yours get together,you make me the center of discussion right.No Clement,please I can explain, Mother tried to speak.Shut up,I said shut up,he pounced on mother and started hitting her continuously like a punching bag,I didn’t know what to do,mom was pregnant with a child,yet uncle clement didn’t care.she cried and shouted for help, but our neighbors had probably become tired of always running to our house to the middle of fight,hence they didn’t come.uncle clement had beaten Mother to the extent she couldn’t cry anymore,her voice had gone,and she seems lifeless,he then sat down panting heavily like a man who had returned from a long mother was lifeless,I had to run out to our neighbors crying, shouting and asking them to come see my mom.

Thankfully ,they heard my plead and followed,father was no longer in the living room with mom,only mom was there motionless.A man checked her and shouted she no dey breath again ohhh,they quickly rushed her to a nearby hospital,who helped in reviving her,but unfortunately,she had lost the baby.

When mother woke up and found out about the situation,she was very sad,she wept bitterly.After some days,she was fit to go home.Aunty stella was with us.when we got home,mother couldn’t talk for some minute’s,she was just staring at a spot.when she broke silence,the first words that came out of her mouth were.I AM DONE,I WANT A DIVORCE…Sarah I know you are going through a phase right now,trust me I really feel bad,I do feel your pains,and am so feeling responsible for this,you didn’t plan to remarry,I initiated the idea, thinking I was doing a friend good, little did I know Clement was just a wolf in Sheep clothing.but please Sarah,have a rethink,things might change for the better.moreover,this is your second marriage,you can not walk out of it already,what will society Say, they’d label you a bad woman who isn’t able to stay responsible and married.Aunty Stella said.Let them say,let them say,I can’t deal with this anymore.i can’t,I had better leave with my life,than leave dead.mummy said in tears.its okay,Sarah,it’s okay,….

Uncle Clement wasn’t even remorseful about the miscarriage, rather he blamed mom for and your evil daughter had killed my baby right,because you have a child already,you do not want me to have think I will be wasting my money feeding the two of you in this house no child to call have failed,it’s a lie.he said and kept ranting…

The miscarriage worsen everything,it was one more day some more trouble.mother let’s leave,I had child,I have nothing anymore,if we choose to leave,where do we go,no one will be willing to accommodate us.and I do not have money to rent an apartment.Mother then decieded we shall go to her parents house,to tell them what we are going through and the way forward.

Papa,mama, that’s all I have been going through in the hands of clement,,mother had said after narrating all to her parents…hmmmm Sarah is such a pity to hear this,but why are you this unfortunate with men,,abi there is something wrong with you,grandpa had said.mother and I were shocked..but papa,why does the world always hold the woman in a failed marriage,why always the woman.mum asked.well madam,it is a man’s world,have you forgetting,grandma added.and this one that you are complaining like this only a year plus,I hope you are not thinking of divorce ohhhh, grandma asked.

Mama,am I supposed to stay until I am dead,or something happens to my child.,mother asked.What will kill you,grandma asked,see my daughter nothing will kill you,you will not die,and you will not get a divorce either,I can not be the topic of discussion in this neighborhood,haba naaa,it was only you that got pregnant out of wedlock,only you became a single mother for over seven years,now that one man has come to give you a name,you are saying all these cock and bull dear, marriage is for better for worse,I am not ready to go through another round of shame,you are not my only child ,your two younger sisters are married and doing well in their homes,why is your case different.granma was shouting at mother.

If Clement wants you to take Christabel away,no problem.(By the way I am Christabel).my good friend Mrs Williams who relocated to Abuja told me she needs someone who would be living with her,you know she’s a nice woman,we can send Christabel there grandma said…

Mama you want my daughter to become a maid?,mother asked in anger,which one is maid again,see she’s going to send your child to school,give her a good life, Mrs Williams is not one you don’t know, she’s nice and you know that,so stop this madness.thats the best option,you get to keep your marriage and give your child a good life at the same time..

Mother stood up,looked at grandma ,held my hands and asked us to leave,she was very angry….

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