Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 1

Thick pillar of cloud covered the sky, strong wind blew around furiously, thunder roaring could be heard, there was no doubt that there would be a heavy downpour of rain very soon,
Sarah stood beside the road waiting for a cab to take her home, it was close to an hour she had stood there and she hasn’t found any vehicle, the rain was now dripping little by little,
She stood there looking stranded,
She had just finish selling the full tray of orange given to her by her step mother Angela, who derives joy in making life a living hell for her,
Sandra who was at the age of 20 now, had lost her mother 5 years ago, Her father had then got married to Angela, who was nothing but a she devil.
She had hated Sandra the very first day she set her eyes on her..
Just a year after Sandra father got married to her he met his early grave,
The cause of his death was unknown,
It was after his death that sandra get to know her step mother’s true colourll the asset and properties of her father was taken by her, Sandra was living a sorrowful and lonely life.
She was always indoor, no friends to talk to,as her step mother always lock her up in the house, whenever she wants to go out,
The only time she is allowed outside is when she would go to the market, either to hawk or buy food item, even when she goes to the market her step mother would also send some boys to keep her under watch,
After some minute the rain poured down heavily,
Sandra decides heading home on foot with the rain beating her hærdly, as it was already getting dark.
Richærd drove speedily to the nearest bar, he bought two bottle of wine which has very much alchohol in it and head home, he would drink himself to stupour today and forget the heart breaking incident that just occured,
The pain he was feeling in his mind that moment was nothing to compare with,
He had just found his fiancee having s€× with his best friend.
“oh God what is this?” he said breathing hærd,
He was still finding it hærd to believe it,
Richærd and clara had been in a relationsh¡p for three years now, he had loved her intensely with all his heart, he gave her all she asked for, he already had the mindset of settling down with her finanlly,
Clara had called him on phone that day that she would be travelling to see her mother in the village,
Richærd who was having a little doubt on what she said decided to go to her house to be sure she was truly travelling,
He parked his car a little distance away from the main building then walked in by foot,
As he entered he saw his best friend Mike car parked in,side the compound, his heart beat faster in fear,
He tiptoed in quietly, everywhere was silent except for a tiny voice coming from the inner room, he walked nearer quietly, then suddenly he heard a loud mo-n from the room, the voice was the same with his girlfriend,
Not long after the room filled up with the sound of mo-ns and gro-n,
He opened the door silently and behold his fiancee and his best friend having a hot s€× in a doggy position, they couldn’t notice his presence as they were both lost in pleasure,
He stared at them for some minute before clapping his palm bringing them back to reality they both turned in shock and shame, Pain and anguish was all he felt that moment, if anyone should tell him that his best friend Mark was having affair with his girlfriend he would have beaten up that person for trying to spoil their friendsh¡p. but here is him, his most trusted friend,
He had personally introduced him to Clara recently telling him he was prepairing to begin marriage process with her. look at him doing this to him.
He couldn’t utter any word to them but one thing was for sure ‘it is over between him and Clara, as for Mike they are now great enemy.
He drove out of the bar heading home as the heavy rain hit his car, he was driving speed with all those thought in his mind,
Just then he sighted a lady crossing the road with a tray with the heavy rain beating her badly
He really felt pity for the lady and decided to pick her up
“hey lady”he called whining down his glass
The lady turned and stared at him shivering due to the cold she was feeling,
As their eyes both met he felt something more intense, which he could not understand, the lady standing before him has a sad expression like someone with a hærd burden,
“Come into the car, you will fall sick if this rain hit you for a long time” he said
Sandra who was already feeling so much cold hopped into the car without much hesistation. she would have decline the offer if it was on a normal day, the cold she was feeling had gone deep into her body and she knew if she waste more minute in the rain it would cause her a serious illness
Richærd seeing how intense the cold she was feeling offered her the sweater he was putting on.
“Put this on ” he said giving her the shirt,
“thanks”she muttered with a calm smile as she wore the cloth quickly
“so where are you heading to?”he asked
“home”she answered
“okay,you would be directing me the way to follow i hope you can do that”he asked “ye–s, keep driving stra–ight” she said shivering
“Okay” he answered
They arrived at sandra’s house in on distant time, Sandra begged him to park the car outside the to avoid her step mother from seeing her with a guy which she knew he she finds out she will be in a very big problem, night was already fast approaching,
“thank you very much for your help”Sandra said
“it is a pleasure, but why did you prefer walking in the rain you could have taken a cab” Richærd asked with a concern expression
“you would not understand, even if you would, i can’t tell you okay thank you once more, see you next time” she said and made to leave but Richærd held her palm and drew her back to the car
“please where can we see again, or should i visit you here”he asked while sandra stared at him with a surprise look, “why do you want us to see again” she asked
“i want up to discuss something” Richærd answered
“hmm, i want you to do me a favour, would you?” she asked
“Yes, why not” he answered
“Pretend and behave as if we have never met, please forget about me… go on with your life okay”she said
“What do you mean?” he asked
“I don’t want to disturb any man life, please for the good of the both of up stay away from me” she said
“Please i really….” Richærd tried explaining further but sandra had already barged out of  the car,

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