Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 11

The soldier w¡dened up her leg, her p—y exposed facing the soldier, he licked his l-ips lustfully as he stared at her tight p—y,
he quickly pulled down his trouser and brought out his large d–k, Sandra kept scre-ming loudily beging him,
“Please i’m a V-rgin, please don’t do this to me, i beg of you” she pleaded crying profusely “Who your V-rginity help, if i handle you, hmm” he said and w¡dened her leg more w¡der,
Suddenly she felt an intense and severe pain on her pub-c region, the pain was very much painful, she raised her head up and saw blood stained all over the bed and her th-gh, then it dawn on her that she had losed her V-rginity to this heartless soldier, he kept on pounding her furiously not minding the blood or the pain she was passing through, she stared at his eyes and saw nothing but total lust.
Just then she felt a hærd metal beside the place she was laying, then she remembered she had hidden the kitchen knife she used in opening her mother’s room there,
With a speed of lightening she took the knife and dugged it into the soldier’s chest, “Haaaaaa” he scre-med loudily and fell on the ground in pain, his blood flowing freely around the floor,
Sandra stood up quickly to run away but she felt a very sharp pain around her private part, the pain couldn’t let her walk properly,
She stared at the soldier who was lying on the pool of his blood, anger gush through her vein, the fact that he had broke her V-rginity made her furious, she rushed at him with a blow on his nose,
She held the knife which was stucked into his chest and turned it in a rotational form inflicting more pain on him,
He wince in great pain but Sandra’s heart was far from pity or forgiveness.
Not long after, the soldier have up his ghost, she stared at him regretting why he died,
She want a more painful death for him, she stood up quietly and head out of the room after wearing another cloth which was a black tight fitting gown, taking the phone and the diary with her she rushed out of the room, she head straight to the main door, opened it and ran out,
Everywhere was lighten up with the dim light of the moon making it easier for her to see through,
In a gigantic building beautifully decorated with interior and exterior design, which with mere view one would know the building was owned by a very wealthy person, bright light shine at every corner of the building giving it a tremendous beauty,
Sitting in a room in the house was Cole, he was tied up tightly on a chair, his mouth glued up with a masking tape, his both eyes were tightly shut, looking at him from a far distance one would mistaken him to a dead man, the only part of his body in motion was his heart,
The room was totally scanty and empty with a candle light as the only source of light in the room.
At the sitting room of that same building was three huge body men standing beside a middle aged man named Gabriel who was claded with a black expensive suit and a
plain trouser, he was really wealthy in nature and appearance, sitting in front of him was Angela and Dr Mike, they were both chatting and laughing at interval,
“So Dr Mike seriously how did you really get to find that boy, you know we had even given up in ever finding him after years of fruitless searching” Chief Gabriel asked with a broad smile..
“hahaa. don’t you trust me again? do you think i’m a doctor for nothing, i have the brain of ideas and researching, when we all loosed hope of ever finding him, i took it as my duty to get him, no matter what, i engage in many type of researches just to get him, i found out he was staying in that market, it has been long i had been suspecting that young man to be the one we are looking for due to the slight resemblance in him and the figure in the picture we got, but i couldn’t get a chance to get him, then luckily that day he was brought to my hospital by another man who said his name was Richærd, without wasting time i quickly conducted a DNA test on him luckily for us, it was him, my joy knew no bound when i found him to be him” he explained happily,”Hmmm, thats nice of you, so Angela what about Sandra?” Chief Gabriel asked resting his gaze on her”Well, she must be dead by now, i ordered those soldiers to rape her to death” she answered”Why na? you should have wait a little” Gab said”She could have ran away, if not for the intervention of one of the soldier, you know we couldn’t risk our safety, i have to kill her before re exposes us later in life” she explained,
“Okay there is no problem, so what is our plan on the youn man” Gab asked
“We have to end his life before he in anyway escape from our hand” Angela suggested
“How do you see her suggestion?” Chief Gab asked refering to Dr Mike
“I don’t think killing him would be the best” he said
“Why??” they both asked in unison
“He is our only hope in getting Mr and Mrs Jackson, we can get them out of their hiding place with the boy in our custody, to fully get what we want we are to put in extinction anything that could bring asunder, what i am trying to say is that we have to finish up all the Jackson family before we could freely gain possession of our heart desire” he explained bringing out smile from both Angela and chief Gabriel’s faces. “Thats true, you are very right, i love your wisdom” chief Gabriel commended with a broad smile
“So what is the next plan?” Angela asked
“I need some time to think, by next week i’m sure to come up with a nice plan” Dr Mike said boastifully
“There is no problem, we would see till then, you all can now go” Chief Gabriel said while they both stood up, they all shook hand before leaving,
Richærd closed his shop when it clocked exact 6:30pm, he was whistling happily due to the fact that he had sold so much that day,
As he made to walk to where his car was parked two police hilux droved just in front of him, two police men jumped down from the back, two other who wasn’t wearing on their uniform hoped down from in,side the car,
Richærd stared at them confus ely,
“You are Mr Richærd right?” one of the police officer who he could guess to be their leader asked with a stern face
“Yes thats me, how can i help you guys?” he asked
“We got a report that you are in possession of an illegal goods, we would love if you allow us search your shop okay” the leader said still frowning his face
Richærd stared at him suspiciously, wondering what they were up to
“Can i see your search warrant?” he requested they quickly brought it out as if they were waiting for that question
He unlocked his shop after examining the search warrant,
Three police officer rushed in immediately,
The way the officers were acting were strange to him,their body language and facial expression show they were sure he was handling an illegal drug
Not long after, the three officers came out, one of them was holding a black polythene bag containing a large quantity of cocain
“Sir we got this in there” one of them said
the leader gave out a wicked smile then turned at Richærd who was shocked and dumbfounded with the content found in his shop, he could not fathom the meaning of all this happening, there was no lie or trick to get away from this,
It has been caught in his shop red handed,he could not help but imagine what and how the substance has got into his shop, drip of sweat slid down his face his heart were beating very fast and loud,
He opened his mouth to say something but no word could come out of his mouth,
“Mr man, you would have to follow us to the station for investigation, and please no word is needed from you as any you say or do now would be used against you in the court of law” the leader said,
Richærd silently and slowly walked to where the police officers hilux were parked, he held the handle of the door some minute, then looked around, many traders and buyers had crowded up to watch the scene,
Pain, shame and grief filled up his body mind and soul, this was just the greatest disgrace he had ever encountered in his entire life,
There was no doubt that it was someone kept that thing in his shop but the riddle now is who is the person? why did that person want to implicate him?Since Richærd started his marketing he had did everything possible to be in good terms with anyone he come across with, he had helped many people in their business, he was loved by his fellow business men, but this very event had made him know that there are some people who was his back stabbers, “Oga, you dey waste our time for here oo, or you want make we scatter your head before you go regain your senses” the leader barked at him drifting him back to reality, He entered the vehicle, while another police man drove his car, he kept mute all through the journey as he knew a word from him would incur sheding of tears, this is just an addition to his pain, They reached the police station and was led into the DPO office handcuffed, As he entered into the office with two police officers as an accompany, Who he saw in the office with the DPO threw him off balance, he was so shocked and shakened.
to be continued
who did he  saw??

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