Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 12

Sandra ran speedily into the darkness as faster as her leg could carry her, after running for a very long distance, she felt exhausted and very tired her knee throb in pain all her body was in deep pain due to the previous molestation she got from the soldier,
She looked around her to know if she could know where she was, but everywhere was just strange to her, she brought out the phone and called that man, luckily he picked it,
“Hello, how are you?” he asked immediately
“Please come and take me” Sandra said breathing heavily
“Where are you?” he asked curiously
“I’m in… she paused, looked around and found a large catholic church signboard,
“I’m be..side a ch..urch signboard” she stammered as her strength was slowly draining.
“Okay can you explain your whereabout more clearly, i can’t understand” he asked confused
“I….. don’t …” she tried explaining further but ended up slumping on the ground as her leg was now weak and could no longer carry her body, the phone fell off her hand and shattered on the ground, she tried standing up but there was no more strength in her, not long after, she fainted.
Angela walked into the house smiling widely, the thought of the fact that Sandra is finanlly gone made her heart leap for joy,
She dialed the soldier’s phone number to know his whereabout and to know if the plan was successfully carried out, the call wasn’t answered after much attempt
“Maybe he must be dumbing her in the river i guess”
She slumped on the sofa, turned on the television relaxing,
Not long after, she climbed up to Sandra’s to clear off everythin that could implicate her, as she reached the doorstep she saw blood flowing beneath the door, she let out a little smile as she sighted it, her thought was that it was Sandra’s blood,
She slowly opened the door, and saw the soldier’s lifeless body, but couldn’t believe it was reality, she scrubbed her eyes furiously, but the body was still there
the eyes of the soldier was wide opened, with the knife still
dugged into his chest,
With anger she kicked his head hærdly and scre-med loudly as reality strucked on her,
“No ooo!!!!”
She quickly dashed out of the room,
With the speed of lightning, she rushed out in search of Sandra,
“It can not be… no no…no” she said as she speeded out of the house.
Richærd stared keenly at the man with the DPO, this was just the same man he was going to meet, the man who was his main suspect in Cole’s disappearance, he looked at him straight into his eyes all he could see was pure wickedness,
“Where is that young man i brought to your hospital” Richærd asked calmly
“Have your seat first, before any discussion” Dr Mike said ignoring his question
“You must be out of your senses..if you don’t want me to create a terrible scene here kindly show me where you kept him” he said with a serious tone
“Do you remember what brought you here?” he asked staring at him,
“What is the meaning of that question ehn” he asked angrily
” An illegal drug was found in your shop, you know? so just keep your mouth shop and listen to me, or you would have yourself to be blamed ” Dr Mike said this time with a serious tone ,
” You are a total fool , hærd drug were found in my shop and then , what made you think i’ m guilty, see if know what is best for you provide that boy or else. . . .hmm” he said with fury, Dr Mike stared at him for a short time then silently stood up
” I can see you are a hærd out to crack , but i know how to treat people like you ” Dr Mike said then left.
” You can ‘ t do anything you wicked thing” he shouted , then turned to the DPO,
” Sir, that man is a kidnapper, he is just covering his act with his innocent face and career” he said to the man
” You have just made your case more h-rder by this your act” the DPO said sending fear into Richærd, the word rang on his head multiple times, he could not explain the sentence clearly but the expression of the DPO said it all ,
” Where are you heading at by that your statement” he asked with fear written all over his face
” You will understand it later, officer!!” he called
” Sir” the police officer that brought him in answered with a salute,
” Take him to the prison ” he ordered
” What!!. . . prison!. it is not true, i’ m innocent, i can ‘ t sleep in that place , no . . never” he said as the officer draged him away.
In a blink of an eye Richærd found himself in,side the prison in the middle of huge scary men , they were all staring at him as if they were waiting for something , Richærd stared back at them one after the other without fear,
The last thing in his mind that moment was displaying weakness in front of the prisoner , much anger and fury filled up his heart to the brim,
Staying in a prison with people who he was far more better than, he could not help but imagine what would be his fate when finally the news of the drug found in his shop would circulate,
He doesn ‘t need a soothsayer for him to know that all this was the handwork of Dr Mike, but what was the reason was the question he couldn’ t answer,
” Hei , mr man you no dey greet again abi” one of the prisoner who was the strongest said to Richærd who sat on the floor still in thought,
Richærd stared at him for sometime then shaked his head without saying any word to him, the reaction got the man angry, immediately he landed a heavy knock on Richærd’ s,
The knock instantly formatted his brain for that moment, his eyes turned red ,
Immediately his mind quickly flashed back to that horrible event that occured in his secondary school, he tried holding his anger but he could not just suppress it, the knock was very painful that he felt his held pounding heavily ,
Quickly he stood up and held the guy tightly on his neck choking him,
Then almost immediately he gave him a hærd headbutt on his forehead , the guy staggered backward a little then fell hærdly on his butt ,
Richærd rushed him and sat on his belly and began sending blow on his face, the other prisoners were busy praising and hailing.
” Richærd!!” the guy scre-med under his breath,
Richærd stopped abruptly and stared at the guy in shock,
” Did you just called my name? did you know me” Richærd asked confused
” Please sit up from my belly before i lose my breath” he said while Richærd quietly stood resting his gaze at the guy, he squint his eyes as he tried remembering whether he had came across the guy before
” Stop staring at me like that, don ‘t you remember me?” he asked
” I don’ t know you , how did you know my name?” Richærd asked
” Okay, look at this” he said then pulled off his shirt ,
” Remember this?” he said pointing at a large scar on his chest ,
” Jeeez, i’ m i dreaming?” he asked rhetorically
” No you aren’ t, this is truly me, the guy you beat up back then” he said smiling,
” wats up na, long time oo” Richærd said with a broad smile
” Nna ee, we dey oo, so how come na?” he asked as they both sat down on the bare floor surprising the other prisoner with the sudden turn of event, they were all murmuring silently.
” mtcheew, guy i don suffer ” Richærd answered with a drawn face ,
i’m sorry for that thing i did , it was really out of anger ” Richærd pleaded with a remorseful tone
” I’ m the one to be asking for your forgiveness, i was the first to stir up the fight by knocking you on your head ” he answered ” Hmmm, but seriously that your knock dey pain oo, you put charm for there” Richærd said with a bright smile
” Na true oo, anybody i knock must testify the pain ” he said while they both bust out in laughter,
” So how do you go with your wound in your chest after that day, and how about the other guys ?” Richærd asked curiously
” Well, it was really by God grace that i got to survive the wound , the others are also fine and healthy sha , so how did you really get here, because i don’ t know you for being a bad boy like us” he asked with a caring tone
” Thats is just what i want to ask you , so if i must tell you mine promise you will also tell me your own reason of being here” Richærd said
” Okay no problem” he answered
Richærd explained everything to him leaving no stone unturned
” Hmmm, your problem is such a very hærd type, the people you are dealing with are very intelligent, and they are already succeeding in their plan” he said leaving Richærd surprise with the statement
” What do you mean?”Richærd asked
” With a mere view at this your story,it is obvious that they really needs something from you ” he explained further
” How???” Richærd asked in bewildment
” They want you to do something for them, so they set you up so that you would agree to their deal, they had succeeded in getting the attention of the mass to your case , i don’ t think you would have any other choice than to comply to their deal after they are done with you ” the guy explained
” i’ m getting very confuse here, explain well to me” Richærd said staring at him
” They have two things they can use in implicating you if you disagree to their term, firstly the kidnap of the young man and the cocain found in your shop, this two are enough to put you into a serious trouble, so i would advice you to comply with them but use your brain, apply wisdom then you can be saved, a little mistake can cause your life” the guy explained
” But why are they doing this to me?.. . what have i done, who had i wronged. . . ehn” Richærd said soberly
” Its okay, i really pity you but i pray for God to see you through ” he said as he wrapped his arm around Richærd’ s body ,
” So, do you care to know my own side of me being here?” the guy asked
” Yes, i would like to know” Richærd answered,
” Okay, my name is David Smart , it all started at my childhood when i was 9 years old, i came back from the church one sunday and found our house totally burnt althrough. . .


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