Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 13

“Wait you mean, everything was burnt up” Richærd asked surprisely
“Yes, after the burial of my parent, i was taken to this state by my uncle, he taught me the wrong way to follow, he taught to be heartless, i started stealing at the age of 10,
All the years i had lived with him was wasted, i knew nothing about passion, i had killed many people for him, i wasted lives without having a rethink,
I did all this secretly, no one knew about it, i behaves and lived my life like every other person hiding my true self under my uncle who was a well respected man in the society and church,
I formed a gang in my ss2, we consist of three boys and a lady including me making us five in number, the atrocities we committed is not something to about,
Later on when i was in ss3, my uncle set up plan to eliminate me, for the reason best known to him, but the little year i had lived with him had made me wise and iniquitive,
I set up a nice plans and escaped, i left his house and wandered in the street, getting what to eat through petty thief and pick pocketing, After some months, i ran across a very rich girl who was about to have a fatal accident, then i saved her, risking my life, i was rushed to the hospital, after i was treated and got well and strong, i explained my condition to the family of the girl,
Out of pity they took me home,
i began schooling… i tried changing my bad attitude, but it was so difficult due to the fact that i had been trained up that way, i formed another set of gang in the school, this time we were seven in numbers, we were responsible for many bad things that happened in the school, and that was when we came in contact with you, we saw you as a strong and brave guy being respected in the school so out of jealousy we planned to ruin your fame,
But you drew our name to mud by dealing with us in the public, our other members instantly hated you and planned to murder you brutally, but you were no where to be found,
We went on with our evil acts killing and wasting lives without pity or restraint,
Later on after many years we grew famous known by many rich and influential men, politician calls upon us when in need of a mission which involves killing. It was on one of our mission that i was caught by the securities,one of my men were killed, others escaped leaving me in the hand of the securities…that was how i got to find myself here, this year marked the 3rd year of being here, my judgement was that i would be killed by hanging in my 5th year…. i’m not afraid of dying but i feel guilty for all the lives i have wasted, and i feel very angry that i would not have the chance to revenge on my uncle who put me into all this things i had passed through….” David concluded with a drawn face, tears forming in his eyes, the feeling of pain surge through his vein as he remembered his parent. the image of their burnt body flashed through his mind, the tears already formed in his eyes dropped slowly down his cheek,
“Its okay everything would be fine, we would leave here by the grace of God, he….” Richærd statement was cut short by the sound of the prison cell which was cracked opened, Three police men came in and walked to where Richærd and David where sitting
“Hei, follow me” one of the officer said pointing at Richærd,
Without much hesitation Richærd stood up, and followed them,just as they reached the door he turned back and stared at David who also gazed at him,
That moment Richærd felt in his heart a strange feeling he couldn’t understand, he suddenly felt attracted and care to David, he could not help but prayed silently for his safety,
Although they had never been in good term, but he knew his heart had just loved him at that little time they spent together, he just wish he could help him out of his helpless condition.
“Mr man, what are you waiting for?” the police officer asked him as they saw he wasn’t moving anymore.
“Sorry” he muttered and left the prison yard following the officer leading them,
They reached outside the building, a jeep was parked there waiting for them,
“Where are you guys taking me to?” Richærd asked looking at the officer leading them
“Just shut your trash and do as you are told” the leader said with a killing look
“I’m not going anywhere, until you tell me where you are taking me to” Richærd said stubbornly standing akimbo as the handcuff around his wrist was already removed
“Then i think we have to do it the hærd way” he answered then rushed at Richærd with a heavy blow,
Swiftly, Richærd dodged the blow making the police man lose balance,
The other officer rushed him with a spear before he could see it coming, he landed on the ground flat, then blows from different corner landed on his face, before he could regain his strength to fight back, a drugged handkerchief was placed on his nose, as he inhaled the scent he drifted into unconsciousness immediately,
David rested his head on the cell wall, with stream of tears dropping down at interval, he felt heavily
burdened in his heart, his head pound hærdly as if he was carry a house, he really felt empty and emotional, first time since his career of assassin he had felt weak and guilty, he cursed his uncle repeatedly for putting him into this trauma, but one thing that was a real puzzle for him was how he suddenly got emotionally by the story of Richærd, He had just let out his life story to him, something he had never done before, He really felt free and calm in his mind when he was discussing with Richærd, he had prayed that moment should never end, he turned to where Richærd was sitting before and saw a phone on the corner, he quickly picked it up and hid it at a hidden corner, he looked around to be sure no one was looking at him and smiled calmly as he found out all the prisoners gaze was in another direction, he held his jaw with his palm as he thought of what to do with the phone he just found,
Sandra opened her eyes slowly, her head pound furiously making her squeeze her face in pain, her wh0le body was so weak, she tried standing up but found out her sole was bandaged. she turned her head around the corners of the room everything was so strange to her, her mind flashed back to what happened before her unconsciousness,
“Where i’m i, for Christ sake??, how did i got here”she asked herself as she forced herself into sitting up,
just then, the door crack opened, she quickly turned her head to it’s direction, she let out a deep sigh of relief as she found out it was the Man she was calling past timotherow are you feeling?” he asked with a calm smile
“I’m felling fine… how did you saw me?” Sandra asked
“By God Grace” he answered smiling broadly
“So can I know about you?” Sandra asked sitting up
“Well, my name is Daniel smart, aged 40, with two kids, a boy and a girl, is there any other” he asked sitting on the bed with her
“So how do you get to leave that house” he asked
She explained everything to him in full detail
“Hmmm, I’m so sorry for not answering your call, I was not with my phone then, I promise you a 100% protection in this house, feel free to do whatever you like, the cook and the houseboy would provide you with anything you need, please don’t leave this house without my security men, I have an important meeting to attend I would be back in no distant time” he said standing on his feet,
“thank you for your kindness, God bless you” Sandra said smiling
“No problem, it is a pleasure, I just feel like helping you out, you are such a nice girl” he said smiling widely,
“okay bye, safe journey” Sandra muttered
“Bye” he said and head out,
Richærd opened his eyes gradually, his forehead pound heavily, his eyes were bulge and blood shot, his both hands and body were tied tightly on a chair, the room he was were empty,
The door opened and Dr Mike with chief Gabriel walked in smiling wickedly,

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