Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 18


Sandra woke up earlier than before, she rolled off the duvet to Joy who was laying beside her, she check the time on the wall clock hanging on the wall, it was 7:20am,
She yawned widely then stood up, and head out of the room going straight to the bathroom to clean up,
Today was her first day to work so she would not want to be known as an unpunctual person not minding the fact that the company she was to work with was owned by chief Daniel,
She had been made the assistant to Paul the son of Chief Daniel who was now the owner of the company,
She really needs to show what she was made of, by making the company more great and famous than it was now,
Although she was feeling nervous, as this would be her first time of working in such company, but she believed that as time goes on she would quickly adapt to the new change, she loved the job with passion, not due to the amount she was paid but because of the fact that she was now a business woman who depends on no one for her needs,
She had recently found out that Paul the son of Chief Daniel was interested in her, as he had been treating her nicely before she left their house to live on her own with Joy, she had also seen the joy and happiness in his eyes when he heard that she was going to be his assistant CEO of the company, but truth be said she had only one person in her heart which is Richærd, all her prayer had been for her to see him again, there is no doubt she was deeply in love with him,
She was now a sophisticated lady with awesome beauty which she never knew she had, all the years she was living in her stepmother’s house, her wh0le body and shape had changed so much that people who knew her before would find it hærd recognizing her now,
Sandra walked out of the bathroom with a white towel tied around her body, her wh0le body was w-t making the towel map on her body revealing the shape of her n-pples and butt,
She entered into her room, and head to the mirror hanging on the wall,
she loosed off the towel she wore revealing her nicely unclad skin, her body look radiant and glowed beautifully, she had a perfect light and fair skin with a beautiful oval face,
Her pink l-ips was so glossed and attractive with a well shaped chin and a pointed nose,
her body had a perfect figure eight, her dark natural hair was neatly packed in,side the net she wore, her height was at seven inches, she was just a complete definition of elegance.
A wide smile crossed off her l-ips, as she saw her new reflection, she could not believe this was really her,
she was sure her step mother would no more recognize her anymore if she get to see her again, she was no more that ski-ny and clumsy lady she used to be,
It was almost a month since her escape from her stepmother’s bondage but all she experienced there was still fresh in her memory, all the beatings, abusive words, hunger and pains she passed through was not something she would forget that easily, but one statement from her stepmother was just something that still left her confused till date,
“Your brother would be killed today so what is the essence of still being alive…..after I had killed the both of you, then your parent would be forced to come out of their hiding place….” these words still rang in her mind day by day no matter how hærd she tried forgetting about it,
The diary of her mother which could have given her the explanation to all these had got missing that day she fell unconscious after running away from her stepmother house, Chief Daniel who brought her home had also denied seeing it that day,
those words of her stepmother had two things which she was really strange to her, first was the fact that her parent were alive, the second was that she had a brother,
She reviewed backward on how her parent died,
Her mother had an accident while going to an unknown destination, it was said that she just rushed out after answering a shocking call, nobody knew what the caller told her, all that was known was that she left the house in a quick motion after the conversation with the unknown caller, the accident was just so real to be called a prank, her car collide with a big truck, which smashed the bonnet of her car so badly, before people could come out and rescue them, both of the vehicles got fire, and that was the end of her life as said to Sandra years back, the confusing part was that their body was said to be missing, people believed that her body was burnt to ashes as the body of the driver of the large truck was also not found, all this happened when she was in her secondary school,
Three month after the announcement of her mother’s death, she was called out one morning from her classroom to receive the heart breaking news of her father’s death, she had fainted immediately the news reached her hearing, when she later woke, the beginning of her pain, suffering and trouble with her stepmother started, the death of her father was just something no body could fathom, it was just a strange one, he died in his car without any blood, it seem as if he was strangled, but who killed him or why he was killed was something no one could say,
Hot tears dripped down her eyes slowly as all this thought flashed through her mind, she felt so weak and fatigue, her wh0le body throb in scourge and pain,
“but what was this her stepmother was saying, where is she heading to with her statement, is she saying the truth??…… it can’t be…i saw my father body being buried….oh no… all this is just complicated, no, my stepmother must be lying…..but she said she was also surprised that they are not dead, oh no….God please let the truth be opened, I…… ” her phone which was lying on her bed scre-med loudly signifying an incoming call,
The phone ringing was what brought her out of her thoughts, that was when she found out she was already late, she even got to notice she was still unclad all this while, she turned her neck and found Joy staring at her,
“Are you already awake????” Sandra asked rubbing a lotion on her wh0le body,
“What were you thinking of that made unconscious of your environment, you were even muttering some incoherent words…what is the problem, and look at tears in your eyes” Joy said while Sandra wore her cloth quickly
She checked the caller, it was nobody than Paul,
“Hello, how are you”Paul asked in a jovial tone immediately she picked the call
“I’m much fine, very sorry for not being in work till now, something came up” Sandra pleaded looking at the clock hanging on the wall which was at exactly 8:00
“Ooow, you don’t have to worry yourself, you are just like the owner of the company, so you don’t need to rush to work, remember I’m the owner of that company, you don’t have to worry yourself, I’m even on my way to your house, I want us to go together” he said,
“What!!!, but I never asked for such favour from you?” Sandra asked with a questioning look,
“Well, I knew you never asked of it but I just feel like…pls don’t say no” Paul said with a pleading voice,
“Pls, I don’t think i really want such a favour from anyone, I have my car…i mean… I can use it, old don’t misunderstand me, thank you for your kindness” Sandra said in a finality tone
“I’m already at your gate, you know I can’t go back, please permit me for today, you know this is your first time, I think you would need me to show you around… you know, and I am not even quite sure you knew the direction well…. please feel free and follow me, I mean no harm, remember you are my assistance, please assist me na” Paul said while they both burst into laughter,
“Ehennnn, so you mean…. I should follow you like my husband because I am your assistance ehn …please oooo, assistance is only in the work ooo’ Sandra said with a smile
“Now come and open the door for me before I break it with my head” Paul said jokingly
“Your head?????…. oya na let me watch and see how you would break the door with that your disfigured head” Sandra said smiling widely,
“No oooo, I’m just joking…. but wait oooo, I’m I the one you’re calling disfigured head, hmmmm, I will not talk till I catch you ” Paul said,
“How will you catch me when the door is locked???” Sandra asked rolling her eyes,
“Please open the door, I will not touch you talk less of beating you” Paul pleaded
“Okay, wait a little, I will be there” Sandra said and hung the call,
I have to go now, see you in the evening” Sandra said to Joy who just let out a shrug and lay back on the bed,
Joy was a nurse in a hospital, she applied for nursing as that was what she read at school, today she would be going to work in the evening as that was what her turn read that day,
Both of them are living in the same house which was a beautiful gigantic duplex with high taste of design all bought by Chief Daniel, Sandra unlocked the door the door the sitting room and Paul walked in with his hands stucked into his trouser’s pocket, His appearance was so stunning, that Sandra found herself gasping in amazement, the fragrant smell emitting from his body was so nice and attractive, he was putting on a red well ironed long sleeved shirt which lapped closely around his body, tucked in a black plain trouser which was also well ironed and rich in colour,
His hair strands were darkened and curled,
He was looking so smart and cute, Sandra could not help but drooled for him,
“Wow…you look so beautiful today” Paul complimented,
Sandra still stared at him in astonishment, he has a foreign cuteness, everything about him was so nice and awesome,
“You are already prepared right?” he asked again jerking Sandra who was lost in admiration back to reality,
“Oh y–ea, le–t go” she stuttered,
“How do i look?” Paul asked with a grin,
Sandra stared at him dumbfounded, she could not find the right word to express his appearance as the word handsome seem to be an understatement to his look
“lets go please, i don’t know what to say” Sandra answered heading to the door,
“Can you give me a minute to tell you how you look like?” Paul said smiling widely
Sandra turned her head and stared at him straight to his eyes which was so s€×y and charming,
She could not help but wondered how one man would be this perfect in appearance,
Everything about him looks so much cute and handsome that any lady could be ready to commit murder if that was the only way to get him to herself,
“You look stuning beautiful, gorgeous, attractive, elegant, graceful….”
“It is okay… thanks for your compliment… i’ve heard you…. can we go now” Sandra cut his statement as she was already blushing,
“Not until you tell me how i look” he said walking over to the door post blocking the pass way with his body,
“What do you mean???” Sandra asked rolling her eyes
“We’re not going anywhere until you tell me how i look in your sight” he said with stubbornly
“Will you force the word out of my mouth?” Sandra asked
“Hmmm, not really, but i think there would be no work for you today until you adhere to my need” he said,
“Okay then, i think your time here has elapse, you can leave” Sandra said moving back to the sofa, but before she could reach, the soft palm of Paul clutched tightly on her arm and drew her backward lightly making her lose balance and fell softly on his chest,
They both stared at each other’s eyes intensely, their body cuddled against each other so much closely that it looks as if they were joined together, all this while they stared at their eyes, Sandra’s mind wandered away to the one and only man in her heart, the first man to give her sleepless night, the only man that captured her mind and left her thinking about him all day and night, the man that his name was with held from her but his image and figure kept creeping into her mind no matter how hærd she tried forgetting about him
,She can’t really tell what she feel for Paul, she always gets attracted to him due to his handsomeness, but is that truly love, love is a feeling from the heart irrespective of the physical figure,
She tried accepting the fact that she would never see Richærd again but it could not just leave her mind, she wants her heart to love Paul who she found very handsome, he was also very rich, there is no doubt he was really fit to be loved by any lady he comes across with, but as it may be Sandra could not made her heart fall in love with him…
Sandra was still trying to figure out all these puzzle when she felt his face drawing nearer to hers, before she could think of what to do, his l-ips lapped into her l-ips sending shiver down her spine,
This was her first k-ss ever since she was born.. so the s-nsation she felt was so strange to her, the feeling was pleasurable making her respond quickly to the k-ss,
Although she was a real amateur in terms of k-ssing or s€×, but she found it so much good, she felt Paul’s hand fondling her br-ast, she loved the feeling she was getting from his touch, she let out a soft mo-n in response, just then, Joy walked into the sitting room, the sound of her footstep brought Sandra back to her senses,
She quickly withdrew herself from his grip and turned to Joy who stared at them in shock and fury, out of shame Sandra rushed out of the house while Paul followed her immediately.
To be continued

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