Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 19

Richærd and Cole walked out of the hospital with a calm smile, happiness and joy filled up their heart to the brim especially Richærd who had in mind that he would see Sandra that day,
The location given to him by David was really far from her former house, it was even out of that state, so he would have to go and withdraw some money before heading to their destination,
They would be boarding a cab as his car was stil in the hand of his kidnapper, so he had no choice than to leave it for them than exposing himself into trouble again,
“Richærd!” Cole called out as they entered into a vehicle,
“Ehen” Richærd answered,
“What is your major aim for all these you have been doing for me?” Cole asked
“You are like my brother, you look like someone i love so much, you make me smile anytime i set my eyes on you, i just feel like helping you out of your problem because i was also helped by someone when i was in such a tight problem you are, i think i have to do to another person what was done to me…” Richærd answered
“I don’t know how to thank you… you saved my life and bring me out of my hærdsh¡p, i pray God would bless you because you’re so kind and loving… i wish you would get married to my sister although i never got the chance to see her in reality except in pictures which my real mother gave to me before leaving me in the hand of another woman who lived far away from our house where my mother lived which i never stepped my feet on till now” Cole said with a sniff showing he was close to tears,
“It is okay…don’t shed any tears, everything happens for a reason, very soon all this would be over and we will smile happily once more…the last smile that would last forever” Richærd said letting out a calm smile,
“I pray so” Cole muttered,
They reached the bank, Richærd brought out his ATM which he had brought from his house secretly last month, he had went there deep in the night so that he would not be seen by anyone who may in anyway expose him,After withdrawing some amount of money they both head out to board a vehicle heading to their destination which was the address given to them by David as Sandra’s location,
After some hour of their journey, they got to their final destination, shiver of joy swept down Richærd heart,
Huge smile appeared on face as he walked up to the gate, that was the place Sandra is living according to the direction he was holding,
He knocked at the gate the first time, there was no answer he knocked the second time, there was no response, as he made to hit the gate the second time, it made a cracking sound then was opened. revealing a middle aged man who was dressed in a blue shirt and a black trouser showing he was a gateman,
“Good morning sir” Richærd and Cole greeted in unison,
“Ehen, any problem” he asked staring at them suspiciously,
“Sorry for the disturbance……we are looking for a lady named….erm…. Sandra” Richærd answered with a broad smile,
“Which Sander????” the gateman asked throwing them off balance as Richærd thought flashed on the possibility that Sandra was no more in there,
“I mean Sandra, a lady that……” he was short of word as his head got blank, he was so confused on what description to give the man,
“Wait… do you mean, the girl that my oga brought here one night” the gateman asked
“O yeah, it is her…. yes” Richærd answered
“Who are you to her???” the gateman asked,
“Ermmm….. let me say, I’m her brother, but not closely related” Richærd answered,
All this while Richærd and the gateman was discussing Cole was feeling a strange s-nsation, the name Sandra which Richærd just called rang like a bell in his head, it seems as if he had heard such a word, or come across such person but it couldn’t really fathom or explain where and when he saw such person,
“You would have to wait, let me call my oga, so you will explain all this thing to him” the gateman man said closing the gate leaving them outside,
“Who do you said this Sandra of a person is???” Cole asked immediately the gate was closed,
“Well, we are just…Ermmm, should I say friend?, seriously we just met once, but I don’t know why I just feels attracted to her, maybe I love her” Richærd explained,
“Hmmm, love?????….. does that word still exist???” Cole asked spreading out his hands,
“Why do you say such a thing… it’s still exist for sure” Richærd answered staring at Cole with a surprise expression
“Okay ooo, maybe they are some people that word doesn’t exist in thier life” Cole said letting out a shrug
“What is your reason for these word you’re blurting out??” Richærd asked
” I think…….” the sound of the gate opening cut him off his word as their gaze quickly diverted to the direction,
” Come in” the gateman ordered,
they both rushed in happily, but before they could say make three step forward, a strong palm gripped them from behind,
They both struggled to free themselves but their struggle couldn’t take up to a minute as their nose were both covered with a drugged napkin which drifted into unconsciousness,
Sandra hopped into the car with the feeling of guilt, she felt deeply in her heart the feeling that she was betraying someone, which was no body than Richærd, she hated herself for making herself cheap to Paul, how can he just k-ss me, just k-ss me like that, why would he play with my innocence, I think that guy must be a devil, maybe he could have made me had s€× with him if Joy hadn’t walked in that moment” all this thought hovered around her mind as she rested her head on the dash board of the car, tears dropped down her cheeks as her thought reviewed the event that just occurred,
Paul entered the car with a pale face, his face was so drawn that one would thought he would cry in no distant time, he turned his face to Sandra what head was still bent, he could see drip. of tears. on beneath her face, his expression turned from a pale one to a surprised one, he could not explain what was wrong anymore,
How can a girl shed tears just because of a k-ss, especially from a cute guy like him, since he was born he had never come across such lady, this alone made his love for her rise a hundred folds……
“Am so so…. ” he tried explaining but Sandra shut him up with a slap,
“You are a fool…. a real bastard… I hate you… I hate you… but why…why… why do you want to do this to me….. so that’s the reason you came to take me to work right…. so this is your intention… what have I done to you…. why me…. haven’t i suffered enough???…. why do you play with my ignorance…. now get out of my car now!!!!!” Sandra scre-med loudly with tears flooding out of her eyes
“I don’t mean to hurt you but…. “
“I said get out… I don’t want to see you near me again..” Sandra barked pushing him roughly
“Okay.. okay I will leave but have it in mind that it was a mistake, I just got carried away… I love you” he said and walked out of the car,
He reached the place his car was parked and opened the door, he stared at Sandra for. some time again before entering his car and zooming off,
Sandra walked out of her car and barged into the house, she entered into her room and layed on the bed in a confusing state.
she couldn’t fathom what made her retorted that angrily to him,
“What is wrong with me.. why did I scre-med at him, what he did was a normal thing, we were both involved in the act… we were both at fault….. I have to apologise to him, I made him look like a player with that behaviour of mine, I saw in his eyes how deeply sorry he was, oh no I did the wrong thing…. but he told me that he loved me, could it be true??….. ooohhhhh…. should I reciprocate him….should I harbour the little feeling I have for him???…..but I love that guy that saved me from the rain…. I don’t think i will see him again, here is much more far from my former house which was my stepmother house, I have to go closer to Paul, make him a bestie, I’m sure that in no distant time I will fall in love with him” Sandra thought then sighed deeply before leaving her room.
Paul drove to his father’s mansion with a burdened heart, he was sure his father could help him get Sandra’s attention to him, he had learnt how his father had saved her from her stepmother’s maltreatment, that had have him the impression that Sandra would have a rethink and agree to date him if his father would help him talk to her,
He parked his car in the space left in the garage where different cars were parked, he walked into the building with a drawn face,
“Good morning father” he greeted bluntly and took a seat at a sofa beside his father who was engrossed with the News paper he was holding,
“My son, how are you” he asked with a smile which later vanished as he saw his face pale and drawn,
“What is it my son, you look distressed, what is the problem????” Chief Daniel asked with a concern expression, he really loved him, not minding the fact that he was not his real son, he was ready to sacrifice all he got to make him happy,
“Tell me the problem, I promise to dissolve it as quickly as possible” Chief Daniel said tapping him lightly on his shoulder,
“There is someone I loved and cherished so much, someone I’m ready to do anything possible to make her happy, the lady that have stolen my heart, I love her deeply with passion I……. “
“What happen???? ” Chief Daniel asked
“I’m in love with that lady you saved from her stepmother maltreatment and suffering, my heart had truly chosen her, but she doesn’t love me, she doesn’t care for my feelings for her, she seem to be in love with another person with her behaviours to me, I…. I…. ” “Stop!!!! ” Chief Daniel retorted in an emotional tone,
” She is your wife, from the very first day I had an encounter with her, I made up my mind to do all I can do to bring the both of you together, my fear then was that you may not like her, but now I had seen you love her, consider her your wife, don’t bother yourself anymore, trust me nothing would make her not agree marrying you, and the both of you getting married would be a greatest thing of joy and happiness to me, so you see, go home or if you want, go to the company, I will call her now and invite her here, I promise to convince her for you OK? ” Chief Daniel said
“Thank you dad, you ate one in a million, I love you so much, I can’t even thank you enough, I pray God would make you live forever, I can’t afford to miss you, no matter your age” Paul said happily as he hugged his father tightly
” You’re my only son, so I…… ” His phone which layed on the table rang Loudly interrupting his statement,
He took the phone and look at the screen, the name of his head security in his liver building was boldly written on it,
He anxiously picked it up, as his mind filled up in anxiety, it was rare for his head security to call him or else something bad had happened,
“Hello, Yusuf what is it??” Chief Daniel asked immediately he picked the phone
“Two men came here this morning, they were asking of Sandra, we suspected to be from her enemy so we captured them, we need your order so we could carry it out” he said,
“Wait a minute, I will be there in a jiffy” Chief Daniel said and hung up,
“Two men came to look for Sandra at the other house, I have to go and see them, would you mind following me there??” Chief Daniel asked, picking up his phone and other accessories from the table,
“I have to follow you, to know what they need from my wife, seriously speaking, if I found out that those boys are the people who was pestering the life of my wife to be, I promise you I will make sure they see hell” Paul blurted out angrily as they made their way out.
To be continued

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