Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 2

Written by Humble Smith
Richærd glanced at her with confusion written all over his face, as she made her way into the big black gate
He was sure he felt something exceptional about her but that feeling was exactly what he couldn’t ascertain, the response she gave him also left him surprise,
He rested his head on the dash board trying to figure out what could have triggered him into wanting to chat with a lady he just met,
“Could this be love?” he asked rhetorically,
“No it can never be, this is complete lust” he answered,
“This is true love, follow your heart before it becomes too late”a voice whispered to him,
He quickly ins**ted the key into the ignition and immediately the car roar back to life, he speedily drove home,
He really needs to cool off his head, all this happening in one day was just too much for him,
Sandra walked into the house and ran into her step mother who was watching a movie series going on in the flat plasma tv hanged on the wall in the sitting room,
“Good evening ma” she greeted, her step turned to her direction with her devilish look,
“What am i seeing?” she asked leaving Sandra confused with the question,
“Who has that rag you are putting on” she asked again this time with a rise tone, Sandra quickly checked her body, she immediately gasped in shock, she was still wearing the sweater Richærd gave her due to the cold she was feeling,
“Please ma, i can explain, it is not really what you think”Sandra said
“Go on, am listening to your lies” Angela said staring at her,
She explained everything to her in detail not excluding any part,
“Are you done with your lie like i said earlier” Angela asked springing up from the sofa she was sitting on, she walked closer to Sandra who was already shiver in fear,
“puaaaaa” a resounding slap from Angela landed on her cheek,
“So that is what you now do right, eh, so you now flirt around with all this unemployed fools abi?”she asked
“No ma, i don’t, i only entered the car because of the rain” she said
“I know that is exactly what would be your excuse you bastard”
her step mother blurted, hit her with her shoe,
“Please ma, i have nothing to do with that man, please oooo”she pleaded
“You must be stupid, you think i don’t see you with that guy in the car huh” her step mother said breathing hærd
“Please….” before she could complete her statement, heavy beating start landing on her body,
She kept on hitting her with anything she could lay hand on
“Aunty please oo…..haa my back, mama please na”she kept on begging but it all felt on deaf ears, she beat her till she started feeling tired before she left,
Sharp pain surge through every nook and crane of her body, she could not even stand up as all her joint was hurting her severely,
She layed there wondering what to really do with her life,
“When will all this end? when would i live my life the way others lives, oh my God, all this is too much for me to bear, i can’t take it anymore” she lamented bitterly,
She thought about running away,
“I think that is the only way out of this trauma”she thought, After some hour she managed and got up from the floor,and headed to the bathroom to clean up, she knew without being told that there is no food for her that night,
She entered her room after bathing and head to the large mirror beside her bed, she was so happy there was no mark of beating in her face, she wore her nightie and slumped on the bed making a loud thud,
Just then the picture of Richærd popped up her mind,
“Who is this guy and what do he really want from me?….do he want to ask me out…oh no it can’t work, but… wait oo, what if that man was God sent,i even felt something for him when i was with him in the car, oh no, I told him to forget about me….that is rude of me, i could have tell him my problem, he may be of help…yes he may help me in my plan to run away from this prison i’m staying, i have to meet him,but what if he had let go of me like i told him,
“Oh lord please bring him back”she prayed silently, not long after she drift into the dream land, with the thought of Richærd over her mind, she even used his sweater as her pillow,
Sandra was woked up by the loud bang on the door, she knew it was no one else other than her step mother, but what could have been the reason for her hitting the door in such a way, she checked the time on the wall clock,
“9:00am!!!”she exclaimed loudily
“Open this door before i break it down!!”she heard her step mother voice from outside,
She quickly unlocked the, while her step mother rushed in as if she was chased by someone,
“Lock that door now!!” she comanded furiously, “Now get down on your knee”she ordered
“What did i do?”Sandra asked
“Jesus! so you have suddenly grew wing, you now ask me question before abiding to what i say abi” she scre-med loudly
“Look, ma i have respected you enough, i have did all your bidding without excuse,today i mark 20 years of age, but what future have you install for me, you have taken everything my father had,you left me with nothing, i had lived all my life doing everything you asked me to do,am fed Up, today you have to decide what you would do to me, haven’t i suffered enough, have you ever think of karma, one day you would regret all this things you have been doing to me, you are a complete devil”Sandra said as stream of tears dripped down his cheek,
“Are you done with your gibberish, now kneel down” her step mother said untouched
“I’m not doing it, I will not kneel down, do your worst” Sandra said courageously
Her step mother stared at her for some minute then let out an evil smile before heading out without uttering any other word to her
* *****
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