Deep Affection

Deep Affection – Episode 20

Chief Daniel and Paul his son drove into the compound of the building and steered the car straight to the vacant space in the garage,
They both dismounted off the car in a swift and quick motion with curiousity written all over their face,
They rushed into the building with a fast pace, immediately they entered, one of the guard led them into the building where Richærd and Cole were,
Immediately they reached the door of the room, the guard opened the door while Chief Daniel and Paul dashed in immediately,
Cole and Richærd were tied tightly on a wooden arm chair, both of them were still unconscious due to the fact that the effect of the drug they inhalee was still in their system,
A full bucket of water splashed over their body jerking them back to reality,
Richærd and Cole shuddered in fright as they saw the frightening faces of the huge body men in front of them,
Richærd shut his eyes as he tried remembering how they got there,
his body felt a tingling s-nsation of cold as the fresh breeze which erupt through the slightly opened window blew lightly on his drenched skin,
“What do you want from Sandra which you requested to see?” Paul snapped
Richærd mind quickly flashed back to all that had happened recently, he could now vividly remember the wh0le event, how they were grabbed from behind and was forced to inhale the scent from the druged napkin that was placed on their nose,
“Please where is she?” Richærd asked
The question impacted on Paul a kind of rage,
“That isn’t the answer to my question, you son of a b—h” Paul snarled with a snort,
“You’ve to calm down son, let us know their major motive first, we’ve them in our hand, there is no need of stressing yourself, we wouldn’t hesitate to waste their lives if we get to find out that they were sent by someone” Chief Daniel said to Paul in a soothing voice,
“I’ve heard you, i’m just not comfortable with this guy, seeing him alone makes my subconscious mind troubled, i don’t know, but…” Paul paused and turned sharply at Richærd,
“Who are you to Sandra??” he asked him with a stern face,
“To be sincere i don’t know what to answer you in that question of yours, ok maybe… let me say… we’re friends” Richærd explained
“Friend???” Paul asked with a quizzical look
“What type of friend are you both??” Paul asked just immediately
“Please if i may ask, who are you to Sandra…. i mean how are you and her related?” Richærd asked staring at him
“Okay… incase you’re not aware, Sandra you’re talking about is my wife….”
“Huh, what did you just uttered?” Richærd cut him off his statement, he could not believe his ear, what Paul just said rang repeatedly in his ear sending a s-nsation of fright down his spine, The statement made him shuddered, his mind went blank, his head pounded on him heavily as he pondered deeply on the sentence Paul dropped one after the other,
He could not believe she has left him and got married to this guy at the short duration of time she escaped,
” how would she do such a thing to me, why…. why, doesn’t she saw it in my heart that i love her that first day we met, why i’m i passing through all these heart break, all my hope is now gone, there is no chance anymore, she can’t be mine, so i had suffered all this things for nothing, so all I’ve loosed because of her is now a total waste, why would she just get married, so soon, she should…. ” Richærd thought silently, “Now answer me quickly before i unleash my terror on you, what do you want from Sandra?” Paul asked
“I want to see her” Richærd answered in a hopeless tone,
“Then i think you would have to go back to where you came from, until you tell me what is your reason for wanting to see her, you’re not going to see the glimpse of her figure” Paul retorted walking to the couch bedside his father.
“Why are you refusing Sandra from seeing him, are you afraid she may fall for his handsomeness” Cole ruthless the first time
“Huh, what do you mean?” Paul asked staring at Cole with a furious eyes
“Yeah you just told us she is your wife, then why refusing her from seeing him, you know how ugly you’re, comparing to him, so you wouldn’t want her to see him so that she would not fall for him and dump you aside” Cole explained letting out a mockery chuckle,
His statement made Paul embarrased, he could also see some of the security men there letting out a little laughter,
“I will call her here right now, but mind you… if she clarify you of being one of her enemy or a colleague of her ruthless stepmother then believe me you both aren’t leaving here alive” Paul warned with a solemn tone and expression as he brought out his phone and dialed Sandra’s number
“Hello dear” Paul said with a wide smile immediately she picked the call
“Hello” Sandra’s voice sounded on the phone,her voice sent a s-nsation of joy over Richærd’s body, but he waved it off
“if she was already married to this man, then i don’t think there is any hope of being with her.
” Your attention is needed in….” Richærd could not care listening to the others conversation, his mind was just filled with anger,
Chief Gabriel, doctor Mike, Angela and David sat on a chair surrounding a round table, their expressing shows that they were in a very bad mood,
“I can’t just believe all these happening, how can our three captive just disappear like that, this is almost two month now and they had not been found, what does that insinuates” Chief Gabriel said breaking of the long time silence which had eloped the sitting room
“I’m still trying to figure these things out, they could not just escape like that, i believe some one among us aid them to escape” Dr Mike said with a stern face
“I don’t believe you, those people could escape without the help of anybody, i wish i hadn’t went on that mission you assigned me, i really thought they were tied much well” David said shooking his head
“We must get them at all cost, no matter what it take us” Angela said in a solemn tone,
“Yes and we must fish out the Judas in our mist, the person that helped them to escape must not go scot free” Dr Mike said
“I don’t know why you still believe that someone helped them to escape, those people are men for Christ sake, they are strong, maybe there was a sharp object or something beside them which they used in cutting the rope” David contradicted with a convincing tone,
He would never want them to suspect anybody to be the one helping so as to prevent them from going in search of that person as he knew quite well what they were capable of,
He knew that he they put their interest in searching for the betrayal they would fish him out in just a little time,
“Our major aim now is getting those little brat, after we gets them, we would put them to death then take over what we want, we don’t care if their parent is alive or not, we have enough money to cover up, we would open our eyes, if we sees anybody that has a resemblance like the Johnson family we will put them to death without hesitation, i’m i understood?” Chief Gabriel asked “Yes” they all answered in unison.

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