Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 21

Chief Daniel and Paul sat on the couch with a wine placed on a table in front of them,
Richærd and Cole was still tied on the same chair in a sitting position in the same room, everywhere was quiet as everyone anxiously waited for Sandra,
Just then Chief Daniel’s phone rang loudly, he checked it and it was his wife,
“Hello who i’m i speaking with??” the caller voiced out,
Chief Daniel checked the caller again as the voice he had just heard wasn’t that of his wife at all,
“Who are you ? and what are you doing with my wife’s phone?” Chief Daniel asked
“Your wife is in All saint hospital right now, she had a terrible accident now, your….” before the caller could finish his statement the phone fell off from Daniel’s hand, before anybody could say jack Daniel had already dashed out of the building in a very quick motion,
Paul who had eavedropped the conversation quickly followed his father out leaving Richærd and Cold aside.
“What should we do at this moment?” Richærd asked Cole immediately, “We are going to do nothing, Sandra would arrive here in no distant time, then if she is your friend as you claim then she would release us” Cole said.
“Yeah that is true, thank God for that sudden call that they recieved, i can’t wait to meet Sandra” Richærd said with a wide smile
“I don’t know oo. . . but i think i’m also anxious to see this lady also, she seems to be someone i had seen or heard her name before, but i can’t remember where and how i heard it” Cole said smiling also,
“I’m very much sure you will…..” a knock on the door cut him short of his word,
Before they could utter any word the door knob slided down and the door cracked open, then Sandra walked in,
A sudden gasp of surprise and shock escaped her l-ips as she saw Richærd, she could not believe her eyes, still in shock she scrubed her eyes with the back of her palm then pinched herself to know if she was hallucinating,
“Sandra!!!!!!” Richærd scre-med excitededly as his heart beat increased it’s pace, he felt a swine of happiness and joy running through his spine,
They gazed steadily at each other smiling sheepily, Richærd joy knew no bound that moment, he felt like hugging and k-ssing Sandra,
He could easily notice the change in her appearance, this was not the Sandra he met month ago, apart from the part that she was now so beautiful, her stature and shape was enough to send a man to his dream land, he could see how sophiscated she had suddenly become, her wh0le figure was a total discription of beauty, her smile was another thing to talk about,
Sandra on the other side was totally dumbfounded, she was just smiling widely as her heart made to jump out of it’s place,
She was lost in admiration and wh0le body throb in boundless joy, this was just a dream come true, this was just her wish which had came at the right time she needed it, she stared deeply into Richærd’s eyes and all she could see was passion and love,
care, happiness. . . . the feeling of s-nsation she was feeling was something so strange and awkward to her, it was a feeling of want, a feeling of deep affection, in a quick motion she rushed at him and gave him a heart warming hug, before loosing off the rope,
Immediately the rope dropped off from Richærd’s body, they both hugged theirself tightly again,
A line of tears rolled off their eyes as they engaged in the hug, they could both feel the connection between them and the sound of their heartbeat which was pumping faster in unison.
“where have you been all this while i was looking for you? Richærd asked in a calm and soothing tone. Sandra quickly broke off the hug and stared at him surprisely.
“Really???… Had you been looking for me?” Sandra asked in bewildment.
“I had not only looked for you but i have had uncountable sleepless night because of you, i longed all night thinking about you, my mind hover everyday in what would be the cause of your sadness, i couldn’t get mymind off you since the day we met, i was truly heart broken then, i thought i would never see you, you just vanished out of sight, i went to the market where you do does your hawking many times so i could see you again but you were not there, i went to your house countless time to see you, but it was always under lock, I had wept many night praying to God to bring you back to me, i don’t know the reason for all there i’m doing for you but i think….” he paused then held her chin closer to his, he could see the tears dripping, he quickly wiped it off with the back of his palm, I… i you” he said moving his l-ips closer to her own, in a twinkle of an eye their l-ips locked eachother, it was a k-ss of affection, an intensed one which left the both of them craving for more,
Richærd clunged his arm around her wa-ist, while Sandra’s arm was around his neck, they were both lost in the k-ss forgetting Cole totally as it seem to them that there were the only one on earth that time. it looks as if the wh0le planet was put to a stop and everyone vanished leaving only the both of them.
Cole stood still watching the both of them as they engages themselves in a rom-ntic k-ss.
Just immediately, the door knob swing down and the door gave way, Joy walked in and immediately stopped her step as she saw Sandra with Richærd, she later walked to their direction to put a stop to the act they were indulging theirselves in,
This is the second time Sandra is k-ssing a guy, Not that their is something wrong in a k-ss, but this sort of passionate k-ss Sandra is giving is meant for the person you love,
How can she k-ss two guy this same way, which of them is she in love with?” all this thought crossed through her mind that moment, Sandra she knew is not a wh-re so she can’t indulge in such a thing without tangible reason…
“No oo, leave them” Cole said to Joy in a low voice,
“What do you mean… who are you guys?” Joy asked with an arched brow.
“Both of them are lost lovers, so we have to leave them to enjoy their moment together” Cole said with a grin.
“I don’t understand” Joy said staring at him with a stern face.
“You will understand later, but please i’m feeling jealous, can we begin our own k-ssing?” Cole asked in a childish tone.
That statement that came out of his may seem like a joke, but it isn’t.
Immediately Joy had walked into that place, Cole had suddenly felt the chemistry. the s-nsation was really strange to him. all his lifetime had been full of hærdsh¡p and pain, he had never for once had the feeling of love, he had read many story of rom-nce but had never felt it, but at the first glance at joy he had felt it,
“Are you insane or what?… you….” Joy statement was but short with the l-ips of Cole which locked with her own immediately,
A strange feeling swept down her wh0le body that moment, she tried pushing him off but she just felt weak,
Why she felt that type of s-nsation was what she couldn’t ascertain,
She couldn’t even tell why she felt comfortable with the k-ss, this was not her first time of k-ssing a guy, but this was the first time of having this sort of pleasurable feeling while k-ssing, what marveled her was the fact that the guy she was k-ssing was a total stranger to her,
Before she could know what she was doing she found herself responding quickly to the k-ss,
The sound of Cole and Joy k-ss brought Richærd and Sandra back to reality.
They were both shock seeing Cole and Joy k-ssing passionately as if they had met before,
“Cole!!” Richærd called out.
“Joy!!” Sandra called out also, at the same time with Richærd,
Cole and Joy quickly broke off and turned to Sandra and Richærd who was still staring at them in bewildment, Cole had a wide smile on his face while Joy had an expression of shame,
“Why did you both disturb this wonderful moment i was having huh?” Cole asked with a little chuckle.
“I don’t understand you Cole… i mean… have you met her before?” Richærd asked with an astonish smile,
“Well… maybe we haven’t met for the first time… but i think… i’m…”
“In love with her” Richærd completed the statement while they all faced theirselve with a surprise expression.
“Is… th–at true???” Joy asked in a stutter voice as her heart beat increased it’s pace and volume,
She stared at Cole curiously waiting for his reply,
She could not help but found herself praying for his answer to be ‘yes’ because there is a probability that he did not feel anything for her, the k-ss as he said, was just to make him less jealous,
“Yes!!!” he scre-med in a high tone forgeting they were still in,side the building they were kidnapped,
They were lucky that the room was sound proof,
Joy didn’t even knew when she let out a scre-m of joy,
“Wait oo… are the both of you in love with each other?” Sandra asked with a grin,
“If you and Richærd are in love so are we” Cole answered
“Hmmm, so we have to go to my house because this really calls for celebration” Sandra announced grabbing Richærd’s palm as she made her way through the door, Cole also took Joy’s palm into his own and followed them,
To be continued

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