Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 22

Richærd and Sandra entered into the car which brought Sandra to that place, while Cole and Joy entered in,side the car that car that Joy used in coming,
They all drove out of the gate in a speed motion, It wasn’t hærd for them to move out as they all knew Sandra and Joy,
They all hopped down from the car immediately they reached the building where Sandra and Joy were living,
“Wow!!… this house is so beautiful” Richærd exclaimed as they made their way into the building.
“This place is beautiful but not any way more than this beautiful damsel beside me” Cole said gesturing at Joy who had her palm clunged around Cole’s palm.
Cole’s word made her blush, this was just something she had always dreamed of but had never expected it to happen,
She had felt she would spend all her lifetime as a cook to chief Daniel, falling in love was something that she had never thought would ever come to pass, She was not allowed they all walked into the sitting room and slumped on the couch, Sandra and Joy went into the kitchen to make some food,”Cole” Richærd called out..”yes!” he answered turning to his direction “What is going on between you and that girl?” Richærd asked”Love… yea that’s it..” Cole answered with a grin
“Okay ooo. But you don’t even know her” Richærd said with a smirk
“We would later get to know ourselves later…
“The food is ready” Joy announced walking to the dining table with a tray containing a large plate.
Richærd and Cole rushed to the dining as their stomach let out a grumbling sound due to the aroma of the food,
Sandra and Richærd was sitting in an opposite position making it possible for them to stare at each other well,
Cole was also sitting in the same position with Joy, they all ate silently staring at each other’s eyes at interval,
“I think we have to have some kind of introduction with each other.. I mean… Let’s discuss of our past… We all had passed through alot” Cole said breaking the long time silence.
“Yeah.. That would be really good, so we would commence immediately after we finish our meal” Richærd said with a calm smile while they all let out a shrug.
They all sat on the couch staring at each other waiting for who to begin the introduction after the meal.
“I am going to begin followed by Joy” Cole said adjusting his position.
“My name is Cole Lewis, but Lewis isn’t my real surname, Lewis is the name of the family I was living with,
After I was bored into this world by my mother, I was termed a cause,
Starting from the beginning according to what I was told by my mother… firstly my mother had a boyfriend
i can’t remember his name, but according to what she told me, she said the both of them were having a serious problem with her friend who claimed that my mother snatched the guy from her.
The guy loved my mother so much and hated the friend of her who claim to love him.
he planned getting married to my mother but the night before their wedding the guy was found dead in his room he was shot on his forehead while still on his bed.
My mother ran away from that state as the news circulated the town that she was the one who killed him.
On her run she found out she was pregnant for him,
The felt heart broken as it dawn on her that she was going to be a single mother,
My mother suffered badly to keep herself and her unborn child safe,
She slept under the bridge, begged for money, but on the day of her labour she was taken to the hospital by some passer by who saw her wailing in pain, After she bore a son which was me she called the doctor and explained her predicament to him,
Her story made him moved in passion,
He decided to take her to his brother who was looking for a wife, as God may have it the doctor’s brother fell in love with her and agreed to marry her,
Before their marriage, News had it that a group of boys invaded that hospital where she bore me,
The boys search throughly for my mother but couldn’t see her, they questioned the doctor who helped my mother, but he denied knowing of her where about,
They shot him down with a gun,
When the news reached my mother’s hearing, she and the doctor’s brother who was her husband ran away from that place to this city,
Later on as i grow up, my mother took me away to a more far away place, as she was truly afraid of my well being,
She fully knew that as long as she was still alive, her so-called friend must continously search for her till she catches her and hunt down her life,
That made her to depatch me from her side,
I was sent to an unknown land, living with people who i knew nothing about,
I was maltreated badly by the family i lived with, my surname was changed to Lewis which was their family name,
Once in a year, my mother would come and visit me,
It was in one of her visit that she told me of all these circ-mstances surrounding my birth, after that, she gave me a photo which had a girl image on it,
She told me that the girl in it is my sister,she told me her name but i can’t remember, it really sound like the name Sandra but i’m not sure, later we went to a photo shop and snapped some pictures,
Later in the evening she left promising to come another day with the girl she called my sister,
Day and night i longed for the arrival of my mother and the so-called sister of mine, but i couldn’t get a glimpse of their figure,
I beared all the beating and harsh treatment impacted on me by the family i was living with, with the hope of seeing my sister,
It was now four years and i couldn’t see neither my mother or sister,
That was when it dawn on me that my mother must have fell into trouble,
I came to believe that recent visit was the last one,
I felt stranded, confused and hopeless,
I don’t really know where to start, i felt i was the cause of my mother’s pain, if i haven’t come into this world my mother’s life could have been free from all this, she would have been able to cater for herself alone,
I don’t just know what to think of, my living in this world became something i came to regret,
The family i was living in which consist of the parent and their two daughter made the matter more worst for me,
They would not just stop beating me even when i grew up to a teenager,
One day as i was coming back from hawking which i was sent to,
I met a man who was about to travel with his car,
As he went in,side his house to get something, i quickly rushed to his car and hid in,side the booth,
I knew nothing of nothing of where he was travelling to but i just felt following him,
That was what my instint instructed me to do,
After a very long journey which took the maximum of two days the vehicle finanly came to a halt,
I could have died of thirst if i haven’t found a bottle water in the booth..
When the car stopped, i could hear the sound of the gate being opened, i knew immediately that the driver must have unmounted from the car to open the gate,
I slowly opened the booth and ran off leaving the booth opened,
Where i was running to was what i knew nothing about, the state i am, was also strange to me but i was a little bit relief as i saw it was an igbo land as the place i was living before was a real hausa state,
According to my mother i was an igbo man, so i felt happy staying in my father’s land,
Although i couldn’t speak or hear the language but there is nothing like home,
I met some of my mates and joined them in the petty business they involve theirselves in, We all had no home, we sleeps in a classroom after work which we does in the market like helping customers to carry their already purchased goods,
As time goes on, i was able to buy a wheelbarrow for my work,
Any time i does a very taskful job, i always feels an intense pain on my stomach region which i couldn’t understand,
It was on one of my daily job that i got to get in contact with Richærd through the accident which occured… to be sincered, my being alive today is really by God’s grace and mercy, i’m truly grateful to the lord who saved me from my pains… but i still pray to see my mother.. that would be the greatest miracle and wonderful thing that would happen to me in my lifetime” Cole concluded
Every one was really touched by Cole’s story, their eyes were all driping a line of tears,
They all had an expression of pity except Sandra whose expression was blank as her mind went wild in thought,
The story Cole just said to them has much resemblance with the story written on the diary by her mother,
She gazed at Cole trying to figure out any similarity between him and the picture she saw in,side the diary,
There were a good resemblance but Sandra could not want to believe the fact that he was her brother,
“What is the name of your mother?” Sandra asked with her heart beating faster and louder,
“Her name is Lucy…
“What!!!… wait.. wait… come again” Sandra said with a w¡den eyes
“Lucy is her name… do you know her… have you seen her anywhere?” Cole asked anxiously
“That woman is my mother” Sandra voiced out,
Immediately, Cole and Sandra into each other in a tight hug,
“i’m the Sandra you saw in the picture” Sandra said amidst tears,
“i’m really dumbfounded… i never knew i will get to meet you… i’m so happy” Cole said with a wide smile,
“Today just seem to be my happiest day, i found my lover and brother… i can’t just stop smiling..” Sandra thought as they disengaged.
They all had a great celebration and meriment till dawn enjoying theirselves to the fullest,
Music kept reverbrating around the building as Sandra and Joy danced tirelessly with Richærd and Cole.
To be continued

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