Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 23

Written by, HUMBLE SMITH
It was early morning the next day,
Richærd could be seen lying on the large king sized bed,
Lying beside him was Sandra who had her head resting on his chest,
They were just like a newly married couples, just then, Richærd woke up,
He felt really exhausted and fatigue due to the yesterday event,
He could not even remember how he got to the bedroom because he was sure he drank himself to stupour,
Getting himself drunk wasn’t his intention, but he felt he needed to drink himself to the fullest as that day was just the best day of his lifetime,
The skin contact between his body and that of Sandra sent a swine of shiver which swept down his spine, The feeling which he always gets whenever there was a contact between his body and that of Sandra was something he found so pleasurable that he always wish there should never be a seperation,
He is madly in love with Sandra and that is the fact,
The only thing which could seperate them is death only,
He was sure of the battle ahead, his life and that of Sandra and Cole are in danger, He could remember how they luckily escape, He could remember David who had helped them out, He could not lay on what could be his fate,
He had always called his number but it had never went through,
Slowly and carefully he shifted Sandra’s head off his chest and rested it on the bed,
He sat up and rested his head on the wall beside the bed,
His head was full of thought and anxiety, what he needed was a good plan on how to escape the calamity about to befall them all,
He walked to the bathroom sluggishly to clean,
Just as he made to climb into the bathtub he heard a knock on the bathroom door,
He stared at the door wondering who could be there,
There was only one person who it could be, and that is Sandra, but what does she want?…
“Who is there?” he asked calmly
“It is me Sandra” Sandra answered
Richærd walked up to the door with his fully unclad body,
Immediately he opened the door, Sandra walked in,
She was claded in a white towel which clunged around her body, from her br-ast region down to her fresh laps,
The towel was tied tightly to her body that it was revealing the share of her butt and br-ast,
Sandra let out a little chuckle as she saw Richærd’s eyes all over her body,
“Can we bath together please?… i feel very tired from the yesterday party, i don’t think i can bath my self” Sandra said with a childish tone…
“That is great… b–ut won’t it le–ad to… ermm… so–rry” Richærd stuttered, while Sandra let a silent giggle,
Sandra loosed off the towel and immediately a sudden gasp quickly escaped Richærd’s mouth,
Sandra had the type of body any man would long for, straight and s€×y leg, nice curve, well shaped butt, pointed br-ast…
All these left Richærd’s mouth agape as he stared at it,
“Can we continue our bath?” Sandra asked with a grin,
“You really has an irresistable body, wow” Richærd complimented as they both entered the bathtub,
After their rom-ntic bath, they both walked into the room with Richærd carrying Sandra in a bridal way laughing loudly..
It really took Richærd alot to be able to control his hormones and reaction while they both took their bath,
He had truly avoided much body contact between him and Sandra, that was the only way he could be able to control himself,
He really had the urge to have s€× with her but he felt it would not be right asking her for it,
He truly cherished her and was fully ready to control himself till when she ask him of it,
After some minutes, they were both dressed up,
They both walked down stairs only to meet Joy and Cole already in the sitting room watching a movie in the large plasma tv which hung on the wall,
“Good morning lovers” Richærd greeted immediately,
“Good morning the newly wedded couple” Cole answered with a wide smile,
“Did you both slept here?” Sandra asked as they settled down on the couch,
“Why would we?” Joy asked spreading her arm,
“Leave them… do they think we are sleepy head like them” Cole said patting Joy gently on her back,
“But wait oo… Joy when did you start waking up
early?… because since we lived in this house i’ve never seen you wake up at this time of the day” Sandra asked with a chuckle
“Since i entered her life, everything about her is changed, so stopped questioning her…” Cole cut in,
“Can we go to the dining, the food is already served” Joy said standing up,
“E–hen… so you have even finished preparing breakfast, wow.. that’s nice of you, he must have really changed your life” Sandra ch¡pped in winking at Joy who just smiled back at her,
Not long after, they were done,
Joy quickly packed all the plate to the kitchen, they all sat at the couch in the sitting room enjoying the movie which was ongoing,
“Sandra!” Cole suddenly called out,
“Yes” Sandra answered while they all turned to his direction,
“Where is mom?” he asked while Sandra cringed,
The question hitted her like a bomb shell, she never expected the question at that moment.
“You m–ean?” Sandra asked pretending not to understand his question.
“Is our mother dead? Cole asked
“I-i don’t kno–w for now?… i’m confused” Sandra answered with her head down as tears formed on her eyes, she had just remembered the word of her step mother,
She can’t now ascertain if her mother was dead or alive,
She wouldn’t have had any atom of believe in what Angela her step mother said if she didn’t saw her face when she was making the statement,
Her expression was really serious, it wasn’t as if she was just trying to pull her leg,
“You don’t know if the woman you have been staying with since your child birth is dead or alive?” Cole asked with an arched brow,
Sandra raised up her head and stared at Cole who had his gaze on her as he wait for her reply,
“Do you know who Angela is?” Sandra asked,
“Yess!!.. i know her.. i had also met her, she was one of the people that kidnapped me and Cole” Richærd blurted
“I also know her” Joy ch¡pped in
“You???… how did you know her?” all of them asked in unison as they staired at her with a quizzical expression,
“Yeah.. i knew her through Chief Daniel, she is one of his s€× mate, she usually comes to his house and always treat everyone around her like a piece of trash, that was how i knew her” Joy explained. “huh?.. i think i need to meet this lady, ehen Sandra how does she relate to my mother?” Cole asked
“She is my step mother, and she is responsible for any problem we have passed through, if our parent could be dead… then she is the one responsible” Sandra explained,
“I don’t understand you, firstly, you said she is your step mother, then how can she be responsible for our parent’s death” Cole asked in a confused tone
.”She told me… she said it… she said our parent are supposed to be dead but she is surprised that they are still alived… she said she would kill you… yes, she told me that our mother can’t hide you forever, that she had caught you and would kill you… then she sent a soldier to rape me to death… I..” she could not finish her statement as she suddenly burst out in tears,
Her past memories are just coming back,
All the suffering she went through were now replaying in her mind,
“I’m totally confused here, do you mean a fellow lady like you did all these things?…. No ooo!!!, she must pay!!!!?” Cole breathed angrily and quickly spranged up from the couch,
His both eyes were blood shot with fury, that must be the same lady who claimed that my mother snatched her boyfriend from her, she must be the one who killed my father!!!..” Cole snorted loudly,
The echo of his voice reverbrate through the wh0le building, his both fist clenched tightly,
“Calm down, we can plan how to solve the problem together ok?” Joy said in a soothing voice as she pat him gently on his shoulder,
Cole sat down gently, some drip of sweat fell off his forehead,
“I need to have some rest, my head is spining” Cole said and walked upstair, Joy waited for some minute before following him,
“What are we gonna do this moment?” Sandra asked
“There is nothing we can do for now, let’s just watch and see how things turns out” Richærd replied.
“What if they attacks us unexpectedly?” Sandra asked with fear written all over her face.
“Nothing will happen to us.. Believe me, OK?” Richærd said in a soothing voice rubbing his palm against hers,
“I’m afraid.. My step mother is much dangerous, she would definitely hunt us” Sandra said still afraid,
“Since the first day I saw you in the rain that fateful day I felt some kind of strange relief… That day I was heartbroken after seeing my fiancee having an affair with my best friend, I planned getting drunk that night, but I later saw you and instantly forgot the drink, I felt my heart longing for you, I felt the real s-nsation of love.. My seeing you made me understand that everything happens for a reason.. I was meant to be with you and not with her, I saw the sadness in your face even when you try covering it up with a smile… I found myself thinking about you every minute of the day.. After everything I passed through because of you I was now fortunate to be here with you… That is my greatest dream which has come to accomplish.. So what do you think can ever made me allow you suffer.. What do you think can ever make me leave you…
I got to meet your step mother while we were kidnapped… She claimed to be in love with me, she shamelessly professed her love to me… She vow never to allow you get intact with me… She vowed that in no circ-mstances would she be alive and see us get married…hmmm.. Guess what?? Unless I die, no one will ever take you away from me” Richærd concluded,
“My step mother gets what she want the way she wants it, not minding the life being wasted… This is what happened in the time of my mother… She killed the guy and my mother because she found out that their love were strongly bonded, I’m afraid she may kill me and if possible you also I… ” Sandra broke into tears.
“We are meant to be together, no body can separate us” Richærd said and placed a k-ss into her mouth,
Without wasting a second they both got intense into the k-ss,
Just immediately the door of the sitting room sprang open..
Paul walked in….
To be continued


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