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Deep Affection – episode 24

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Written by, HUMBLE SMITH
“Sandraaaa!!!!” Paul suddenly screamed jerking Richard and Sandra off their romantic moment,
Sandra and Richard turned sharply to his direction staring at him with different expression..
“What is going on here?” Paul asked with a furious voice which shows he was really angry,
“Are you blind?… what does it seem like to you… by the way don’t you have manner… how can you just barge into someone’s house with knocking” Richard blurted out
“I don’t have your time” Paul sneered and turned to Sandra who was at his right hand side,
“You heard my question well… so what is your explanation for flirting with this poverty striken animal” Paul snorted
“But… we aren’t dating… what explanation do you want, i’m not engaged to you, so far i could remember, i had never accepted you to be my boyfriend talk more of lovers.. i don’t just understand you, why are you poking nose in my privacy?” Sandra explained staring keenly at him as he burn in anger,
“Sandra why!..why!.. why do you wanna do this to me, han!!, what haven’t i done for you to show you that i love you, what other thing have i not done for you, i treated you nicely, shower my love for you.. but this is what you have for me in return, when did you turned into a whore.. when!!.. i…” he breathed heavily trying hard to compress the furious anger building up inside him,
He turned to Richard then to Sandra, his both fist were tightly clenched like someone who was ready for a fight,
The veins in his hands were now visible,
“There is no need for getting angry, i have my life to live and nobody has the right to tell me what to do, i have the right to choose who i want to stay with… i don’t love you but him, you are like a friend to me, i appreciate you care, but that doesn’t guarantee you to claim being the owner of my life, you…” her word was cut short by a sudden grip around her neck, the grip grew more tight almost choking her,
Paul raised his fist upward to hit Sandra on her face,
She flinched and shut her eyes tightly in anticipation, ready for the blow,
It was now almost five second and she hasn’t felt any touch across her face talk more of a blow, even the grip on her neck was already loosed,
She slow opened her eyes to get a glimpse of what was happening only to see Paul struggling to release his hand off Richard’s grip which held it tightly,
“Let go of your hand, you ‘son of a bitch’..” Paul roared angrily,
“You have the right to say all you have in mind to her, but you have no right to lay your filty hand on her because i won’t allow it” Richard said,
“You are a compound fool, how dare stop me from doing what i want to do… do you know who i am?” Paul sneered,
“You don’t also know who i myself is, so just respect yourself before i teach you how to do it” Richard blurted still holding his hand upward while Sandra who had already remove Paul’s grip off her neck stared at them keenly,
“Are you trying to challenge me??” Paul asked
“You must be a fool for trying to hit a woman” Richard snapped and tightened his grip more harder on his hand inflicting more pain on him,
“Will you… Leave my arm.. Before I.. Aaaagghrrr” a sudden scream escaped from his lips, sharp pain surge through his body as the pain got more intensed, He tried struggling off his hand but it couldn’t instead it made it more painful,
After some time, Richard pushed him off hardly making him land heavily on his butt on the ground,
“I don’t want to fight you, but if you insist on causing trouble to someone who has no feeling for you, then i will be forced to deal with you mercilessly” Richard blurted moving to Sandra who was watching him in surprise at his rate of strength,
“Are you okay?” Richard asked clunging his arm around her neck softly,
“Yes i am” Sandra answered with a sweet smile,
“Get your hand off her!!” Paul commanded,
Richard and Sandra turned to his direction only to find him pointing a pistol at them,
They both flinched at the sight,
“You think you can insult me and go scot-free??… Oh no.. i will send you to your grave now and guess what?.. I will now take Sandra as my wife, i don’t care if she accepts or not” Paul said with an evil grin,
“Please it hasn’t got to that, bring down the gun, we can solve this like matured men, ok?” Richard said in a calm voice gesturing his palm in a pleading way while Paul proudly let out a hyteristical laughter,
“Wow, i taught you are a man.. i taught you are her hero, why pleading, come and fight like a man, huh” Paul said cocking the gun,
Richard stared at him keenly to be sure if he was really serious in shooting the bullet, he could see his hand positioned on the trigger, Just then, a thought flashed through his mind..
He quickly drew out Sandra who was hiding at his back to the front..
“If you must shoot, then you would have to shoot her first” Richard said positioning Sandra in his front, shielding his body with her,
“What are you heading at?.. huh” Paul asked with a quizzical expression,
“Haaaha, you think i cares” Richard said letting out a little chuckle..
Just then, Cole and Joy walked down from the stairs,
Paul quickly diverted his attention to their side,
Seeing that his mind was no more on him, Richard quickly charged at him with a spear making him land heavily on the ground with his back, his gun flinged off from his palm,
As he fell down, Richard climbed on his belly and began giving him a heavy blow on his face until Sandra rushed at him to stop him,
After much struggling by both Cole, Joy and Sandra they were able to push him off Paul’s body,
Paul’s face was covered with minor injuries which was dripping out blood,
Richard had some feeling of victory and joy in his heart as he depatched from Paul who was lying helplessly on the floor,
His plan had just worked out neatly,
He had just used Sandra to buy himself some time as he noticed that Joy and Cole would be coming to the sitting room due to the sound they were making and that would make Paul divert his attention off him thereby giving him the chance to attack,
“What happened?” Cole asked staring at Paul who was writhing on the floor in pain,
“You all would surely pay
for this, i promise!” Paul cursed as he staggered up from the floor,
“I once thought you are a man not knowing you are nothing but a sissy, aren’t you ashamed of yourself” Joy said with a mockery chuckle,”Leave him.. lets go” Cole said to Joy,
“where are you people going to?” Sandra asked staring at them,
“Sandra!!!… i promise you.. you must regret this” Paul snorted and made his way out of the house.
:Mounting on his car he drove speedily to his father’s house,His heart was filled with anger and fury, His both eyes was blood shot, he was so much eager to end the life of Richard who he had now hated with passion,
He walked into his father’s mansion walking very fast and heavy,
‘Haha, my son this one you are here at this moment, I hope all is well” Chief Daniel greeted as he sighted Paul coming into the sitting room,
“All is not well at all” Paul said taking a seat in one of the couch beside his father,
“What is it??” Chief Daniel asked with a worried look,
Paul explained everything to his father just exactly it happened,
“Don’t worry yourself, this is a promise, that girl named Sandra is already your wife, i don’t mind wasting that boy named Richard’s life just for you to have Sandra as your wife” Chief daniel said with a solemn tone,
“What do you have in mind to do??” Paul asked staring at his father,
“Just watch and see” Chief Daniel said with a wide grin noding his head,
“Sandra!!” Richard called out,
“yes” she answered rubbing her palm on Richard’s bare chest,
Richard was sitting on the couch with Sandra lying on the couch with her head resting on his laps,
“How much do you have in your account?” Richard asked.
“I can’t really tell, but i’m sure it would be many now” Sandra answered
“tomorrow, we would be
going to the bank to withdraw all the money, we are going to travel out of this state to a faraway town where we would all lived peacefully” richard Explained
“That’s good” Sandra answered giving him a kiss
To be continued

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