Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 25

Chief Gabriel was sitting on the couch feeling relaxed, that day was so good to him, he had just succeededly carried out his illegal business which was trafficking of a young lady which he found hawking on the street,
He had just took her to her house, trick her guardian into believing that he wants to train her outside the state, claiming that a voice commanded him to do it in his mind,
The joy and happiness in the face of both the parent and the girl was nothing to write about, they kept thanking God for hearing their prayer by giving their daughter a chance to clean their state of poverty,
Not knowing that their daughter was about embarking on a journey of no return,
Chief Gabriel let out a silent chuckle as all the event played back in his memory,
His phone made a beep sound, he smiled and picked it up as he already knew what it was,
“Ten million” he breathed out,
That was the amount of the money he sold the young lady to a famous drug dealer in Mexico, he dropped the phone and turned on the plasma tv hanging on the wall,
He rested his head on his palm still smiling as he thought of the huge amount of money he had acquired in the business,
Just then, his phone rang, he picked the phone and glanced at the screen,
It was Chief Daniel, he stared at it for some minute thinking of what could have triggered the sudden call from Chief Daniel who had been avoiding him for some month now,
He knew quite well that the reason why Chief Daniel had been avoiding him was because of the way he takes the lion share of the money made out of the illegal business they does together,
He let out a smirk before picking picking the call,
“Hello, my good friend.. long time oo” Chief Gabriel greeted immediately he picked the call,
“Yeah.. long time, please can we see in my office, i have something very important i want us to discuss, can you come?” Chief Daniel asked,
“We are friend?.. so why would i say no to your appeal, expect me in no distant time, ok?.. but seriously this your invite is somehow suspicious oo” Chief Gabriel said in a jovial tone,
“Are you afraid??” Chief Daniel said in a joke tone,
“Afraid of who??… you??… haaha, i’m coming there now prepare something for me oo” Chief Gabriel said before hanging the call,
He stood up, walked into the bathroom, dressed up then took his car key and walked out,
Chief Daniel and Chief Gabriel could be seen in Chief Daniel’s office, they were both sitting on the couch facing each other, a table was in their front with wine on it,
“So what is the reason for your invitation, you know it has been long we stayed this way, you have just been avoiding me for a long time” Chief Gabriel said siping the wine in,side the tumbler he was holding,
“There is a business I want us to do” Chief Daniel said,
“Hmmmm… Business… What business is that” chief Gabriel asked in a curious tone
“There is a man I want us to traffick” Chief Daniel said,
“Wow.. Is this you??… Seriously I don’t understand… The chief Daniel I know would never inform me of this kind of thing… Are you sure there’s nothing I need to know??” chief Gabriel said staring at Chief Daniel with a suspicious eyes,
“Ermm… I know all this is suspicious, but to be sincere I really need us to pull this deal” Chief Daniel said.
“Tell me…what is your reason for wanting to traffic the young man” Chief Gabriel request adjusting his sitting position,
“The young man is a barrier to the progress of my son…. I mean… He is the one hindering my son from getting married to his heart desire” Chief Daniel explained
“Hmm.. That’s nice.. You really made a good decision, trafficking him would make us earn some cool cash” Chief Gabriel said grinning from ear to ear
“So when can we plan the deal? ” chief Daniel asked siping the wine which he had seem to forget all this while,
“What is his name??” Chief Gabriel asked with a smile,
“His name is… ” his phone which laid on the centre table rang loudly cutting him from his speech,
He picked it up and glanced at it, it was the doctor treating his wife
He curiously picked it up,
“Hello… Okay I will be there right now!!” Chief Daniel said as he picked the call,
“Please don’t be angry, we would discuss another time.. My wife needs my attention now, OK?” Chief Daniel said to Chief Gabriel immediately he dropped the call,
“Okay see you next time” Chief Gabriel said, they both shook hand and both left,
Chief Daniel walked into the hospital hastely, his heart beat has just suddenly increased it’s pace, the feeling of anxiety was all that filled up his mind,
He entered the ward where his wife was. The doctor was standing beside her, his son was sitting on a chair beside the bed,
“What is going on here?” Chief Daniel asked immediately he entered,
Immediately his wife saw him,she sat up resting her head on the wall,
“How are you?” Chief Daniel asked feeling her temperature with the back of his palm,
“I’m feeling fine” His wife answered with a forced smile,
“She said she wants to tell you something, so I think I have to give you guys some privacy” the doctor said and walked out of the ward,
“What is it you want to tell me, my love” Chief Daniel said squatting beside her bed with his palm clutching on her own,
“Paul come nearer.. Where is your sister? Marie asked,
“She went to get you your food, she would be here in no distant time” Paul answered as he drew his seat nearer to her mother’s bed,
“We would have to wait for her, what I want to say is something that all of you would not like to be told, instead would like to hear it from the horse mouth” Marie said,
“I hope we are safe?” Chief Daniel said jokingly while they all let out a silent giggle,
After some time, Paul sister walked in with a polythene bag which contains a flask and a fruit juice,
She squeezed her face as she saw all her family sitting beside her mother,
“Hmm, why the presence of everyone here… Is there any problem?” she asked placing the bag on the table,
“Take your seat” Marie said to her,
She stared at them all one after the other with an arched brow before taking her seat beside her brother,
“I know all of you would be curious and anxious to know why I called you all at this time… Yes… Before I proceed, I want you all to prepare your mind for the secret I want to tell you all… Some of them are already known by your father, why some he doesn’t… Are you guys ready??” she asked staring at them all,
“Yes we are” they all answered o e after the other,
“What is our plan now?” Sandra asked as she dropped the bag of money on the floor in the middle of the room where they are,
They were all sitting in the room in a round position waiting anxiously for Richærd to say what he had said he want to tell them,
“We all staying here fully knows that our lives are in danger.. We all had a dark past that are bound to hunt us down in the future… So I had come up with a decision which is for us to leave this town as soon as possible… Our enemies are much more greater than us.. So staying here would be nothing but endangering our lives.. We will travel out to a far away land where we would not be found.. Where no one would really recognize us, there we would begin a new life without fear or anxiety” Richærd explained,
“That is a very good thing, seriously I had been thinking about this for a long time now.. Even Paul is also there planning something bad for us.. I think that fleeing is the best option, we can’t afford to lose anyone of us here.. So we all agree… Let’s talk on which place would be the best place to go” Cole said,
“The place I had been having in mind for a long time is a place called Nomansland in Kano state, I have a friend there, he can help us get a new and good apartment there” Richærd said,
“That us nice.. So when are we embarking on the journey?” Joy asked
“Today.. At exact 4:00pm, the journey would last till tomorrow morning, that means we would buy the things we would be needing” Richærd said,
“I pray all this would be over… I can’t wait to live a peaceful life with you” Cole said pecking joy who was sitting beside him making her blush,
“So you all should get ready, see you all till in the evening” Richærd said while they all departed.
To be continued.

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