Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 26

Silence lingered in the atmosphere as they all placed their gaze on Marie who was lying sitting at the edge of the bed,
Their expression was a full description of curiosity, their minds wandered in thought as they waited in patient for what Marie had to tell them,
Marie breathed down heavily before beginning…
“These secret I want to tell you all is something I would have like if I keep it to myself, but that would not be good because it may cause harm in the future… She paused then glanced at each of them before proceeding.. Paul.. Mary!!” She called out,
“Yes” they both answered..
“Since you were little till now, you saw me as your mother, and saw Daniel here as your father.. But the truth us that she aren’t your parent” Marie threw the first bombshell which sent a great shock on the both except Daniel who already knew,
“Daniel here knew about it, we both agreed to keep it as a secret and never allow you both to know about it… But that isn’t relevant anymore, you both are grown up, you are supposed to know how you came into this world…
Now the other one I have to say now goes to Daniel.. Please, I decided telling you this because I felt like… Because I found out that you love me so much, so I think I have to open up to you my little secret,
You know my marrying you was totally against my wish because I was in love with another guy then, I was forced by my parent to get married to you because of your wealth, I was really heartbroken then, I was angry with everyone including my parent, I felt a very deep hatred for you.. I planned to kill you many times, but my mind wasn’t hærden to do it.. Then after I told one of my friend of my predicament, she adviced me that the only thing I could do to revenge on you for making me marry you was never getting pregnant to you… I found the advice so good and nice, then I began taking a conception drug which prevented me from getting pregnant,
Later on, on a fateful morning, I started feeling some kind of feeling like fever, I stated vomiting, quickly I went to the hospital for a test and the test announced me pregnant,
You can’t imagine the kind of shock I got that day, I kept thinking of what to do.. How I even got pregnant was even like a mystery to me,
I felt very angry anytime you smile at my stomach, your happiness that I was pregnant for you made me always angry… The way you always touch my belly smiling sheepishly made my hatred rise a hundred folds,
I went to that friend of mine the second time,
After telling her my condition, she advised me to exchange the baby with a dead one after birth, the advise seem somehow bad for me… I suddenly started feeling pity for you who had been longing to have a baby for a long time,
But the friend if mine encouraged me on it, she made me believe I was doing the right thing, she said that you deserved it.. I later agreed on it.. That’s how I set the plan and connive with the doctor, he helped me to get a baby who was very sick and would later die and exchanged it with my baby who was a boy, the doctor begged me for him to take the child home and train him, as he said he was looking for a child, I agreed on the condition that I would be coming to see him at interval,
I personally named the child “Richærd”… I also gave him a mark at the back of his ear in case of the future,
Your weeping and wailing was just like a song and laughter to me, my mind was much hærdened that I felt no pity for you.
All my crying and wailing was just a pretend, my tears was a crocodile tears,
After more years later, it happened again, I became pregnant, the sort frustration I was wasn’t something that can be said with mere words,
I come in conclusion to give the baby to any woman in the hospital who lost her child and tell you that the child died in,side my belly.
After i gave birth,it was a twins, a boy and a girl, I named them Daniel and Joy and also gave them the mark at the back of their ear,
I gave them to the doctor who took them away then announced to you that my child died in my womb.
So what I want you to know today is that we have three child out there in the world” Marie concluded with flood of tears gushing down her eyes,
“If the both of you are not our parent, then who is our parent??.. who are we??..” Paul asked with his both eyes covered with tears which he refused from falling,
“Why did the both of you hide this such thing from us all this while, han.. w—hy?” Mary asked and broke into tears,
“I’m sorry… but it is the decision of your Daniel that we should adopt a child” Marie said sniffing, her heart was now so heavy with grief and regret,
She could not help but cursed herself for being that much wicked and heartless to Daniel, the feeling of pity clouded her mind as she saw the expression of Daniel who just stated at the empty space dumbfounded, his expression was unexplainable,
“I’m so much sorry for the pain I caused you… I allowed wickedness rule me, you are not throne at fault for marrying me, as everyman would do that’s what you did, you never forced me to marry you, I had thought I was doing the right thing… I don’t just know what to say, but please all I need from you is your forgiveness… my mind had not been in peace since all these years, my conscience never made me rest, all the day, I would be having different dreams, please.. forgive me” Marie said to Daniel then climbed down from the bed and made to kneel down,
“No…… stand up… just stand up.. have your seat” chief Daniel said lifting Marie up to her feet,
“No… I wont .. till you forgive me” Marie said struggling back to her kneel,
“You don’t need to kneel down before I forgive you… I had lived you starting from the first day I met you.. I can’t hate you now because of the past, I feel the pain you feel now.. all that happen is now termed as things of the past, after all it was the devil’s handwork so we can’t punish men for that…. I still love you” Chief Daniel said and hugged her tightly, they both had their eyes watered with tears,
“Thank you so much for forgiving me… I feel very relief now, seriously now I see the good heart in you…now I saw we are meant to be together, I will always love you and be faithful to you” Marie said calmly hugging him more tightly.
“So what about us?” Mary asked wedding her palm,
“Oh… you see… you both are still our kid even if we we are not your biological parent” Chief Daniel said to them as they broke from the hug,
“Please there is one more thing… I don’t know ooo but I’m just feeling we should check on that Richærd, Sandra’s boyfriend” Chief Daniel said suddenly,
“What do you mean?… are you trying to say or insinuate that he may be your missing son???” Paul retorted angrily,
“We haven’t conclude, but you know this world is small… it may be him,who knows” Chief Daniel explained,
“I do t understand you anymore.. you know that guy you’re trying to check on is our enemy, have you suddenly forgotten??” Paul blurted staring at chief Daniel in a disgusting expression,
“I don’t care… if I check him and found out him to be my son, I will not hesitate to take him home and treat him nice and even beg him for forgiveness” Chief Daniel said,
“Please check him…I pray he should be him, I really wants to see my son and also beg him for forgiveness” Marie said
Chief Daniel pecked her then left ,
To be continued

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