Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 28

Richærd woke up at exact 5:00 in the evening, he yawned widely then stretched his body,
He walked out of the room and head downstairs,
Sandra and joy was sitting in the sitting room watching a movie and chatting happily,
Immediately Sandra sighted him a wide smile crossed her l-ips, her heartbeat rate increases it’s pace due to the joy which eloped her heart that moment,
“How are you girls?” Richærd said with a broad smile as he sat closely with Sandra,
“How could you sleep this long.. It seem you had a sleepless night?” Sandra asked,
“Yeah… There are many things troubling me yesternight” Richærd answered with a drawn face,
“What could be troubling you” Sandra asked with a soothing tone,
“I can’t really tell.. It is something strange to me, I…” Richærd paused and bent his head down in frustration,
Sandra wrapped her arm around his neck and drew him closer to her body making his head rest on her chest,
“What is the problem?” Sandra asked calmly,
Just then, Cole walked downstairs stretching his arm widely as he yawned,
“What is happening there?” He asked in am amusing tone,
He sat with Joy and quickly wrapped her passionately just the same way Richærd and Sandra were,
“There is something I found out which I truly want to tell you all, it is confusing to me” Richærd said as he broke off from Sandra’s arm,
“What is it?” Cole asked while the others stared at him with an anxious expression,
“Joy” he called
“Yes” She answered,
“Do you know the significance of that mark at the back of your ear?” Richærd asked
” You mean this?” Joy asked pointing at the mark at the back of her ear,
“Yeah… Do you know the reason why the mark is there?” Richærd asked with an inqusitive tone,
Joy waited for some minute trying to get the question,
The word which a Doctor Who she knew nothing about bad said to her about the mark when she was little rang through her memory,
The doctor had once visited them one morning, after discussing with her parent he had called in a corner,
“That mark at the back of your ear is a birth mark… It was marked by your real mother… You have two other siblings which also had the same mark.. One of them Is your twins, the other one is your senior brother.. Any time in life you ever see anyone with that same mark you had, then you have to know that person is your brother” The doctor had told her,
She had wanted to inquire more information about what he said, but just then her parent came, so he couldn’t say further,
After waiting for many years for the doctor to come again and couldn’t see him, she decided to forget about that thing totally,
She stared keenly at Richærd, trying to get his mindset through his facial expression, but she couldn’t get anything as his expression was totally blank,
“Do you know anything about the mark?” Richærd asked again as he saw she was not answering,
“Ermmm… Y–es” She stuttered,
“What is that?” Richærd asked with a tone taint with happiness.
“According to a doctor, I was told that the mark is a birthmark and that anyone I sees with the same mark is my sibling” Joy answered while Richærd eyes immediately popped out and his mouth left agape in surprise,
“What do you mean?” Richærd asked with a side smile,
“You heard me right.. But why are asking?” Joy asked,
“Look here?” Richærd said with a grin as he turned the back of his ear for her to get a clear view of the mark,
“Whaaaat!!!….So you are brother!!!” Joy scre-med running into a hug with Richærd who spread out his arm for her,
“So you are my sister… I can’t just believe how?” Richærd asked as he tightened the hug,
“Those people we called our parent aren’t them” Joy said in a calm voice,
“So who are they?” Richærd asked as he broke off the hug,
“I myself don’t even know” Joy answered,
“Wait ooo.. What is happening here?” Sandra asked with a raised brow,
“She is my real sister!!” Richærd answered letting out a wide smile,
“Wow.. This is great, so we are having two family here” Cole said smiling
“I can’t stop smiling..i feel… ” Joy paused and held her chest with her both palm as an uncontrollable laughter erupted her lip,
“What is amusing you?” Cole asked grinning widely,
“It seems so hærd for me to believe the sort of thing happening here… Firstly, we found out that Sandra and Cole are siblings then now, it is the both of us, so.. How do you see this?..isnt it amusing?” Joy said amidst laughter,
“I don’t know what to truly say in this matter… It is truly strange” Cole said
“Okay.. But the unsolved puzzle here now is who is our real parent?” Richærd asked crossing his arm akimbo as he stared at each of them with an arched brow,
“Ermm… I myself… I am very confused at that side, I can’t tell where my parent are” Sandra said with a drawn face,
“Like I said before… I can’t tell, if my parent are dead or alive, because I was abandoned in the street at a tender age” Joy said in a meek tone,
“Okay then, we would have to wait for things to reveal itself” Richærd said and slumped heavily on the couch,
“Let’s bring the food, I know you and Cole must be hungry by now” Sandra said and walked out with Joy following her at the back,
***In Chief Gabriel apartment***
Sitting around a circular glass table was Angela, Chief Gabriel, David, Dr Mike and at last Paul who had joined their team, all of them had their gaze rested on Paul who was operating on a system on the table,
“The location is not protected but it would take us some time to get their location as where they are now is very much far from here” Paul explained as he shut down the system and face them.
“So what would we do now, because I am so desperate to hunt those fools down” Sandra said with a stern face
“But.. Paul, what truly made you want to hunt those people down for us.. I mean.. According to what you said to us.. Richærd is your brother because you both had the same father” David asked
“Please… For Christ sake.. You people should never called that fool my brother” Paul snarled in an irritating tone,
“It is okay… So when are we expecting the result of their location?” Chief Gabriel asked,
“The exact time is unspecified… But this week or next week could tell what how the result would be” David said with a proud nod…
It was 6:50am the next day, Richærd woke up feeling some kind of strange s-nsation all over his body, he slowly pushed off Sandra head off his chest and stood up,
He walked a little bit forward then staggered backward and fell on the bed,
His head was really pounding him furiously, his wh0le body was dripping out sweat which drenched his shirt, his body temperature had also increased,
He stood up and staggered downstairs, he reached the sitting room and slumped hærdly on the couch,
Just then, a knock sounded at the door, Richærd felt his heart beat loudly and faster, he couldn’t tell who could possibly be at the door at that time,
After sometimes, he walked towards the door, as he made to twist the door knob downward so as to open the door, his subconscious mind scre-med at him warning him not to,
He breathed down heavily to calm his nerve before turning the knob and the door crack opened,
Standing at the doorpost was no mother person than his worst nightmare, a person he never wanted to see that moment, someone he had never wanted to see the glimpse of the image,
It was no other person than….
To be continued

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