Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 30

Episode 30
Richærd couldn’t really explain what he felt after reading the message, it just looks so absurd and awkward to him, he really found it very hærd believing the message was coming from Clara, all the years he had spent with Clara he had come to realize only one thing about her, she was a freaking desperate lady who would do everything possible to get what she want, but at that, she was a devoted christian,
The Clara he knew was someone who was meek and emotional but by this message which she just sent, he was sure of something fishy, there is something about her he was yet to know,
All these years he had not been with her he was sure there must be something hidden underneath,
“what about Mike, did he really did all those things Clara said he did?, what if she was just lieing, she doesn’t in any way look like someone who had passed through any suffering or pain.. how did she even know i was living here?, how did she even get to know I was living here ?” all these thought ran through his mind as he layed on his bed with his face upward staring at the rotating fan,
” I need to see her right away, we really has much to discuss” Richærd mussed to himself before jerking off from the bed,
He head straight to the en- suit and quickly brushed his teeth, then took a quick bath before walking out after tying a towel round his wa-ist,
He walked to his wardrobe and took out a shirt and a blue jeans trouser and placed it carefully on the bed,
He wore his boxer then a singlet, just as he made to put on the cloth on the bed, he heard a soft knock on his door, he knew instantly that it was no body other than Sandra ,as he knew fully well that it was only Sandra that would be the first person to check on him immediately Clara must have left,
He quietly and slowly took his cloth which was on the bed and carefully hid it under the pillow before walking to the door to open it, like he thought, it was Sandra standing at his doorstep with a tray of coffee in her hand,
” Wow. . is that for me??” Richærd asked with a grin while Sandra carefully kept the tray on the tray beside his bed smiling,
” How are you feeling now?” Sandra asked with a concerned tone ,
” Ugh. . Was i sick ??” Richærd asked totally forgetting he had told them he had headache before leaving the sitting room to avoid Clara,
” You said you are having headache recently. . so that’ s what i’ m asking to know how you are feeling now. . . but .. . where you lying that you had headache when you never had ??” Sandra asked with a questioning expression
” Oh. . you mean. . okay. . that’s true, i was having a little headache but it had faded away” Richærd lied with a forced smile scratching his right temple,
” How then do you just suddenly forget you had headache ? have you taken any drug??” Clara inquired staring at him with an arched brow,
” Ermm. . . I- i. . “
” Why do you feel uncomfortable around that lady who just visited us??” Sandra interjected with both arms akimbo,
” uncomfortable??” Richærd asked befuddled,
” Richærd!” Sandra called placing her arm around his neck,
” I am a lady who is very much good in studying someone. . I know you so well. . i know when you are angry. . i knows when you are sad . . . i also knows when you are hiding something away from me. . Richærd !.. i know there is something about that lady who just visited. . there is something you know about her that you are hiding from me. .. why!! . . what is that thing that you find hærd in telling ??. . what is that??” Sandra asked peering deeply into his eyes ,
Richærd stared at her dumbfounded, he could not ascertain what his heart was telling him that moment,
Telling her about Clara was something he feared could bring some kind of trouble in his life, he knew that thing would actually go wrong if he opens up everything to her , he is even yet to know the real colour of Clara ,
” Sandra. . i’ m not hiding anything from you . . i don’ t know that lady , she is our neighbour in this place, how do you expect me to know her when we just moved down here not long ago ” Richærd said in a calm voice ,
” Ok, then why did you lied of having headache?” Sandra asked with a narrow gaze,
” Umm. . . i don ‘t feel like staying with that lady for a long time. . you know. . . she is just so materialistic and. .. “
” It’ s okay forget about that. . . take this coffee and wait a little, the breakfast will be ready in no distant time” Sandra said with a calm smile,
“Okay, no problem” Richærd muttered under his breathe,
“Ehen, .. I will be going to visit someone now, so I can’t take anything till I comes back” Richærd said immediately,
“Really?.. can I know the place?” Sandra asked turning her back facing him,
“Going to a Friend’s house” Richærd answered with a smile,
“Friend???… when did you get thus friend which i don’t know about?” Sandra asked inquisitively.
“Hmm… I… am going to see that friend of mine who brought us here..” Richærd lied with a forced smile.
“I pray you are saying the truth” Sandra muttered loudly before walking out of the room,
Richærd’s breached out loudly as she left, he was really sure she did not believe what he said, he was sure she doubted him and he was really troubled for lying .
“Sandra I’m very sorry for lying to you but I really need to.. you may not understand” Richærd mussed then took out his cloth and wore it then grab his phone before heading out of the room,
The road was less busy as every one could have went to their working place that early morning, Richærds mind was really clouded with different thought as he drove speedly along the main road, he was overwhelmingly surprised and stunned at what could be the in,side Clara’s cupboard, what does she want from him? .. why would she want them to see him after that heinous act which she committed?… why does she even came back to his life at this moment of his life, why now that he wants to start a new life with Sandra the lady after his heart,
As he drove to the place through the address in his phone he made up his mind to end everything between him and Clara that very day, the truth is that he no more have any feelings for her, all the feelings had died that very day he saw Sandra,
In no distant time, he finally reached his destination which was a gigantic building enclosed with a very large black gate and an electrified walls which circled round the house,
He was about to hoot his car horn when the gate automatically gave way revealing a paradise, a house which word can’t overly describe how beautiful it was,
Richærd drove straight to the garage and packed his car in the remaining space as everywhere in,side the garage were filled with fleet of cars,
Immediately Richærd hoped out of the car, a sudden gasp of surprise escaped his l-ips, the house in his front was nothing to compare with, it could be classified as a heaven on earth, it was a tall storey building which was painted with a creamy colour, beautiful flowers surrounded it, the wh0le flour was interlocked, truly Richærd found himself speechless, he could not help but wonder if he was in the right place,
How did Clara got this kind of huge amount of money to have this type of house if it was really hers,
Richærd was still gazing at building really lost in surprise when he felt a warm arms clung around his wa-ist, He quickly turned sharply only to get his l-ips locked with someone’s l-ips, before he could realize what was happening he was already k-ssing her, he tried struggling off his l-ips but it seems so difficult,
With much force he succeeded in unlocking his l-ips, his expression was full of surprise as he stared at Clara who was also staring at him deep into his eyes,
“What is the meaning of that nonsense you just did?” Richærd asked with an arched brow as his heart beat faster,
“What do I did?” Clara asked with a shrug,
“What you did??.. Are you trying to pretend or what?… Why did you k-ss me?” Richærd asked getting alittle bit upset,
“Is there any thing wrong in k-ssing you?” Clara asked back with a lopsided smile,
“I don’t have time for your irritating question.. say what you want to say because I don’t have much time here” Richærd seethed
“Let’s go in,side, we can’t talk standing here, come in,side” Clara beckoned stretching fort her hand for him to hold,
“I don’t need to hold your hand before I can walk, so keep on going while I followed you behind” Richærd retorted rolling his eyes,
“Why acting rude towards me?” Clara asked as she walked towards the porch, all she could hear from Richærd was a loud hiss,
Another sudden gasp escaped his l-ips the second time as he saw the interior design of the house, he was overwhelmingly dumb founded, he found it hærd believing this house is owned by the Clara he knew,
“Have a sit” Clara beckoned as they got to the sitting room,
“Please be fast about what you have to say, I don’t want my fiancee to get worried of my whereabout” Richærd said and sat down slowly on the sofa
“Who is your fiancee?” Clara asked with a calm voice,
“If you care to know, that lady that came out that day you visited is my fiancee, so be fast with what you have to say, I dont want her to be worried” Richærd retorted
“Do you really love that lady that much?” Clara asked while Richærd let out a scoff,
“I love her more than you can ever think of, she is just like my breath,
I can’t really do without her” Richærd answered with a wide grin,
“So you don’t want me back, so you have started your life with another lady?” Clara asked with a wrinkled on her forehead,
“Clara! I don’t know what you are insinuating, do you expect me to fold my hand and wait for you till now” Richærd asked with a calm voice
“Why didn’t you care to know my state after that act I did?… Why did you abandoned me to my fate.. Why did you let me suffer all alone?” Clara asked with a crack voice which shows she was close to tears,
“Clara!… I’m sorry for not caring of your whereabout… But.. What about you?.. Why didn’t you care to call me?.. Why did you also ignore me? After you cheated on me, you never called me or apology, I waited for your call back then, I was really ready to accept you back, I was ready to forgive you then but you ignored me.. Why?..” Richærd asked staring at her with pity, he could see the real Clara now, he could see the emotional lady who he had fell in love with back then, the lady he had always want to be with all the rest of his life,
“It wasn’t intentionally.. I never wanted to ignore you, I love you so much, I missed you so much, I miss your care, I miss your affectionate words which always make me blush, I never knew what came over me that made me to cheat on you, I’m very sorry, i was tricked, I’m very ashamed of my self… Please..” Clara paused then went down to her knee,
“No, no, no, stand up, you don’t have to knee down for me, please stand up” Richærd shunned pulling her up,
“I’m not getting up from here if you don’t forgive me.. Richærd please forgive me, my heart is never at rest since all this months, all my riches means nothing without you, I…. “
“Stop!!!…. Get up, I’ve forgiven you okay, stand up” Richærd interjected drawing her up into a tight hug,
“I’m so sorry for all you have passed through, you deserve the best” Richærd said in a soothing tone,
“What happened all these while I left you? How did you acquired all this wealth?.. How did…”
“Sit down, I’m gonna explain everything to you in detail” Clara interrupted, while they both sat on the sofa facing themselves..
To be continued

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