Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 31

Written by Humble Smith
“Right from that day you left me, I came to realize that I have just losed something rare, I found out that I’ve done the greatest mistake of my life, I came to believe the say that “you don’t value what you get until you lose them, yes I never valued you until I losed you, before you caught me having s€× with your best friend, I had got the feeling that something was gonna go wrong today,
That was not the first time I will be having s€× with him, I had been cheating on you for a month, It wasn’t my full choice, like I said before, I was tricked.. yes… your friend MIKE tricked me, hmm, Mike made me believe he loved me, the few month after you left me he made me feel on top of the world, he showered so much love on me that I would sometimes even forgot me and you ever had anything in common, but it never last, yeah.. just a month later I started suspecting some kind of change from him, he hærdly calls me the way he used to, sometimes he do intentionally ignore my calls, even to visit was now rare, I was deeply disturbed, all I had always prayed for was to get married to you but I don’t know what kept on drawing me closer to him, I was really happy the day he proposed to me, I felt on top of the world, my joy really knew no bound, at last I was going to get married, but it hadn’t reached up to a month he proposed to me, he started ignoring me, his attitude towards me began to change, sometimes u do pick courage and confront him, but what do I receive, a sweet lie.. He would start feeding me with believable lies that I wouldn’t hesitate believe, I love him so much that I never tried accepting the fact that he would be cheating on me,
Then one fateful morning, I decided to take the bull by the horn, i decided to track him, I was bent on knowing his hidden secrets, I decided to give him an unexpected visit, on reaching there I found the shock of my life, in the sitting room was Mark and a lady I had never seen smooching in the couch, they were so much engrossed in their act that they didn’t even take notice of my presence,
The kind of pain that surge through my heart that moment was immeasurable, I found my leg quivering in fright as I prayed that what I instantly saw should be a dream, Is this the Guy I had been preparing marriage with?.. Is this someone I choose over Richærd?? ” All this thought ran through my mind as hot tears rushed down furiously,
I stood there for a very long time contemplating on what next to do.. What was I to do when the man I had in mind to spend my life with is here enjoying himself with another woman? What was I to do when I had just received the biggest blow of my life, I tried scre-ming but no sound was able to come out of my l-ips, my wh0le body kept shivering profusely, my legs became weak making it hærd for me to keep standing, before I could make any movement i found myself crashing on the tiled floor as a loud cry escaped my l-ips, my heart became so much heavy, the pain was becoming unbearable for me,
I turned my gaze to Mark and the strange lady, they both had the same expression, an expression of scorn, I had thought I would get a little pity from Mark but with the expression on his face I knew that pity was very much far away from him,
“What are you doing here?” He had asked with a gawk stare,
I opened my mouth to say a word but it was still difficult, the shock I was in had created a huge lump in,side my throat so no word was able to come out, I just stared at him with a teary eyes praying to get a soothing word from him,
“Are you deaf?.. I said what are you doing in my house at this moment of the day… Who invited you?” He snarled with a twisted fist, I could see the anger burning in him, he was a real description of a hungry lion ready to devour it’s prey,
“Honey, who is the filthy bitch here?” the strange lady asked sneering at me
“Oh, don’t stress yourself about this desperate slut here.. You know how desperate all these poverty stricken lady could be.. She is one of those gold digger who drools around rich and handsome guys like me.. Don’t stress yourself.. Go upstairs to my room I will treat her myself ok?” Mark said in a soothing voice before placing a soft k-ss know her l-ips,
They both smiled sweetly at eachother before she turned and head upstairs after giving me a glare.
“Why do you came to my house without my consent?” He asked me this time with a little bit calm voice
I slowly sat up from the floor I was laying on then sluggishly walked to the couch and slumped on it heavily,
“Mark! why?” I asked with a horsey voice which I had suddenly gotten due to the much amount of tears I had she’d,
“What do you mean by that question?” He asked back with an arched brow
“Why are you doing this to me?.. Why!!” I half yelled with more tears rushing down,
“See, Clara.. I’m sorry for not telling you this earlier but I had got a change of mind about our relationsh¡p, I don’t harbour any more feelings for you.. I am sorry you are finding this out this way, but this is the fact, it is over between the both of us, get that into your skull ok?” Mark said with a finality tone,
My world came crashing in my feet, all I had planned for my life became a history, the kind of matrimonial life I had wished for became an unfulfilled dream, I tried scre-ming but the same lump came up again,
“Please let what you just told me be a joke.. Please” I pleaded calmly,
“If you are having the thought that what I just told you is a joke then that us your own cup of tea, the earlier you start getting adapted to it the better for you, so take your clumsy self out of here as earlier as you can” Mark said and turned to head upstairs, with a state of heartbreak I rushed at him and grabbed one of his leg pleading to him with all my heart,
Just then, the unexpected happened, Mark started beating me mercilessly, the strange lady also came downstairs and joined hand in trashing me, after they were full, they left me and walked back to the room upstairs,
After crying fir a long time, I picked my miserable self up and left the house, I can’t explain how I felt that day, it was an appalling and regretful day in my lifetime,
After that day, I changed into an introvert, I turned back to my secluded life harbouring the pain in my heart all to my self,
A month later, I heard that Mark was about to Wed that lady, with much fury and anger I stumped to Mark’s house, on reaching there I grabbed him by his collar and pushed him hærdly on the floor, he was so much shock by my act that he just stood there gazing at me with his mouth agape,
“Mark!!!… You destroyed my life, my destiny, my dreams, all I have harboured, you destroyed it and crashed it on the floor, now you wants to begin your own life beautifully with the lady you love after what you did to me.. I’m sorry, it’s not gonna work out for you, i will never stay alive and see you get married, if you think I’m joking then try me!!!!” I scre-med and dashed out of the house,
The next day, he came to my house pleading for forgiveness,
He told me we have to run down to this state, he told me that his parent was the people who forced him to get married to that lady, he said it was not his wish to marry her, the way he said those words made me moved in pity and I foolishly agreed,
We travelled together to this state, at the middle of no where, he suddenly let the car to halt then brought out a pistol and placed it on my temple then ordered me out of the car, with great horror and fright I walked out, it was getting dark so I couldn’t tell where I was,
I thought he would leave me and go like that but he did the unexpected, he raped me!!… he raped me without mercy,
 that I started bleeding,
He left me lying there in pain,
I thought I was dead, I thought I was dead!!! because the pain I was feeling was really unbearable,
Just the next day I found myself in a gigantic building with group of boys surrounding me,
to cut it short, I found out they were a notorious gang, Ilater joined them and there I was transformed from a fragile lady to a beast, I became a ruthless lady with a strong heart, immediately I tracked Mark and brought him here,
“look” Clara beckoned and pressed a button, the center of the room opened and a swivel seat elevated, sitting on it was Mark brutally beaten almost to the point of death..

To be continued

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