Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 32

Richærd countenance transformed from his normal expression to that filled with horror and fright as his gazed fell on the figure tied on the chair in front of him, his wh0le body suddenly went limp that moment, his palm became sweaty with his leg quivering, he could not just believe what he saw, his heart truly went deep in pain sorrow and passion as he stared pitifully at Mark who was between life and death, to be sincere if anyone had ever for once in his life told him that the Mark which he had made friend with long ago would ever been in this condition through his lifetime he would never believe, Mark was someone he knew of being swift and clever, always finding his way out from any trouble or complicated situation he find himself, he was a guy full of life doing things the way he wants without retrain, they had became friend when they were still a very young teen, when they were still in their high school, they were always seen together all through their school years even after they graduated, they were just so inseparable, Mark was someone Richærd had always look upon revealing every of his secret to him without doubt, he had trusted him with all his heart, that day he found Mark having s€× with his fiancee was a very terrible day, the day he would never for once in his life ever forget because that was what he had never expected, if it had being another guy that he had found with his fiancee it would had been a little bit bearable but it being his friend not just a mere friend but a very tight one, a childhood friend,
it was really a great shock of his life.
Staring at the hopeless and motionless Mark at his front all these memories flashed through his mind making him get infuriated, much fury and anger was trying to boil up in,side him but with the way Mark stayed limp he was forced to move in pity and mercy, the past years of togetherness and love he had shared with Mark made him have a great pity for him, there is no doubt that nemesis had just caught up with him but to Richærd it was way too much for him,
With a quivering legs and heavy heart, Richærd walked closer to where Mark was and raised up his head which was sagged downward,
a sudden gasp of fright loosed out from his l-ips as he got a clear view of Mark’s state, all over his face were covered with bruise and deep cuts, both of his eyes were very much swollen, his upper l-ips was no where to be found anymore, coming to his ear, the right one was also missing, with the way Mark was tat moment one would hærdly believe he was still alive, if not for his heart which was pounding slowing there is no difference between him and a corpse,
A stream of hot tears rolled down from Richærd’s eyes down to his chest due to how much he was really touched, this was what he would never wish for anyone talk more of his tight friend whom he loved so much.
“Who did this to him?” Richærd asked facing Clara who sat cross legged on the couch with an expression void of pity,
That is his reward for toiling with an innocent soul” Clara answered with a stern face,
“We have to take him to the hospital or he will die here” Richærd said as he glanced back at the motionless Mark
Clara stood up then walked over to a cupboard which was at the corner of the sitting room them brought out a syringe and an ampoule,
“What are you using that for?” Richærd asked inquisitively,
but received no answer from her.
Clara took the syringe and drained all the content in,side the ampoule into it then ins**ted the syringe into Mark’s arm injecting all the content into his arm,
“What was that for?” Richærd asked again with curiosity,
“That would make him regain consciousness” Clara answered then walked to the faucet and washed her palm,
“What do you wants to do with him?” Richærd asked again
feeling pity
“Kill him!”Clara answered dryly then walked to the side of the room, while Richærd flinched at the word she just uttered,
“You say?” Richærd asked trying to understand if he truly heard her well,
“I’m gonna kill him and dispose his filthy body, people like him are not worth living” Clara answered then turned to Richærd and walked closer to him making them stand much close to themselves as if they were about to k-ss,
“Do you really mean to kill him?” Richærd breathed,
“Annoying question.. I mean every single word that comes out from my mouth” Clara answered folding her arm,
Richærd stared at her confusedly as he could no longer find any other word to tell her,
“Richærd!” Clara called out resting her gaze deep into his eyes,
“Yes” Richærd answered
“Do you hate me?” Clara asked
“I don’t hate you, but i hate what you had turned into” Richærd replied,
“If you could hate me for what I had become what of the person that made me turn into it?”
“But it isn’t too late to change” Richærd said tilting his head sideways
“Really??.. Can we begin afresh?.. can everything become as it was at the beginning??.. Please can you just tell me yes.. do you mean I can be your wife and lover again?” Clara said with her eyes glistened with unshedded tears,
“ that’s isn’t what I meant, I mean you can still change and begin your life newly like a normal human being, you can still change and become that lady I knew you of, you can still turn back to a new leaf as a meek Christian you were before, you will surely find another man who would love and cherish you like a rare gem, you still has a long way to go, you are still young and fresh, you….
“Stop saying those gibberish to me!.. just stop!!! do you even know what you are saying??.. how do you expect me to… do you.. know I… I… love you.. I can’t do without you.. you are just like my breath which I can’t do without. do you still care about my feelings, why are you so selfish?.. you have find your true lover which is Sandra right?.. then you no longer cares about me, if I’m still in existence, why do you want to end everything between us just like that, after all this years of our relationsh¡p, do you know how much I had passed through all this years without you, all this years I have to leave my body for Mark to devour his s€×ual urge on it, day and night I do think of you, praying we would get to see layer in life, that was my prayer from the day you left without me without returning, I had thought you would come over for an explanation, months passed and I couldn’t see you anywhere closer,
I couldn’t come over to your house because that fool Mark kept under lock, he put me into house arrest, I don’t think you understand me.. After all this while of searching for you fruitlessly I later find you, how do you expect me to let you slip my grip, I..I love you so much Richærd, the last thing that I can ever allow to happen is leaving you for another Lady” Clara said in a finality tone and a serious expression,
Richærd could not help but flinch at the word that just blurted out from Clara’s l-ips, now he was understanding the situation he was.. he was now getting the message clearly, Clara had come back to begin a new history between them, this time she was now really determined, he could sense the trouble lurking around the corner,
“Clara I’m leaving.. don’t come after me anymore, it is over between us, for the sake of peace please stay away from me and anything related to me!!” Richærd retorted then turned to leave,
“Where are you going to?” Clara asked then slumped on the couch,
“I’m leaving here of course, I can see you don’t have a better thing to say” Richærd answered without looking back or halting, he walked to the door and twisted the knob but the door refused to open, he tries again this time putting much effort but it did not made any cracking sound talk more of giving way,
“Open this door, I’ve to leave, I had wasted much time here” Richærd said still facing the door,
“My name is Claret a beast in human form, a women with the heart of stone, I am cold and heartless, many soul had been wasted by me, many had been disabled, I’m the lady which sends fear to her opponent, I don’t care who are killed or pained what I’m after is achieving my goal and aim. that us what I’ve turned into but at that u can’t stop loving you alone, I was taught to be mean and blank, killing with no retrain,
Richærd!… with the way you are behaving I’m sure you are yet to know me fully well.. I don’t take shit from anyone, come here let’s discuss everything out or you would live to regret your actions” Clara said sternly
“What do you want us to discuss huh?.. you were once a devoted Christian having the aim of attaining heaven.. you were calm and meek, your beauty surpasses all, you were as gorgeous as ever, your smile are capable of making a man drool over you, everything about you was as great as ever, I saw you and instantly fell in love with you.. yeah.. I fell deeply in love with you, I did all I could do to make you mine only, you had never asked me for anything which I refused, but due to your ignorance you fell into a trap and made a huge mistake which cost you alot, yes you passed through alot but the is what is expected of, I left you and found a geniue love else where, I find my true missing rub, then we joined together and become one, after almost a year later you came back a changed human,
more sophisticated
stone hearted
you totally changed in all aspect, how do you expect me to come back to you, it is impossible, take that into your skull okay?..”
“We can still sort things out you know?”
“Let become secret lover, Let date secretly, let’s come closer to ourselves and make right all our wrongs, Let’s create another strong bond between us once again by loving each other.. it would not get to the hearing of Sandra, We would do the stuff in secret until the time when you are fully ready to send Sandra away for me to occupy..” Clara said with a little smile
“Can I leave now or are you not yet done talking” Richærd breathed.
“Well, I will give you sometime to think of this, so we can…” a loud gro-n from Mark interrupted her words, they both turned to Mark who just let out that gro-n Richærd quickly rushed closer and squat down in front of him,
“Are you okay?.. can you see me?.. how are you feeling?” Richærd asked curiously
“Rich..ard is… t..hat you?” Mark stuttered staring at him with a half closed eyes
“Yeah, Mark what happened?”
“She.. Please just save me I am in great pain, please I know that I have wronged you and her but please i need a second chance, I promise to be…
“Mark can you just shut those filthy mouth if yours!!. say your last prayer because you are going into your grave right now” Clara said with an angry tone
“Please spare my life, I promise to make it up”
“You remember what I promised you right?.. the day I will find Richærd would be the day you will leave this earth so..” She paused then brought out a pistol, before Richærd could ascertain what was happening talk more of stopping her three bullet had already find it’s way into Mark head the Floor immediately opened making Mark fall in,side while it closed , as if nothing happened,
Richærd stared at Clara in awe and shock, his hearts suddenly stopped beating he was totally shocked to the  core,

To be continued

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