Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 33

What word can be used to explain the state Richærd was that moment, to say he was shock was totally an understatement, his wh0le body suddenly went stiffened, his wh0le body quivered in much fright and horror, what just happened still seem unreal to him,but was just like a dream which he prayed silently to wake up from,
did she just shot Mark his friend??
did she just killed him??
He stared blankly at Clara his eyes w¡dened in great shock, he tilted his head side ways slowly, he was going down, his body was now so heavy and his leg now find it hærd to carry his body, he was getting dizzy, this was really more than he can bear, before he could get himself he staggered and fell down in the floor sobbing silently,
“Richærd… Richærd…” Clara called out out tapping him on his back,
“Richærd” she called again but Richærd could not answer her, he could no more talk to her or look at her in her eyes, he could not even fathom what he was feeling,
“This is Clara he know, how come.. she just killed someone with getting anywhere remorseful for it, that simply mean she had gone deep and her conscience had died totally, he was now getting afraid, if she could be able to kill Mark this easy, so killing Sandra or any other person who stand her way would not be any where hærd for her.
“get away from me!!!… leave me, get your filthy hand off me!!!” Richærd interjected angrily, his eyes filled with tears which fell freely down his cheek,
“Richærd I’m sorry” Clara pleaded staring at him with a blank expression,
“Get out from me!!, you re a devil reincarnated, why did you kill him.. why… Clara why!!” Richærd yelled with a cracking voice,
“I just told you I’m sorry, what else do you want me to do or say”
“Well..” he breathed then stood up,
“I totally hate this moment, I never knew this is where you had reached, I didn’t know, mistake is a part of Life and I believe I made a great mistake by falling in love with you once in my life, if you had dreamt of me and you coming or ever being together then that would be your greatest nightmare, never!! I say never!!! will I accept you to be my friend talk more of being my fiance again” Richærd blurted drying his tears with the back of his hand,
“You are down emotionally now, I will leave you for today but you will have to come tomorrow, we still have a lot discuss” Clara said then push a button on the device she was holding, just then the door gave way,
“Don’t forget to come when I call.. i want you to also know that no matter what I am, I will love you” Clara said in a low tone before walking upstairs,
Richærd slowly walked out of the house and dashed into his car, he ins**ted his key to ignite his car but he suddenly went weak and dizzy, he was a man with an emotional heart, without him getting angry he can’t hurt even a fly, he was someone who has a fragile heart, no matter what, Mark doesn’t deserve death, everyone does mistake, his own is not so much that he had to die,
“Clara, can you just leave my life please don’t come into me and Sandra, don’t bring asunder, stay on your own, please” Richærd muttered then ignite his car and zoomed off.
Sandra stood at the balcony with her eyes glitened with tears, she had been trying hærd to calm herself with a soothing word that Richærd is all right but still her heart could not be at rest it kept on telling her that all isn’t alright,
“Richærd where are you?? I know you are alright, but I don’t know why my heart is beating this fast, it seem where you are, you are also troubled, please just come back so we can sort things out for ourself, you have stayed so long, what could be holding you my love…” Sandra muttered to herself as more tears fall off,
Not long after, she heard the sound if his car horn outside the gate, she quickly sprang up in joy and rush to the door step,
Immediately Richærd opened the door Sandra ran into him with a tight hug,
He was down and troubled, he could not reciprocate the hug, he was feeling so sorry for Sandra because things would no longer be the same was it was before, he knew that untill Clara is dead they would not be together anymore, With what she did back there in her house he was sure of her taking Sandra’s life just to make him hers,
“Richærd.. what is wrong?” Sandra asked as she saw how lost Hale was in thought,
Richærd faced her then breathed in heavily
“I’m fine just so tired” He said then broke off from the hug, he walked into the sitting room then slumped on the sofa,
“I know everything is not alright, I know you are deeply troubled, you don’t want to tell me what it is so I believe it’s something secret so there is no problem if you don’t want to tell me, go and take your bath while I bring your food I know you must be hungry” Sandra cooed with a calm smile then pecked his cheek before leaving,
Richærd could not retain the smile that just eloped his l-ips,
“You are the best thing that has happened in my Life, I would never leave you” Richærd mussed happily before walking upstairs,
Around a circular table sat Paul, Angela, Dr Mike, David and chief Chief Gabriel they were all silently waiting for Paul to conclude what he was doing with the computer he was operating,,
“I got them!” he announced bringing smile into the l-ips of everyone except David who was so disturbed by the news,
“ohh, at last, where are they I’m so much anxious” Chief Gabriel asked rubbing his palm in excitement,
“Read this” Paul said handing a paper to him,
“This is an estate in Kano, what about it?” Gabriel asked with an arched brow,
“That’s where they are living, we can’t penetrate in there and get them without putting ourself into trouble, that place is as safe as any anything you can think of” Paul explained,
“So do you mean we are hopeless??” Angela asked with a raised brow,
“Hmmmm, we have only one option which can help us in getting them” Paul said then typed something into the system,
“What is it?” Mike asked just immediately,
“I know of a lady who can help us get them, her name is Clara” Paul said
“Clara???.. who is she?” David asked talking for the first time since the gathering
“Yeah, she is an assassin or should I say the best assassin, she lives in Kano for the main time, u get to come across her when I was scrolling through the internet one time, she is known for her clean job without mistake, many politicians and millionaire always call in her when they need someone to be filled either their opponent or any other, I think she can do this job” Paul explained with a smile,
“How sure are you that she can go into that estate to get them, like you said it is very hærd going in there” Chief Gabriel inquired
“Through her history, going through all her already carried out missions I found out that most of them had been in that estate” Paul replied
“Then we have to call on her, you all know we have to get that land filled with Crude oil at all cost” Chief Gabriel said with a lopsided smile,
“I don’t really need that land, all I need is to make sure I kill that little brat Sandra” Angela muttered to herself,
“What did you just said?” Paul inquired,
“No..thing, just forget” Angela answered with a fake smile,
That was their plan which they had hidden from Paul,
Having find out that he had feelings for Sandra, they all agreed not to let him know they were after her life, they only told him they needed Richærd to tell them the location of the land with crude oil which after that they would kill him then give Sandra to him as his wife, that was what they had told and that had made him zealous on helping them in accomplishing their mission,
“I will call her and explain everything to her, I will tell you all her reply immediately I’m done” Paul said then stood up
“Ok, so this meeting has come to an end, as we can see, we are close to our success” Chief Gabriel said while they all shook hands and left,
Not long after, they all came back this time without Paul,
“Wow guys, can you see how progressive we are becoming?” Chief Gabriel said smiling broadly,
“Yeah.. after we get them, we are done, we don’t need their parent anymore, we would force Sandra into signing this doc-ment, you know what that means?” Dr Mike said while they all laughed out loudly,
“After we get that land, can you just imagine how much rich we would be?.. we would be so rich than anyone in this country” David said smiling,
“But. Mike, how did you get Sandra’s parent signature and finger print?” Chief Gabriel asked happily,
“hmmmm don’t you trust me anymore, it was forged, I couldn’t find their past files which had their signnature or finger print” Dr.mike answered,
“I am so impressed by your intelligence” Chief Gabriel applauded
“What do you guys think about that Clara of a girl?” Dr Mike asked
“hmm, well we have to try her, I’m sure she would be able to carry out the job” Chief Gabriel replied,
“If I may ask, what are we gonna do with Paul after we succeed in getting that land and becoming rich?” David asked,
“We would just kill all of them, Sandra, Richærd, Cole, including Paul and Chief Daniel,you know they knows little of our secret so we would clear them off” Chief Gabriel said while they all laughed loudly..
To be continued

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