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Deep Affection – episode 34

Unedited \
Written by Humble Smith
Chief Daniel and Marie his wife sat together on the sofa In the sitting room, they both had their face buried in thier palm with different thought running through their mind,
“Marie, where can we find that doctor that exchanged the baby.. he is the only person who can tell us where to find our child” Chief Daniel muttered feeling depressed
“If I had knew where to find

the doctor, I could have did that long ago” Marie replied drying her eyes which were dripping down tears,
“My heart is telling me that Richard is my son, but.. I can’t find him, if only I could find him…” Chief Daniel mussed in pain,
Just then his phone rang, it was an unsaved number, he stared at it for sometime contemplating whether to pick it or not, it later stopped ringing, after some minutes,it started again,
“Hello who is on the line?”Chief Daniel asked immediately,
“Whaaaat!!!!!!” he screamed in excitement which eloped his whole system, it was unexpected, at last, with the voice he as able to foretell who was calling and it was Sandra, finding Sandra equally means finding Richard also,
he could not just believe his ear, when he had thought of losing hope of ever finding Richard Sandra suddenly called
“How are you?” Chief Daniel asked immediately with joy
“so much fine… I’m just calling to know how you are faring”
“Please i want us to see, is it possible?” Chief Daniel asked
“I don’t think so, I’m no where close to you, I’m in another state, so you see we can’t meet” Sandra answered calmly
“OK but can I know where you are now?” Chief Daniel inquired
“umm, I don’t think so, well just forget about where I’m living” Sandra replied
“Ummm, okay please are you staying with Richard?” He suddenly asked making Sandra flinch a little bit,
“I don’t understand”
“I mean are you
close to Richard?” Chief Daniel asked
“Well, I don’t know what you are insinuating, I’m living with Richard, any problem with that?”
“No.. no, there is no problem at all, I’m very happy and elated with that, you are the type of lady I want for my so…. oh just forget, i..”
“What were you about to say? ” Sandra interrupted
“Just forget ok?”
“Okay no problem, so how is Paul and Jane your children?” Sandra asked
“They are not my chil…. erm.. yeah they are fine”
“Do you just want to say they aren’t true children?” Sandra asked
“No.. no, ugh.. I.. “
“Why are you stuttering?” Sandra asked just immediately
“Can we discuss later?.. I’m feeling dizzy”
“Okay, but seriously you sound as If you are nervous to tell me something, what is that?” Sandra asked,
“Yeah, you’re right there is something I want to discuss with you but feeling really agitated”
“What is it?” Sandra asked anxiously,
‘I will tell you when I’m ready,but it would be better if we can see face to face”
“Mark that as something that can’t happen okay?… so can I hang up?” Sandra asked
“Ermm, yeah.. but is Richard fully well and healthy?” Chief Daniel asked making Sandra much surprised,
“this is totally absurd and ridiculous, why is he suddenly concerned about the well fare of Richard?” Sandra thought silently,
“Are you still there” Daniel’s voice sounded in her phone bringing her back to reality,
“Yes.. yes, bye” Sandra concluded and hunged the call,
“There is something fishy here, Why was Daniel suddenly concerned about Richard, she could sense the tone which Daniel used in asking about Richard, it was that of a caring and loving father,
“Could Daniel
be Richard’s father??” her subconscious suddenly chipped in,
“Oh no.. It can’t be, Paul is the sun of Daniel'” Sandra thought then stood up and head upstairs,
“Hi Richard wats up” Sandra greeted immediately she stepped into the room, Richard was sitting at the edge of the bed, his face buried deeply into his palm
Sandra stood at the door step watching him without him noticing,
“Clara why.. why, what have I done to you… why do you want to ruin all I had planned, why should you come at this time of my life, you are what I least expected in to my life now, not when you have changed totally into a heartless human, now I will now be forced to do what I never wished to , all because if you, Now she would have to pass through this unnecessary pain because if you, please can you just die, just die
and leave my life, I hate you with passion, can’t you understand that.. Ooh God why me..” Richard lamented with stream of hot tears dropping down his cheek,
Sandra stood staring at him with confusion written all over her face,
Oh could it be that lady that visited us some days ago, gosh who is she to you really” Sandra thought still gazing at Richard who was now shedding tears,
“Richard!!” Sandra called out immediately making Richard cringe in fright, he quickly hid his face so Sandra wouldn’t see he was crying,
“What are you doing here… when did you…”
“Richard why are you crying?” Sandra asked sitting beside him in the bed,
“I’m not cry…”
“Dont try lying because I just saw you” Sandra interrupted in a calm tone,
“Fine.. I was crying for something I can’t say, something that’s eating me deep, I love you, do you know that?”
“Yeah.. I also love you too so what is it?” Sandra asked staring at him
“Sandra for the benefit of the both of us can you just forget about why I’m crying because for me to tell you would cost a lot, just know that I will be okay, no matter what just knoq that i love you” Richard cooed and hugged her tightly,
“Is it because of Clara?” Sandra asked while Richard quickly broke off the hug and stared at her surprisely,
“Do you know anything about her?” Richard asked shocked
“She is the reason why you are crying right?”
“Yes but how did you know?” Richard asked still shocked
“Richard, our past years had been full of pains and transgression, we had passed through many difficulty and appaling situation, our love had led us through, what made you think that we can’t equally pass through this particular one, why crying like someone who had lost hope, be strong because the Richard i know is a strong man with a strong heart, cheer up okay?” Sandra said with a broad smile taking his both palm into hers,
“Sandra she wants me at all cost, she is ready to dp anything to make me her own including killing you” Richard explained,
“Look Richard, what matters most is love, she need you to love her, she needs you to be her man, she wants you beside her, but the ball is In your court, you have to choose who you wants to be with, you have to choose who your heart accepts, if you don’t love her make it clear to her by never showing her any advance of care or affection, make her know you hate her by acting cold towards her, don’t smile to her, but if you love her then that is your choice, but seriously i don’t know who that Clara of a lady is but with the way you are acting I’m sure she must be very dangerous… “
“More dangerous than you can think of, im stranded, Richard breathed resting his head on her shoulder,
“But who is she to you, I mean how did you two get to know each other” Sandra asked,
“She is my ex.. my ex fiancee” Richard breathed,
“I see, so what broke you guys up?”
“She cheated on me with my best friend” Richard replied then breathed out heavily as his mind flashed back to that very event,
“So she came back to claim you right?”
“Do you still love her?” Sandra asked immediately,
“, I hate Her totally, you re the only lady in my heart” Richard replied gazing at Sandra passionately,
“Hmmm, but why did you not tell me of her all this while?” Sandra beckoned,
“Erm… you see, I was trying to.. I don’t want you to feel disturbed, I don’t want you to be perturbed” Richard replied calmly,
“Okay then, make her know you hate her”
“She wants me and her to secret date for sometime before I send you out of my life for her to occupy, she us much desperate in getting me to herself and the worst of it is that she is an assassin” Richard said hopelessly,
“Start the secret date with her, but fall in love… act coldly to her, don’t show her love, she will later get fed up and realize that ahw can’t force someone to fall in love.. she would realise that love is choice” Sandra said with a lopsided smile,
“Thank you for understanding.. you are really a virtue woman, I can’t stop loving you” Richard said and placed a deep kiss on her lips.
it started like a peck but little by little it got more intense,
Just then Richard’s phone rang making them halt, He gazed at the screen, it was Clara.
“Clara is calling” He muttered to Sandra
” answer it”
“Hello” Richard said immediately he picked the call,
“I need you with me now please” Clara’s voice sounded
” I’m busy”
“With who?.. Sandra right?”
“No.. with something private” Richard answered,
“I give you 5 minutes to be here” Clara commanded and hung the call.
Richard turned his gaze to Sandra who stared back at him then nodded her head,
“I love you”
“I love you too”
they both hug them self tightly with stream of tears rolling down their cheeks
To be continued

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