Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 35

Written by Humble Smith
Sandra slumped on the bed in tears and heartbreak, she was totally stranded that moment, what she felt was really unbearable, Richærd was going to meet his ex fiancee in a secluded place, somewhere she knew nothing about, she was perturbed to the core as the thought of Richærd and Clara in a room flashes through her mind,
“Richærd please don’t break my heart, I trust you that’s why I allowed you to go to her” Sandra mussed then walked out of the room,
Richærd walked into Clara’s mansion straight to the sitting room, the doors were opened giving him easy access,
Immediately he entered into the sitting room Clara rushed into him with a tight hug,
“Oh I really really miss you, thanks for coming” Clara muttered amidst the hug,
“So why do you call for me?” Richærd asked breaking the hug,
“Please just sit and relax yourself with any drink of your choice, I will be back in a jiffy” Clara beckoned jovially then pecked his cheek before walking out
Richærd sat there without moving an inch to anywhere, all he want was for Clara to say what she called him for so he would leave,
Not long after, Clara walked out carrying a tray of food,
“Richærd please can you have some food” Clara beckoned calmly
“I’m not hungry and presise what made you think I will eat your food” Richærd sneered and scoffed,
“Are we enemies?” Clara asked with a drawn face
“Hmm, what then are we, incase you don’t know, my greatest enemy now is you” Richærd blurted while Clara immediately cringe with her eyes w¡dened in shock, her l-ips went agape that moment,
“Richærd do you mean what you just said” Clara asked with a crack voice like someone about to shed tears,
“Annoying question, I mean every word that comes out from my mouth” Richærd said mimicking what she had said earlier,
“Why do you hate me this much… what is my crime… please tell me, please..” Clara pleaded in a calm tone before sitting on the sofa beside Richærd,
“I hate you because you want to ruin all I had planned for, you want to destroy my joy, you..”
“Okay… Okay, now I understand, you don’t need to utter much words, I already get you.. you love Sandra, I love you, I want you for myself, I.. okay I understand, you don’t need me anymore, infact I disgust you right, you hate me because I am trying to separate you from Sandra the lady you love, okay now I know… I’m sorry” Clara said shocking Richærd
“I said I’m sorry for causing you pain, I’m sorry for being a torn on your flesh, I’m sorry for making you feel bad, please forgive me, will you?” Clara pleaded with a narrow gaze,
“Are… you for forgiveness.. I mean are you really sorry, I… “
“Richærd, this is the reason why I called you, I called you to ask for your forgiveness, all through the night I thought about these, I kept thinking of what I’m doing, I kept asking myself if forcing a guy to love you will ever make the guy fall in love with you, after much thought, I finally concluded, yeah.. I concluded to leave you for your real love, I decided to let go.. there is no gain on forcing oneself into a guy who doesn’t love you, I know I really need you andgad always wish you were mine, but things has its way of happening, I’m leaving you for your choice, I can’t force myself into you, even though I am now a heartless, cold and emotionless human I still have my pride as a woman, I still has my ego, you love her so be free to go on with her, I pray I finds my own true lover” Clara concluded then head to the dinning table leaving Richærd shocked to the core, he could not just believe his ear, it was just like a dream, what just came out from Clara’s mouth was the least expected,
Has she let go of him for real??
This was the question that popped up in his mind, even if he wants to doubt her, what could be his reason, her facial expression while saying this word was so grim and serious,
“Clara… do… you…”
“You don’t have to ask me if I’m serious, I mean, what do you take me for.. A lady who doesn’t have a single sense of dignity and respect, C’mon, how does it look like.. fighting to gain the love of someone who had told you countless times that he hates you, oh no!!.. I’m getting really ashamed of myself… what a stupidity and shamelessness, I wonder how Sandra will take me now, I wonder what she will see me as” Clara breathed with a deep sigh
“What do you mean?”
“You’ve told Sandra about me, you told her I’m you ex fiancee who wants to take you back after cheating on you… I know she will hate me now…”
“I’m sorry for telling her about you, I was just… “
“There is no need telling me you’re sorry because you’ve already done it, so what is the essence of being sorry” Clara said with a loud hiss,
She carefully opened the plate on the table,
“I had cooked this food for the both of us but I see you are not gonna eat from it, maybe because I may poison you or try anything fishy… well it’s your own cup of tea” Clara sniffed drying her eyes which was forming hot tears making her vision blurring,
As she made to take the first spoon into her mouth she felt an arm wrapped around her body from behind,
“I’m sorry for hating you… you don’t really deserve those cold treatment, don’t worry I’m eating with you okay?” Richærd said then k-ssed her cheek making a broad smile appear on Clara’s face,
“Thank you” Clara muttered still smiling like someone who won a lottery,
“Can we be friends?” Clara suddenly asked as they devour the meal,
Richærd stared at her for sometime before answering,
“I don’t understand that word”
“What don’t you understand, I said can we be friends, what is confusing there. I mean… it’s a normal question for anyone” Clara said facing her food
“But… I thought we are friends already”
“No… everything is anew now, old things are passed away, we are now like two teen who just meet themselves, so officially, can we be friends?” Clara said with a little smile,
“Okay… I accept, we are now friends, so can I get to know you well?” Richærd said smiling,
“So you don’t know me again abi?”
“Well I don’t think so, have we met before?” Richærd asked sounding more official,
“Just stop, that isn’t what I mean” Clara whined
“But you are the one who started it, you are the one who began being official so I took over” Richærd said while they both burst into laughter,
“So we are friend’s now?” Clara asked with a grin,
“Yeah, nice to meet you” Richærd said and brought out his palm, Clara smiled widely before shaking him,
“One more thing.. promise you won’t disturb..”
“Shut up!!!” Clara squeak hitting her spoon on his head lightly,
“Haaa…” Richærd squealed rubbing his palm on his head
“Don’t try going there.. if you dare… hmmm”
“What… ” Richærd’s phone rang interrupting his statement,
He glanced at it, MY HEART BEAT was boldly written on the screen, with much enthusiasm, he picked the call,
“Hello my sweet heart”
“I will be back in no distant time”
“okay my love”
“Take care, I love you too” Richærd concluded and hung up,
“Who called?” Clara asked immediately
“Oh, it was Sandra, she just wants to know how I’m faring” Richærd replied jovially,
“You seem to be much happy.. what is the cause?” Clara asked with a lopsided grin,
“Oh you see, I’m so happy that you finally decided to do the right thing” Richærd replied munching the food in his mouth,
After some time, they were done eating, Clara took the plate away while Richærd walked into the sitting room,
Clara walked out after sometime,
“Can you accompany me, let me show you around my house” Clara beckoned stretching her hand forward for him to hold,
“Okay, no problem… but after that you will tell me how you became this rich” Richærd added with smile making Clara chuckle,
They walked all around the corner of the building both interior and exterior, everywhere and everything was just so Flashy and beautiful that Richærd almost faint of series of gasp,
After they were done, Richærd took his bath then set to leave,
“Bye. see you” Richærd waved and turned to leave but Clara quickly drew him backward and hugged him tightly,
“Help me convince Sandra that I’m a changed human, tell her you sorry I am, tell her I want to be her friend, please” Clara begged like a little kid
“I will… promise.. not how did you even know I told her?”Richærd inquired,
“Find out by yourself” Clara answered and slumped on the sofa,
“I… “
“Rush home before she gets disturbed of your whereabouts!!” Clara yelled with a giggle,
“hmmm… see you soon” Richærd said and rushed out,
With much happiness and joy Richærd rushed into the house, sitting on the couch in the sitting room was everyone, Cole and Joy was sitting together cuddling each other as If their life depends on it,
Immediately his presence was noticed Sandra rushed at him with a tight passionate hug which sent shiver down their spine, they could both hear the sound of their heart beat as they engaged in the hug,
“are you alright sweetie?” Richærd asked,
“I’m very much alright, just so worried about you” Sandra answered,
“Awwwwn, chill up okay, your husband to be is safe” Richærd said jovially,
“You look so happy.. Amy goodnews?” Sandra inquired with an arched brow
“more than good… I will tell you” Richærd squeak then carried her in a bridal style and lay her on the couch,
“Hey, hey.. what does that means?” Cole ch¡pped in staring at them with grimace,
“What does it seem like?” Richærd questioned back placing a soft k-ss on Sandra’s l-ips,
“Richærd!!!” Cole called out
“What Is it?”
“You are corrupting us here, can’t you gently go upstairs and do all those stuff?” Cole said and covered Joy’s eyes with his palm making them burst into laughter,
“Who are my corrupting?.. You?… haha, don’t you know that it is because of corrupt people like you that is why this our country Nigeria is not good, c’mon remove that your unclean hand from my sister’s eyes now biko!” Richærd whined,
“Oya, you pull up that your plumpy body from my sister sharp sharp” Cole said making them all laugh out loudly,
“Let’s go upstairs, leave this corrupt children alone” Richærd beckoned and drew Sandra up
“Ohhhh, I’m tired, I can’t walk” Sandra whined,
“Okay no problem, oya enter” Richærd said with a broad smile then turned his back for her, swiftly, Sandra climbed his back letting out a loud chuckle while they both walked upstairs,
“Don’t disturb us with loud music ooo!!, remember you are not engaged talk more of being married!!!!” Cole shouted with laughter,
“Spoilt child!!!” Richærd yelled back laughing loudly
To be continued

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