Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 36

Written By Humble Smith
Richærd and Sandra sat on the bed staring at each other,
“So what is the good news that made you this much happier and lively this afternoon?” Sandra asked anxiously after some minute
“Oh God… It’s so unbelievable, hmm, Clara is out of the road” Richærd blurted leaving Sandra perplexed
“I don’t understand”
“Clara is no longer disturbing, she just suddenly realized the truth, like you said. She found out I’m not in love with her… she found out that she can’t force me into loving her, today, she finally promised to leave me to follow my heart.. guess what?? She told me she was sorry and pleaded for to convince you that she has finally changed” Richærd announced jovially
“Hmm, and you believed her” Sandra asked calmly making Richærd cringe
“I don’t understand” Richærd said with an arched brow
“What made you believe she has changed, what if she is up to something, who knows.. maybe she wants to gain your trust so she can do something which she is planning to do” Sandra breathed
“You’re confusing me here, can you just make it clear?” Richærd said slowly staring at her closely
“I’m a woman, I know what we are capable of.. this Clara, yeah I don’t really know her but my instinct is telling me that she is up to something” Sandra blurted in a low tone
“Do you mean she is just pretending?” Richærd asked surprised
“Ummmm, but do you trust her?… I mean.. how do you just believed her so quickly?” Sandra uttered
Well.. I believed because her expression said it all, her tone was also full of sincerity… I think she..”
“Well forget… I just said what is in my mind okay? If you agree she mean what she said then let take it that way.. but I will really like to see her, will she agree?” Sandra asked lively
“Umm.. sure, remember she said she would take you guys out” Richærd said with a smile
“I don’t think I will go out with her anymore”
“Why???” Richærd asked
“How will I go out with such a lady.. how.. how will I go out with an assassin, what if she…
“shuuuu” Richærd silenced her placing his index finger on her l-ips
“She isn’t an assassin” He said tilting his head sideways
“You mean…”
“Yea.. she isn’t an assassin.. I just said that then out of frustration and depression… don’t see her as someone evil because she isn’t, she is just that type of lady which are so much desperate and possessive okay?” Richærd explained
“Okay, I’ve heard you, what… “
Richærd’s phone rang loudly interrupting Sandra from completing her speech, there at the front of the screen was Clara,
“Clara is calling” Richærd muttered to Sandra before picking the call putting it on loud speaker
“Hello” Clara’s voice sounded immediately
“Hello how are you faring?” Richærd answered
“How is it… how did it go, where you able to convince her, ehn” Clara quickly asked curiously
“Ermm.. I…
“Please don’t tell me no to that… please don’t just tell she could not trust me.. don’t tell she still hates me ok?” Clara interjected with a cracked and horsey tone
“No… she..”
“Let me speak with her” Sandra beckoned gesturing her hand forward,
“She wants to talk to you” Richærd said into the phone then handed it to Sandra,
“Hello, Clara wats up” Sandra greeted in a calm but jovial voice,
“Ummmm.. Sandra.. I’m. I really speaking to you?” Clara stuttered nervously
“Oh yeah, how are you?” Sandra asked with a calm smile,
“I’m very fine and you?”
“Cool.. so.. what do you want this time?” Sandra asked calmly
“Please I don’t really understand, you…”
“Why do you want me to trust you, why do you want me to make you my friend when you know fully well that you don’t like me.
what is really your plan” Sandra bellowed,
“I.. I don’t get you at all, you.. know..”
“Clara.. the real fact is this.. me and you has one thing in which we truly need, and that is Richærd, yeah.. you both first met, I mean.. he first knew you, you were his first love, you were the first lady he got entwined with, you both were even close to getting married, but at the peak of everything you messed up by cheating on him, you broke his heart to pieces, you turned him into a piece of trash, you made him down emotionally, then he get to meet me and we both fell in love with each other.. after some time, you came in and needed him at all cost.. you want him back because you’re now stranded and lonely, you now understand what it feels like to lose someone who can once loves you, I had get the chance to know you well enough, but with what Richærd told me.. I.. “
“Please just stop, you’re hurting me, please stop saying all those words to me, it’s killing me.. stop repeating my past to me, it makes me feel so bad m, I knew I had wronged in so many ways but it isn’t too late to change and that’s what I want to do, I wantyo change into a new leaf, I Want to live a good life, but you know I can’t do it without you.. I know my sudden change would sound so absurd and suspicious but I don’t just know how to make you belief that I don’t have an interior motive, please forgive me and trust me I won’t let you down” Clara explained in a sincere tone,
“What made you think I will ever make you come closer to me talk more of being your friend?.. I mean you look dangerous.. please just forget about being my friend because my heart doesn’t accept you, we both are meant to be rival bot friends, I can’t make myself vulnerable to your attack, I’m too wise to believe you have not really change.. you just need my trust but I assure you that you are not gonna get it okay?.. so back off” Sandra burst out..
“I know this is what you gonna think, I truly know.. if it was me u would also think the same.. but do you know tha some mistake one does can be really unintentionally.. later on he or she may her to realize the mistake and feel really depressed then the next would be finding a way out.. what I mean is this… after much thought over my past life I came into realization that it was a total mess, all my past years was a waste, I achieved nothing and losed many things.. I came to realize that I did many awful things which are so appalling to the ear.. after shedding tears of regret and pain I decided to change… I decided to turn to a new being… Richærd loves you wh0leheartedly so he couldn’t fall into any of my trap.. I’m tired of the way I’m living, I need to change before its too late but I can’t without your help.. sincerely speaking, you’re a woman with a rare virtue, I had only one chance to get to talk to you and that moment was so great, you are so much jovial and fun to be with, you would really make a good wife, I want to be close to you so as to clear off any sort of guilt and shame in my heart.. please Sandra be my one and only friend I have?” Clara beckoned with a voice filled with sincerity
“Can we meet?” Sandra asked calmly
“Yeah.. any place of your choice..”
“Okay meet me here in my house any time you’re free” Sandra said
“Okay no problem thank you very much, I really appreciate..”
“So can I hang up?” Sandra asked
“Okay see you soon”
“So what do you think?” Richærd asked immediately
“ermmm.. I think I’m believing her a little bit now” Sandra replied nodding her head,
“I’m sure you would fully agree when you meet her face to face” Richærd muttered with a smile,
Clara sat down comfortably on the sofa staring at the movie series going on in the large plasma TV hung on the wall, she was staring at the television but her mind and spirit isn’t in it at all, age could not even tell what was going on in it,
Her thought was preoccupied by what is far more unimaginable, it could not even be known by her facial expressions because it was blank and void of all emotion, then all of a sudden, her l-ips went w¡der forming a sweet smile, why she was smiling still remains a mystery,
After some minute m, her phone which was placed on the center table made a beeping sound, she hastily took m, looking into the screen what she saw made her little bit surprised,
BOSS was boldly written on it, there was no doubt that another mission had been found for her as that could be the only reason for her boss to call her,
“Hello boss” Clara said calmly with a masculine voice
“Clara.. how are you doing?”
“How do you know it was me?.. so that means I had not fully learn how to make ones voice unknown when making call?.. I thought you said I’m now good in it, how then do you get to know it was me speaking?” Clara whined
“Ummmm, I didn’t know it was you speaking, I just acted like I knew so as to make blurt out the truth and I really got you..”
“Hmmn, well you will not get me next time, promise.. so what brought about this sudden call at this fateful afternoon!?” Clara inquired
“Another mission for you”
“For me???.. why???… I mean is the mission much difficult that others can’t do it?” clara asked with grimace
“Oh, yes.. they can’t because it is something to do with that estate”
“Which one.. the one on Kano!??” Clara asked
“yea.. I’m gonna send all you need to know about the mission to your email.. okay?”
“yeah no problem bye”Clara concluded then hung up immediately, a sudden feeling had just eloped get system that moment, she had just suddenly had the feeling that the mission was connected to Richærd and the other but she quickly waved it off..
Clara stared at her killing figure on the mirror standing in front of her, she was dressed in a red tight fitting gown which stopped at her knee, she wore very little or no make up making her look more like a devoted Christian which she was in the past years ago, as she stares at her reflection her mind drifted to her former lifestyle, she just tilted her head sideways waving off the thought,
She walked out of the house and hopped into her Lexus, she chooses to take the Lexus as that was the cheapest car in her garage she would not want Sandra know about her riches to avoid her questions,
Clara and Sandra walked into the house hours later, they had both went to a nearly restaurant to discuss as suggested by Sandra, they both had a huge smile on their l-ips,
Richærd who sat on the couch in the sitting room with Cole and Joy stared at them with smirk
“Clara!! where did you and my sister went to without telling?” Cole asked immediately
“it’s none of your business..” Sandra replied instead
“I’m not asking you so shut your..”
“Don’t just try completing that statement” Richærd ch¡pped in scowling at Cole
“You heard me right.. so How is it?” Richærd asked Sandra smiling sheepishly
“We’re now good friend and I trust her so well, I’m even feel sorry for the bad words I used on her” Sandra replied smiling
“So.. we all are now friends right?” Clara asked in an elated voice
“Yeah…” Sandra answered making Clara leap up in joy and happiness.

To be continued

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