Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 37

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The chilling breeze of the early cold morning hit Sandra’s skin lightly sending shiver down her spine as she stared around the wh0le surrounding from the balcony where she stood,
Her mind was filled with joy and happiness as she reviewed all that she had gone through in her life till today, she was so much elated because at last her dream and wish had finally came to pass,
Since she was childhood all she had prayed for was to have a bright future and a blessed home with the man she loved, to live peacefully without any sort of transgressions, or oppression..
When her mother died, she felt all her plan and wish crushed because with what she went through in the hand of her stepmother she lost all hope of having the type of future she wants for herself, who would ever believe that an orphan suffering from lot of wh¡p and maltreatment from her step mother would live in peace once more without any thing to be worried off..
Her face which was brightened with a sweet smile suddenly turned sour as she remembered the day she lost her V-rginity to the soldier sent to rape her by her step mother, that day was one of the day she prayed never came into existence, it was one of those days she had prayed for God to take her life, what happened was so painful that she was pushed to do what she never for once in her life thought she would do,
Stabbing someone with a knife, that was the last thing she ever thought she would be able to do, she was someone who has a fragile heart, she was an emotional lady who sheds tears even at the most common thing, to see someone in pain makes her heart bleeds talk more of her inflicting pain on someone, but that day she was pushed in doing it to save her self, the pain was just so much that she lost control of her memory,
Her V-rginity was something she had grown up to treasure so much, it was something she had preserved with everything she had, she had wants her first s€× to be with her husband who she loved and the person she wants it to be with now is Richærd,
Stream of tears rushed down her cheek as she remembered the event that day, she wiped the tears with the back of her hand and forced out a smile,
“I’m not gonna cry again.. my days of shedding tears is gone” she muttered to her self,
“What about Chief Daniel who helped me out of my suffering” she asked placing her hand on the steel rod used as protector,
“What about that recent call which he made to me, there is something about it and there is no doubt it was about Richærd” she thought..
“Why was he concerned about him.. is it what I’m thinking?.. no.. no it can’t ?” She mumbled
Just then a strong arm wrapped around her wa-ist making a broad smile appear on her l-ips, she doesn’t need a sooth sayer to know that it was no other person than Richærd.
Everything about him is already in her vein and memory.
His fragrance..
His tender skin,
His breath..
Just everything.. even if she turns blind anytime, she was sure to be able to tell who is Richærd even from a crowd of people,
“What are you doing out here at this early morning?” Richærd cooed planting a k-ss on her neck,
“Just enjoying the cool breeze of this morning, it seems so special” Sandra answered with a giggle,
“What made it so special??” Richærd inquired resting his neck on her shoulder,
“It brings back my past.. it made me realize how far I had gone.. everything I had achieved” Sandra replied with a smile,
“So what about it.. is there any I need to know?”
“Have you ever met a man named Chief Daniel?” Sandra asked facing him,
“Ummm, I… okay yes I he the father of Paul?”
“Yes.. you’ve met him right?”
“He was the man who came with Paul to the building me and Cole was kidnapped that day you met me”
“Hmm, okay.. after that day have you met him again?” Sandra inquired,
“No.. what bring about all this question.. Is there any..”
“He called me on phone asking how you’re faring” Sandra ch¡pped in immediately,
“Ummm, he must be very keen in finding me so as to either kill me or do to me what would make me leave you because that’s what I’m sure he must be looking for a way to achieve” Richærd said tilting his head sideways with a sigh
“I’m not sure he still wants you dead, he must.. “
“What do you mean?.i don’t understand why you are saying this when you fully knows that he wants you to be with his son at all cost.. he wants to depart me from you which I will never allow” Richærd said with a grim expression,
“Chief Daniel is the man who saved me out of death, he was the man who made me still alive today, if not him I could have being a dead woman now, you see.. having lived with him for some time then, I got to know the kind of man he was, he has a soft and caring heart although he was once a human trafficker.. he made me the rich and wealthy which I became.. when he called me on phone, he pleaded to come and meet me that I should send my address which I refused then just immediately he suddenly became nervous, he began stuttering as if he was afraid to say something, then he asked if you’re faring well.. but what made me curious was when he said something like,
“Oh no.. there is no problem, you’re the kind of lady I want for my… “
then he stopped, that was his answer when I asked him is there was anything wrong in me being with you.. what do you think he wants to say?” Sandra beckoned gazing at Richærd straightly,
“I don’t know, we would later find out as time goes on, so can we go in because I’m feeling cold” Richærd whinned wrapping his arm around his body,
“No problem.. go in I will meet you in no distant time” Sandra said with a calm smile
“I will be waiting, don’t think too much okay?” Richærd cooed then walked in after pecking her on her cheeks making her blush a little,
Just then her phone boozed, she took it and found out it was Clara making her smile a little, she had just love her so much that she always wants to be with her every minute,
“Hello miss beauty” Sandra said immediately she picked the call,
“I’m coming to your house right now I hope you’re home” Clara inquired into the phone in haste,
“We are all home.. you’re free to come” Sandra replied cheerfully
“Okay expect me in no distant time” Clara’s voice sounded
“Okay bye”
The call hung and Sandra walked into the house, she headed straight to the bathroom and took a warm bath then walked into the room with a red towel tied around her chest region down her th-gh only to find Richærd layed on the bed with a blanket covering his wh0le body including his face,
She arched her brow in a questioning way then walked toward him iniquitively..
slowly and carefully, she raised up the blanket starting from his head..
His eyes were closed and he was limped,
“Hey, get up from there and stop pretending… Richærd, stop those tricks of yours before I break your head..haah so you are still forming right, okay I’m getting…” she halted, stared at him straightly then tapped him on his cheek, there was no movement, she tapped him again this time more hærdly but there was no movement,
Confusion was all she felt, Silently, with her towel still clung around her body, she bent down to his heart to Check if it was beating.
As she bent her head, Richærd grabbed her immediately making her shuddered in shock,
“What are you doing” Sandra asked amidst laughter,
“I’m..” he stopped then placed a k-ss on Sandra’s lip making her giggle,
“What was that fo…
another k-ss from Richærd stopped her from completing her statement,
She was still lying on top of him with only a towel,
“Why are you k.. “
another k-ss stopped her again this time more deeply,
The k-ss gradually got more and more intense setting the fire of passion all over them, they kept devouring each others l-ips as if their life depend on it,
Richærd swiftly turned around making Sandra turn out to be the one below while he sat on top of her,
They stared at each other’s eyes with much love and affection,
Sandra’s towel which she tied around her body was partly loosed making her cle-vage visible,
Richærd gaze turned from her eyes down to her b***st which was pointed at him, her n-pples was clearly visible due to the w-t towel which was drenched by her w-t body from the bath she just had,
Sandra’s l-ips was reddish and w-t and that alone made Richærd rush at it again, they k-ssed intensely making Sandra mo-n silently,
Richærd hand located her br**st and start fondling it sending a tingling s-nsation down her spine,
Richærd quickly untied the towel making Sandra totally unclad,
He unlocked the k-ss and placed a k-ss on her cle-vage then to her n-pple, this alone made Sandra shudder, her while body shook in unending pleasure
Richærd brought out his tongue then licked in between her two b**bs down her navel then to her th-gh,
Sandra couldn’t help but shook violently at this,
What she felt was something she had never feel all through her life, she could notice she was getting w-t in between her th-gh,
Just then she felt a cool substance placed on her belly, look up she saw it was an ice-cream, this sent cool s-nsation all over her,
Richærd licked off the ice-cream off her belly slowly making her breath heavily out of intense pleasure,
She quickly wrapped her legs and arm around him making Richærd stucked into her body tightly,
Just then, a knock interrupted the wh0le event and just like a flashback scene, Sandra got her self and quickly sprang up,
They both stared at eachother with a wide grin,
“So you have succeeded in seeing my uncladness?” Sandra asked fluttering her eyes brow with her arm placed on her wa-ist,
“Nooo.. I didn’t see anything” Richærd chuckled then covered his eyes with his palm,
“Who pulled off my towel” Sandra asked this time giggling silently,
“hmmm, I.. can’t remember removing..”
“shhhh, shut up, now closed that corrupt eyes of yours, I want to dress up, remember someone knocked on that door” Sandra said and hastely wore a red gown which she took from the cloth rack,
“Let’s go” Sandra beckoned taking Richærd’s palm into hers,
They both opened the door only to find Cole standing there with a questioning look
“What is it dude?” Richærd asked while Cole kept quiet glancing at the both of them as if he was looking for something in their body,
“Hey what were you guys doing in there?” Cole interrupted with a lopsided smile,
“What do you mean?” Richærd asked with a glare
“I was knocking on this door for half an hour without any reply from you both.. what is it that made you guys carried away” Cole asked with grimace,
“Well, it may be the time we were meditating on the scripture” Richærd uttered dryly winking at Sandra who was chuckling silently,
“Hmm, I wonder the kind if meditation that involves mo-ning and sound of k-ss” Cole blurted with a giggle making Sandra burst into uncontrollably laughter while Richærd glared at Coke playfully,
“what mo-n are you talking about?” Richærd deadpanned,
“mo-n of meditation” Cole answered
“Okay that’s by the way, what brought you here?” Richærd asked
“Hmmm, Clara is downstairs” Cole replied,
“Ohh, Ohh I really forgot, she told me she would be coming, haa.. I was truly carried away” Sandra sighed then rushed downstairs to meet her,
“She was carried away by what?” Cole asked Richærd in a low tone grinning from ear to ear..
“Spoilt brat!!” Richærd yelled walking down the stairs,
On reaching the sitting room, Sandra, Joy and Clara sat together on a couch totally engrossed with what ever they may be discussing,
Immediately Clara got a glimpse of Richærd, she suddenly became calm, she could no longer become free and jovial, in every second of their discussion, she could not help but kept glancing at Richærd whose cuteness was making her drool,
Just then, Sandra’s phone made a blaring sound notifying an incoming call, she took it and found out it was an unsaved number,
She picked it up,
“Hello…” she said into the phone
“if I’m speaking with Sandra , I want to just tell you something secret and I would really appreciate if you go to a secluded area to avoid eavedrops” the unfamiliar voice of a female sounded from the phone,
Sandra couldn’t help but contemplate on what she was told,
“a secret… hmm” she sighed then walked away from the view of the others,
“okay I’m in a secluded place now what secret are you talking about?” Sandra asked feeling a little bit tired..
“Hmmm, just decided to notify you that you’re being used” the voice sounded making Sandra arch her brow in confusion,
“I don’t get you, what are you talking about?” Sandra Asked with a long breath,
“Hmmm, I know fully that you may not believe what I want to tell you, you don’t know me but I know you through Richærd who is my fiance…”
“Which Richærd?? if I may ask” Sandra quickly interjected getting more confused,
“Ohh the Richærd yiu know, the one you claim to be you lover boy”
“do you mean Richærd Ben?” Sandra asked slowly
“Hmmm, girl I don’t know who you are but I want to make something clear to you.. for you to call me on phone to tell me any of your lies about Richærd either for me to get angry or to put a kind of distrust between I and Richærd Is really childish and immature of you, we knows each other, we trust each other, our love is much more stronger than you can think off so if you’re trying to put asunder, hmm, I will advise you to back off because you fighting an already lost battle” Sandra said with solemnity in her voice,
“wow that good of you… I think some evidence would make you believe that you’re just wasting your time with a guy that would end up dumping you and your filthy body and get married to his choice and taste in no distant time” the voice said and let out a mockery chuckle,
Her word made Sandra a little bit confused, she could sense how boldly the tone of the unknown girl was, It was as if she was really really sure,
“Hey, just don’t ever call me again, if I had known that this is the nonsense you called me out for, I wouldn’t have answer the call at all.. chump!!” Sandra retorted angrily then made to cut the call when she heard the girl say something,
“I will get you some strong evidence which would make you know I’m not joking, don’t say I didn’t told you, that man you claim to be yours would give you the shock of your life by…”
Sandra cut the call immediately without waiting to hear the last word,
She was now breathing heavily with anger, the last tging she would ever dreamed of was Richærd cheating on her,
“You can’t succeed in your plan, desperate wh-re!” Sandra blurted then rushed back to the sitting room,
Everyone was sitting on the floor playing what, she walked closely and sat beside Richærd placing her head on his shoulder,
Clara kept glancing at her secretly as if she was trying to read out something from her expression..
To be continued
Mmmmm, who is this strange girl again?????

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