Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 38

Written by Humble Smith
Richærd glanced at Sandra who looks dull and pale as she leaned her head on his shoulder, he halted the game and averted his gaze on her,
“What is it you’re troubled of?” Richærd asked calmly
“I am not worried and troubled” Sandra answered then glanced at Richærd a little bit with the words of that strange girl ringing in her head, she tilted her head sideways then muttered “it can’t be true” very much silent that no-one could hear,
“What is it?” Cole asked
“Just feeling weak, I’ve to rest my head” Sandra mumbled then stood up, pecked Richærd and climbed upstairs,
“why is she weak?” Cole asked no-one in particular but was glancing at Richærd,
“Uhmm, can’t tell but I will later ask her out” Richærd replied while they continued the whot they were playing,
After sometime, they ended the game and packed the whot then head to the dinning table fit breakfast while Joy walked into the kitchen to get something eatable,
Richærd walked upstars to his room only to find Sandra layed face-up staring at the ceiling fan without making any movement, she wasn’t even aware of his presence,
Richærd walked closer and sat on the bed closer to her, the way the bed squeaked and the suppression made Sandra flinch back to consciousness,
“Ugh, Richie when did you came around” Sandra asked and tried sitting up but Richærd pushed her down lightly,
“You’ve to rest okay?” Richærd said with a smile,
“thanks but I’m hungry” Sandra whinned,
“wait a little time, I will be right back” Richærd said and rushed down stairs,
in no distant time, he came in,side the room with a plate of food,
“Okay, food is ready” he announced immediately,
Sandra sat up with a sweet smile on her face,
“so you went and brought my breakfast here on bed huh?” she said with a benevolent smile,
“Uhmm..i never brought it for you, this is mine, go out there and bring yours” Richærd deadpanned and dropped the plate on the stool then sat on the bed ignoring Sandra’s stares,
“Do you mean you.. okay there is no problem, just know that you are not gonna eat that food in peace here in my presence” Sandra said and stood up,
“Are you going to fight me?” Richærd asked in grimace,
“Uhmm, not really” Sandra answered giggling,
“I pray you don’t because I would not hesitate to break those tiny neck of yours” Richærd deadpanned opening the cover of the plate,
“Do you just said I have tiny neck?” Sandra asked placing her hand akimbo,
“Me?? I never said it, I..” before he could complete his statement Sandra jumped on him and they both crash on the bed, Sandra sat on his chest and held his neck softly with her left hand raising her right hand up with her fist clenched
“oya break my tiny neck, it didn’t take me 2 seconds now to beat you down, I wonder how you will succeed in the breaking of my neck” Sandra said with a gloating expression,
“but you know it isn’t too late” Richærd sneered with a lopsided grin,
“Haaa, remember you’re under me now oo” Sandra said gloating,
Just then, Richærd swiftly swirled taking Sandra unaware, before she could think of holding back, Richærd had already turned her down on the bed making a reverse position,
“Who is beneath now?” Richærd asked as they both kept laughing out loudly,
“Haaa, my stomach” Sandra whinned in a squeak sound,
“stop lamenting, I’ve not even started” Richærd said chuckling,
“Richærd leave my body before I die now!”
“You. die?? haa you can’t die because angels are immortal, you think I don’t know that you are my guardian angel” Richærd said with a lopsided smile making Sandra burst into uncontrollably laughter,
“Did you just called me an angel?.. I thought angels are exceptionally beautiful and perfectly made then how come one of them has tiny neck?” Sandra inquired amidst laughter
“I was joking, your neck is perfect and guess what?? you’re tremendously beautiful, your smile brightens my day like the sun brightens the day, everything about you is just so perfect that I can no longer defer you from an angel..well I think you’re one” Richærd cooed staring deeply into her eyes while Sandra’s cheek went reddish from excess blush,
“you’re making me blush with your sweet words, but don’t forget you are still ontop my belly” Sandra said with a sweet smile,
“You’re beautiful in every single angle of your life, your wh0le body radiates a complete epitome of beauty, every single moment of my life is occupied by the thought of you, I always see those three words ‘I love you’ as an understatement for how I really feel for you, you gave my life a good meaning, the imagination of you make me smile, do you know women like you are capable of making spittle drop off from any man’s mouth while staring at you, you are a paragon of beauty” Richærd smiled then brought his l-ips forward, Sandra closed her eyes tightly waiting patiently for the k-ss which always make her feel the surging stream of pleasurable s-nsation all over her body, just as she expected Richærd k-ssed her deeply into her l-ips, she wrapped her hand around his neck pulling him closer to herself with their l-ips plunging more deeply,
They went intensed as the fire of passion, urge and want evolved in them, they k-ssed and clunged around each other as if they were told that they would face something that would depart them later someday,
A cracking sound like that of a broken ceramics echoed through the wh0le room making them detached themselves breathing heavily as they sat up only to see the food which Richærd had placed on the stool spattered all over the floor, the plate was broken into pieces,
“Richærd why do you always lost control.. see what you’ve done” Sandra blamed Richærd immediately smiling
“I’m not the one who did that, it may be you, we both know you’re the one who has less self control so don’t blame me, there is much tendency that you are the one who broke it” Richærd said with a smile
“okay I agree with you, sit down let me go and.. “
“No sit let me go and do it myself” Richærd said and made to leave but Sandra quickly drew him backward making him fall on the bed,
“Stop making me lazy, I’m the woman here, I’ve to treat..
Haaaa!!” she suddenly scre-med as a the pieces of the broken plate pierced her feet,
Richærd quickly sprang up and carried her in a bridal way then placed her on the bed,
“stop being stubborn, you know you aren’t so well today” Richærd said with a smile before going to get the broom,
It was evening, Clara could be seen resting on a chaise lounge outside the house, her body was drenched as one could notice that it has not been long she came out of the pool,
She was being all happy with no minute passing by without her l-ips forming a cool smile,
She was putting on only a b-ra and a g-string p-nt, her wh0le body was sensual and could do well in making a complete man hærd,
A magazine was in her hand which was really making her busy, it was an er*t*c one and that makes her flow in the urge for s€×..
Her p-nt was w-t by a whitish substance which was slowly oozing out from her pu**y, something or someone triggered her into doing this,
She was lonely after coming back from Richærd’s house, it truly pained her seeing the way Sandra was going with Richærd the guy which could have being hers if not for that single mistake,
She had went into the pool to swim thinking that would flush away the thought off her mind but it did no good rather worsen the situation as she started wishing so badly that Richærd would just come out from nowhere and jump into the pool with her,
No matter how hærd she tried, his image could not leave so she was forced into drifting herself into the realm of sensual pleasure,
Not long after feeding her eyes with the image of unclad pics, she brought out her phone and clicked on the most er*t*c video and started watching it, unconsciously, her hand found its place to her p-nt which she shifted and before she could know it, she started masturbating,
Her phone fell off from her grip but she couldn’t take it up from the ground as she was now at the peak, the sound of her mo-n was the only sound which could be heard that moment,
Her phone rang just when she reached the climax, breathing heavily, she took the phone and saw it wasn’t a call but a reminder of an unopened email message,
She quickly clicked on it and quickly sprang up,
It was sent by her boss days ago, it was the mission he had told her off the last time he called,
“Ugh, how did I forgot this?” she mussed then opened the main content,
a sudden gasp of surprise escaped her l-ips, what she saw was really what she least expected although it was something that really elated her heart but it was really unexpected,
She rubbed her cheek in glee as she stared at the message, she couldn’t hold it anymore, she started laughing hysterically flinging off the magazine to God knows where, her heart which was filled with joy and happiness could be vividly seen by her expression,
“This would be interesting” she muttered then smiled widely fluttering her long eyes brow rapidly,
Chief Daniel entered into his car with a black brief case which was held by one of his guard, his wife later joined him, they were both at the back seat while their driver and one guard sat in the front,
Daniel had on his l-ips a benevolent smile while Marie his wife was grinning from ear to ear, they both seem so happy that night as the car zoomed off from the gate heading to a place which could be told to be the source of their happiness,
“How did you do it?” Marie asked leaning her head on his shoulder as the car swivel along the major road which was brightened by the street lights which did well in making every where visible to the eyes,
“How I did it? uhm, let me say, I did everything thing possible, you know how important this is to me, it is just like a dream come true, this is one of my wish which I had thought could never come to pass” Daniel replied with excitement glimmering in his eyes,
“So at last I can now sleep peacefully, you don’t have an idea of how much this has eaten me deeply, I feel like floating in the air” Marie stated, her eyes glitted with passion,
“I’m very eager and curious” Daniel muttered
“Not as much as know? it has been many years I set my eyes on them, I am sure they wouldn’t know me as their mother and I’m afraid they may hate me after I tell them the history about their birth” Marie blurted with a trace of disappointment in her eyes
“Don’t be worried, we will try our best, you know I myself isn’t even sure Richærd would agree to anything I tells him, you know he still hates me and would hærdly believe me due to the past” Chief Daniel said to his wife then swaddled her around his arm,
Not long after, she drifted into sleep, Daniel could not help but smile happily as he stared at his beautiful wife whose teenage beauty was yet to fade off so as to give way for the wrinkles of old age,
Her tender skin, misty eyes, long brow red l-ips and nice chin was very much perfect and really made her a paragon of beauty,
All that happened between him and her in the past came replaying in his memory,
Marie was someone he loved from the depths of his heart, she was someone he could willingly give out anything for, she was the lady he first fell in love with, day and night, his mind are always eloped with her image, but she doesn’t seem to love him a bit then, infact she hated him and had always turned down his approach, she would say all sort of annoying things to him, she had always made him have a reason to change his mind into marrying her,
countless times, he had came to her house only for her to shut the door in his face, many times at the major road she would slap and embarrassed him in front of passer-by..
What made him bent and persistent in winning her heart was something deep and could not be diminished,
Everything he did to win her heart failed him until the last one which was bribing her families and close relatives, he lavished so much money on them that they could not help but succeeded in pushing Marie into accepting him,
His happiness knew no bound then but less did he knew that he just did something that would really hurt him,
Their matrimonial life was one of a hell,
no rom-nce
no close talk
no happiness
no smiling at eachother
That was their life, making live was just like something weird as none of the both do enjoys it,
Marie would just lay on the bed like a log of wood then Daniel would just kept pounding till he release..
no mo-n or rom-nce..
no sensual s-nsation..
All this was eating Daniel deeply but nothing pained him more than the fact that years and years he kept losing his child, he adopted a boy and a girl from the orphanage home and treated them like his own child thinking that would reduce his pain and maybe make God give him his own but it made it exaggerated as he kept growing older without getting a child of his one
When they got more older, Daniel lost hope and decided to live his life the way fate brought to him..
Now after many years, he got the shock of his life and that was the fact that he has two children out there in the world without his knowledge,
Smile couldn’t just stop eloping his l-ips as he thought of all these,
He was going to meet Richærd His son, he wasn’t yet sure where to find Joy as he was never to believe that joy his daughter could be the joy who had been working for him as a cook all theses while..
He smiled broadly at the thought of meeting Richærd only to find out he is his missing son, he would really go gaga out of joy.
Resting his head on the headrest he slowly dozed off into sleep also,
It was night at around 11:36pm, Richærd was fast asleep but Sandra was wide awake and couldn’t fall asleep after the sudden nightmare she just had, it seem so real and was as if It happened, tears kept gushing down her eyes heavily as her heart went heavy,
She could not fathom what the dream was really trying to tell her,
In the dream, she was coming into the house after work which she just started, her mind was elated as in no distant time she was going to get wed Richærd, but that early afternoon, she had walked into the house to see the shock of her life,
Richærd was busy smooching another lady which her face was not familiar at all, on seeing him she went stiffed in horror,
The lady turned to her with a smirk, Richærd’s countenance was not readable, as she shed tears of heartbreak, she sighted someone who looked like Clara laughing at her and just then, she woke up,
This dream was the most weird and frightful one she had ever had,
Her gaze went to Richærd who was sleeping peacefully with his l-ips partly opened, as she stared at him, she kept imagining if there was anything that would ever male him cheat on her,
“Richærd don’t do that to me or else I’m gonna die of heartbreak” Sandra muttered wiping off the tears which was falling freely from her eyes..
After sometime, she drifted into sleep with her while body clunged around Richærd.
To be continued

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