Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 40

Written by Humble Smith
It was already dawn when Sandra and the other arrived from the park, they were all fatigue and exhausted, without wasting any minute, everyone retired to their room and slept off with Clara sleeping in the guest room
The next day was Friday, at around 6:00am, Clara woke up and hastely grabbed her phone, a sudden smile escaped her l-ips in seeing what could not be foretold, she rolled her eyes then stood up and left muttering something under her breath,
The day has been brightened by the sun as the time could now be gussed to be at around 9:40am, everyone was wide awake and was sitting in the sitting room gisting and laughing their lungs out,
A movie scene was going on in the television which was hung above the ground, they had called Clara to know her whereabout, she had told them that she had and emergency, the discussion they were having were centered in everything that happened yesterday, Richærd was sitting on the couch with sandra lying down with her head resting on his leg, that was the same position Cole and Joy,
Just amidst their discussion, a faint knock was heard, they all stared at themselves as if to know whether anyone knew who could be at the door,
“Let me go check, it may be Clara” Richærd said and rushed over to the door,
He opened it and who he saw made him shudder,
Chief Daniel and another woman who he guessed could be his wife, he could explain what he felt on seeing them, his gaze rested on the woman behind Daniel, there was something amissed, he could figure out some kind if resemblance between him and her but he later waved it off with the thought that his mother has died long ago, looking at daniel, he became exasperated,
“What do you want from me again?” He bellowed
“Hey son please let us in” chief Daniel cooed in a quiet tone
“First of all, I’m not your son and secondly, I will never allow you in here, who knows you may be with a pistol” Richærd blurted making Marie burst in tears,
“Hey woman, why shedding tears, I can’t remember saying any word to you” Richærd retorted gazing at the woman who seem heartbroken,
“She is your mother” Chief Daniel said and immediately Richærd went limp, he wh0le body halted at that moment, his gaze was at the woman who without being told, one would see the clear resemblance between her and Richærd,
“What is happening there?
“Who is at the door?” Sandra voice sounded from in,side,
“Is that the voice of.. “
“You both should leave her before I do something we would both regret” Richærd warned sternly,
Immediately he said that, Marie rushed at him, with her hand she moved his ear and checked out to know if there was a mark there,
Lo and behold she saw it exactly where and how she made it, just then Cole walked towards them and opened the Door w¡der, chief Daniel quickly entered and stood at the corner,
“What do you want from us again!”coke asked him with a berserk look,
“I come for peace because I just found the truth, please can I seat?” Chief Daniel asked while Sandra and Joy abruptly ran into him with a hug,
“Sir welcome” they both chorused in an elated way,
Richærd walked away and head to the couch followed by Cole
Sandra and Joy held chief Daniel and Marie his wife by their hand and lead them to the couch,
“What would you like to do, rest or eat?” Sandra asked with her hands clasped forward,
“None of the above” chief Daniel and Marie answered in unison,
“Why?” Sandra and joy chorused with an arched brow,
“We came all the way from Lagos down here for only one reason and that is to meet Richærd, he is our son” chief Daniel said staring at Richærd while the other became extremely shocked, they all stared at themselves with their eyes w¡dened in shock,
“Do you think I’m a fool to believe you?” Richærd sneered breaking the silence which had eloped everywhere..
“you have to believe us becausevwe have a proof” Marie said immediately,
“What proof?” Richærd asked gazing at her straightly,
“the mark at the back of your ear” Marie answered making Richærd and Joy cringe,
“you say?” Joy asked to be sure she heard it clearly,
“the mark at the back of his ear is the mark I gave to him when he was little, I…” she burst into tears without completing her statement, the pain of what she did in the past was really hunting her deeply, she really really regret her actions,
“you mean this?” Richærd asked displaying the mark at at the back of his ear,
“yes please that’s it, I am pained for what I did in my past, I hate myself for it, please don’t make me die of anguish by not forgiving me” Marie pleaded getting down on her knees,
“I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to think, if you are my mother then who is Grace the woman I’ve lived all my life knowing and seeing her as my mother, what is all these gibberish you are talking about?” Richærd asked staring at her in a gawp manner.
“I can explain it you would give me a chance”
“okay go on let’s seat down” he beckoned and walked to the couch,
“I… “
“wait, who is this Chief Daniel here to you” Richærd interrupted
“He is my husband and your father” Marie answered while Richærd glared at him then returned ‘his gaze to Marie who he had suddenly got passions for, in his mind he had already loved her
“Long time ago when I was still a teen..I always had this dream of marrying my childhood lover Ken, he was from a poor family but I love him, we were secretly dating and would always promise ourselves that nothing would divide us, our love was so strong that I never fell for any other guy be him rich or handsome, I turns down any body who tries getting my attention, that was how my life went on till I came across Daniel, at first sight, I hate him so much, I don’t know why but maybe it was because he was bent on getting me or that he was rich, I never gave him slight hope of ever loving him but he was desperate,
Through bribing of my family and relatives, he got me forced into marrying him, I vowed never to have child for him.. I did everything possible never to get pregnant until one day I found out I was pregnant of you…. I gave you out to a doctor… later on, I got pregnant again, it was a girl, I exchanged her for a dead one… then another boy, I gave you and the other a mark of recognition incase for future purpose, you can’t imagine how much elated I’m to finally see you grown up, I plead for you to forgive me please” Marie said with tears gushing out of her eyes,
“Did you say you have a girl who you also gave the mark?” Richærd inquired..
“that’s her” Richærd said and pointed at Joy who was now shedding tears,
Marie averted her gaze to Joy and stared at her for a long time,
“are daughter?” Marie asked with a quivering l-ips
“yes” Joy nodded and ran to her with a tight hug,
“ are you my mom, why did you did that?” Joy asked amidst the hug
“it was the devil, please forgive me” Marie pleaded with guilty written all over her face
“I’ve already did that, I can’t believe I still have a family member, I..” Joy hugged her tightly as tears rushed down,
“Richærd!! Richærd! Rich..”
“don’t Richærd me, Daniel or what ever you called yourself, don’t just call my name” Richærd seethed standing up to leave when someone held his hand, he turned his head only to see his beloved on her knee, tears dropping down,
He could not help it,
“stand up quickly, why are you crying?” he cooed cleaning her tears with the back of his palm,
“for my sake forgive them” she mumbled
“I should forgive someone who..”
“He did nothing bad Richærd.. he is the reason why I am alive, he is the reason why Joy your sister is alive and healthy, what he did was what every other father would do for his son, Richærd, I know you as someone who has a good heart, so what is right” Sandra said calmly, her word touched Richærd so well that tears began gathering in his eyes,
He turned and walked to where Chief Daniel stood and hugged him tightly,
“Thank you father for being there for me, you helped Sandra out of her oppressor making it possible for me to meet her again, you took Joy my sister out of suffering and raised her, thank you father, I love you” Richærd said with a sweet smile which did well in making the old man feel so much elated that tears also fell from his eyes,
“Richærd have you forgiven and received us back” Marie asked, her eyes glitted with passion,
“yes” Richærd answered
Marie ran into him and hugged him,
“we have to take a picture” Daniel said in glee,
Daniel, Marie, Joy and Richærd stood together and Sandra captured it with her phone,
“So how are you guys all doing?” Chief Daniel asked as they enjoyed the sumptuous meal prepared by Joy,
“we are all cool, and let me use this opportunity to introduce myself to you and Marie because I am gonna get married to your daughter in no distant time” Cole said with grimace,
“Ugh.. Joy is that true?” Marie asked sipping her drink,
“yes, look at” Joy said and showed them the engagement ring on her finger,
“Wow..great, you have our approval” Chief Daniel said munching the meat in his mouth,
“ehen, what about Paul and..”
“they are gone” Marie interrupted immediately
“Gone?? how?” Sandra asked
“they both left some time after telling them that you are my son” Chief Daniel replied pointing at Richærd,
“Uhmm, okay”
They all finished eating and started chatting and gisting happily, at evening, Marie and Chief Daniel set to go home.
“we would have to go now” Chief Daniel announced
“Haa, my in-laws why not stay till tomorrow?” Cole said
“we would love to stay but there are alot of things we have to do down in Lagos urgently” Marie explained,
“okay bye see you” they all chorused hugging them one after the other
“we would come visiting regularly” Marie said with a smile while they all esc-rt them out and bade them,
“ewww, this is so ridiculous, how can he be my father?” Richærd said immediately they all sat down on the couch,
“things happens for a reason”
Clara stood in front of six hefty men whose muscle are as those of wrestlers, they were all on black and were armed, Clara was wearing a black tank top with a black bumshot, her countenance was far from smile, she look stern and fearful, with a mere view one would notice she was giving instructions to the men, her voice was low but deep,
after sometime, the men all left while Clara slumped on the couch with a smirk,
Dr Mike walked into Chief Gabriel’s house hastely and sat on the couch, not long afterwards Angela Sandra’s step mother also came then sat, in no distant time Chief Gabriel walled out from the inner room cladded with in a native wear,
They all sat facing eachother,
“without wasting anytime, I came to tip you all on something, you see, having been making a close research on David, I found out that he is no longer on our side” Dr Mike blurted shocking both Angela and Chief Gabriel,
“I will later tell you both why and how I found out but for now, let’s become secretive about our plan, neither him nor Paul should know what we want to do” Dr Mike said and rested his head backward,
“so you mean David had been against me all this while?..I’m gonna kill him” Chief Gabriel said and brought out his phone to dial a number when Dr Mike stopped him,
“no need for that, he is still somehow important to us, we would use him to get what we want, lets just play along” he said
“well, okay if you said so” Chief Gabriel said and dropped the phone,
“what is the latest news about Sandra and the other?” Chief Gabriel asked
“the assassin said that she gonna bring her and Cole this month so we are improving” Dr Mike replied rubbing his hand in glee,
“I can’t wait any longer, that land must be mine no matter what” Chief Gabriel said with a smirk,
“What about Richærd?” Angela asked
“we would spare his life only if he minds his own business, if he tries stopping us, we would not hesitate to kill him” Chief Gabriel said then walked towards her,
“I really need s€× right now, I want it to be you” Chief Gabriel said to Angela grabbing her hand
“again??” what do you intend to do with my future it would I be your s€× mate till death, remember you promised to marry me” Angela whinned,
“Had I say I wouldn’t, you are so beautiful and irresistible” he said and drew her up heading to his room while Dr Mike head out to his house,
an unknown girl could be seen in a room with Clara, both if them were having a discussion which with mere view one would notice it was something secret,
Just then, the unknown lady brought our her phone then sent something to a number saved as Sandra,
At the sitting room, Sandra sat alone with her phone in her hand, everyone had left for job search, she has came back earlier because she found her own job quickly which was to be a nurse in a private hospital,
Just as she was about drifting to sleep, her phone beeped, she looked into it and saw an incoming picture message from whatsapp, opening it she saw the shock of her life…
to be continued

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