Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 41

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Written by Humble Smith
Silence lingered in Sandra’s heart as she stared at the picture, the more she tried calming her nerve, the more she feels broke, she inhaled and exhaled heavily in a slow motion so as to give herself a space for right thinking, the number which sent the picture was that same number which called her recently telling her of being Richærd’s fiancee,
The picture was displaying Richærd standing closely with a beautiful and gorgeous lady, they were much close and were looking deeply into their eyes, it was as if he was about to k-ss the girl, the surrounding was like a bar..
Sandra stared at it trying hærd to figure out whether the man with the lady was truly her Richærd, she found it really really hærd to believe but it was clear, that was Richærd with another woman, she went deep in thought trying to know if she could recognize the face of that lady but she couldn’t,
“Could it be that Richærd is… no no no it can’t be, I know my Richærd” she mussed in a cracked voice, tears forming in her eyes, this is Richærd and another lady, there is nothing to doubt about, it is vividly real and clear,
“Hi Sandy” a message popped up from that same number,
“You must have seen that picture and may be contemplating whether to believe or not but i want to make something clear to you, Richærd is mine and would always be, you are just an attachment..
If you still have doubt, I want you to have a deep thought on this,
Have you ever thought of why Richærd suddenly became much clinging to you recently??
Have you ever thought on why he suddenly decide to take you out including the others??
Have you ever thought on why he has not talked to you about marriage??
“Had you ever had a rethink on why he had never made love with you??
“Had you even think about it, have you had a deep thought on why he hasn’t engaged you? if you haven’t then you must be a big fool…
let me give you the answer of the above listed
The reason why he was suddenly clinging around you recently is because he didn’t want you to have a clue of his plan which was to reject you and come to me his true lover,
that was the same reason why he took you all out, it was to avoid suspect,
He had not talked to you about marriage because he knew he was never gonna marry you because you aren’t his taste, you are not s€×y..a timid teenager, he had never made love to you because he doesn’t want to get you pregnant so that you wouldn’t use that to hold him down when he decides to take action, he had not think of engaging you because he knew he was not going to get married to you..Sandra stop wasting your youthful age with a man who would dump you at the last, haaaha, see ya”
Reading all these, Sandra got exasperated, all that the girl had said was a plain truth,
“Richærd today you have to tell me the truth of what we have together with one another in the future” Sandra lamented in anguish, rivers of tears kept dropping off her eyes,
what if all what the girl said is truth?
“Richærd please make me believe all these are lies, Richærd I beg don’t break my fragile heart, I may die because I don’t think I would be able to bear it” Sandra mussed as her heart became heavy laden, she was really pained,
just then, Clara walked into the house, immediately Sandra saw her she ran into her in a tight hug sobbing on her shoulder
“what is it dear? why are you crying?” Clara inquired with a grimace
“Richærd, Richærd please can Richærd be cheating on me?” Sandra asked while Clara quickly broke the hug and stared at her with an arched brow
“What did you just uttered? Richærd cheat on you? Richærd Ben which I had known for so long! you must be joking right?” Clara said with her countenance full of surprise
“look at this” Sandra said and gave her the phone showing her the picture and messages,
on seeing it, Clara smiled inwardly
“isn’t this Richærd with another lady?” Clara asked in a shock tone
“that’s him Clara, that’s him!! I don’t just know what to think of now, I don’t know what to believe, I.. “
she broke and started wailing, Clara went and cuddled her,
“You can’t believe that, do you?” Clara asked
“I don’t know, I love Richærd so much, he has my wh0le trust, buy what is that pics all about, it is vivid” Sandra sobbed
“You have to show Richærd some love at this time” Clara said
“How?” Sandra sulked
“don’t tell him about this” Clara said while Sandra quickly drew off from her swaddle,
“I shouldn’t tell Richærd of this? do you just said I shouldn’t tell him if seeing the picture of him and another lady? yuck! that’s not possible, he has to explain that pic, of he couldn’t give me a good explanation..uhm then I will have no choice than to..” her voice hitched, she closed her eyes tightly breathed out heavily then lay back on Clara’s legs,
“Do you even love Richærd?” Clara asked,
“more than anyone can think of, I love him with my heart, soul and body” Sandra answered sulking bitterly,
“Then don’t show or tell him about all this, hold it in your mind, with tine the truth shall be unveiled, who knows, this might be a total lie, showing Richærd this would break his heart, he would come to believe that you don’t trust him, I bet you, he will really feel bad, let’s wait for sometime, I know nothing is hidden under the sun” Clara adviced making Sandra exhaled heavily,
“what you said is true, he will feel that I do not trust him. I’m not going to tell him anything, thank you for your advice, you are awesome!!” Sandra squeaked and hugged her tightly,
“so clean those tears and put on that charming smile on your face, don’t let him suspect anything oo” Clara said with a smile while Sandra dries out her tears,
They both ate some snacks and enjoyed the daily movie series titled ‘The dangerous attraction’ written by Humble Smith,
After gisting and laughing, Clara decided to head home, Sandra esc-rted her to the major road before turning back home,
on reaching, she saw everyone sitting on the couch,
“when did you guys came back?” Sandra asked surprised
“Just now, where went you?” Richærd asked,
“Clara is just leaving here, she came around, I just esc-rted her to the major road” Sandra explained and sat on Richærd’s laps
“oh gosh, you are so heavy what’s it? seem you have been eating so much” Richærd whinned,
“carry me joor, everytime complaining” she said and relaxed well wrapping her arm around his neck,
“phew!” Clara exhaled heavily as she walked into her room, broad smile filled up her face, it was a gloating smile,
“almost done” she muttered under her breath before pulling off her clothes and head to the bathroom, she entered the bath tub filled overall elated,
After bathing, she walked out unclad after drying her body and hair, she looked into the mirror and smiled widely, her body was impressive and s€×y, it was so attractive and can make any man hærd,
She rubbed a lotion all over her body then wore a black polo and a black navy trouser, she wore a jacket on and ins**ted a dark glasses over her eyes, she combed her hair straight downward, she looked really like a mafia with her dress,
Just then, a lady walked in all smile,
“how did it go?” the lady which was in her early twenties having a beautiful look asked pushing her hair behind her ear,
“the way we want it” Clara primped
“Huh, I can’t wait to see that girl called Sandra heart broke, I cant wait to have Richærd all to myself, that has been my dream” the lady said feeling elated
“yeah” Clara nodded
“okay I’ve to leave, I just came to know how it went, you know I’m so much curious,
“that’s good of you” Clara said smiling
Immediately the lady left, Clara burst into hysteric laughter rolling herself on the bed,
“i can’t wait to have Richærd all to mine” Clara mimicked in a sarcastic tone
“Prepare your grave, 6ft below because I’m sending you there after I’m done with you” she mussed and laughed out again,
It was midnight and Sandra was wide awake, different thought were running through her mind, she was as confused as ever, Richærd looked so innocent as he layed upward with his eyes shut, his l-ips were slightly open making his face more admirable,
Sandra couldn’t help but thought hiw it would be like seeing Richærd making up his day with another lady, there was no doubt that that lady with Richærdson in that picture was so much beautiful and s€×y, there is a tendency that Richærd or anyone else could fall for her,
Sandra was still deep in thought when Richærd’s phone beeped, she had first thought it was her phone which made that sound but on remembering that she switched off her phone she knew it would be Richærd’s own,
She took it hastely and found out it was that same number, she opened the message and what she never expected came up…
“Are you sure Sandra is still awake while Richærd is asleep?” A lady asked Clara who was sitting in front of a system with her fingers working on the keyboard,
“I had implanted a tiny camera in that room, I also have a bug which I fixed in a hidden place..”
“okay so what next? you know she must show that message to Richærd..”
“I will automatically delete it before she would show it to him” Clara replied dryly
“uhm, you are a complete computer wizard, seriously” the lady compliment
“that’s what I read in school” Clara lied smiling inwardly
“If only she knew that she was talking with a highly trained professional assassin”
Hot tears rolled down Sandra’s eyes as she read the message…
:: Hi my heart, you really made my day, the s€× was so much sweet, I can’t wait to get married to you so I can enjoy you to the fullest, keep deceiving that dumbass lady Sandra until you suddenly exhort enough money from her, my love I look up for u tomorrow, I can’t just get filled..
much love…
“Tomorrow you must explain this!!! ” Sandra said in an exasperated tone tears gushing out of her eyes..
The next morning Richærd woke up before everyone, took his bath then walked to Sandra on the bed where she layed, he bent down to k-ss her cheek but just then she woke up and quickly sprang off surprising Richærd to the core,
“Don’t you ever and ever touch me, don’t!!” Sandra yelled with tears streaming down her eyes,
Richærd was shocked and surprised at her out burst
“what is it my love?” Richærd asked befuddled
“what is it?!! is that what you asked me!! Richærd why!! what have I done to deserve this!! Richærd haven’t I suffered enough?!!…” she broke down in tears,
“please tell me what I did wrong, I promise to.. “
“Don’t promise anything, don’t just try it because you have failed your past promise, Richærd upon all my trust..why?” Sandra said crying loudly, just immediately, Cole and Joy rushed into the room..
“What is it?” joy asked rushing to where Sandra lay crying,
“Sandra what is the matter? what happened?” Joy asked
“Richærd! is.. cheating on me!! ” she scre-med with all her voice, her heart was really in pain, it was so much..
“It is a would you say a thing like that, what. “
“Check his phone, there is a message there…it was..ohh no this is painful!!” Sandra wailed
Cole on hearing that picked up Richærd’s phone which was on the stool and went straight to the message box but found no message from any lady, he looked at Sandra confusedly
“I can’t find any message here” Cole said
“He has deleted it Omg! Richærd” Sandra said painfully
“Richærd what do you have to say?’ Joy asked while Richærd just gazed at nothing with his mouth shut, he was dumbfounded, everything was totally strange to him, both the message stuff and the deleting, he couldn’t place hand on any, he hasn’t touched his phone since he woke up.. well that Sandra was saying was just sound awkward to him,
“Sandra, I don’t know a tip of anything you’re saying, don’t you know me? don’t you trust me? how would you ever think of me cheating on you, why would ever thought of something like that.. I had never and will never cheat on you because I love so much.. don’t let our enemy succeed in breaking us” Richærd said calmly then walked out while Sandra cried the more..
After everyone had left the room with only Sandra lying there on the bed, Richærd walked to her and tried touching her but she yanked off his hand and eyed him badly,
“Sandra I’m innocent” Richærd pleaded
“I read the message clearly, she was talking of how sweet the s€× you gave her was, she was looking forward to see you again, go and meet her what are you waiting for? Go on!!” Sandra said and Richærd cringed immediately,
which s€×???
“don’t ask me” Sandra said and turned to the other side facing the wall..
Richærd’s heart was heavy, his sight were blurry, his head was spinning around, his legs was quivering.. Sandra’s words really pained him so badly that he felt like hating her
“Why would she think I’m cheating on her now that I have passes through many thing for her sake…why?!!” he asked no one then gulped down the liquor he was holding, after those hurtful words from her, he had seek solace in drinking, he he to forget that pain in his heart before it kills him..
After drinking close to give bottles, he became totally drunk, he was staggering, he kept falling and standing at interval
“Richærd what are you doing to yourself?!!” Joy yelled at him and took away the bottle he was holding,
“Sandra please don’t kill my heart, I’m..pained” he stuttered falling to the ground, it was night and every where was partly dimmed,
“Richærd u don’t have to do this” Joy said In a crack voice
“ heart..aches” Richærd lamented while Joy led him upstairs..
“Sandra!!!!!!!” Joy scre-med her name on seeing her sleeping on the bed making her sprang up..
“what is it?” Sandra asked rubbing her eyes,
“Sandra this is Richærd..he is drunk because of you, I’m leaving him hear, if you are heartless and totally inhumane leave him on this floor to die of cold!!” Joy seethed and dashed out banging the door hærdly ,
“Sandra my heartbeat, my source of happiness, what is really my crime?? what is it? I did nothing wrong to you but you have broke my heart, how do you ever thought that after all these we had gone through..i will still have an eye with another had opened your ear to hear from people around you, don’t you trust your richærd again, I rather die than touch any other woman, you are my breath” Richærd opened up in his drunken state, tears dropped off from his eyes as he layed there on the cold floor..
Sandra felt guilt, she felt so much guilt that she couldn’t bear, this was what Clara told him,
“don’t let him know or else he would believe you don’t trust him”
Sandra’s heart caused her a sharp pain that moment seeing her love in anguish because of her,
she ran towards him and raised him up, she plunged her l-ips on his own and that led to a hot and intense k-ss,
“I love you” Richærd breathed
“I love you too” Sandra said
“why did you believed their lies”
“I’m so sorry”
“promise me you won’t listen to that asunder again”
“I promise”
“Trust me, I rather die than hurt you”
“I’m sorry for not believing in you”
“Can we do it?” Richærd asked
“no not now.. you are drunk”
“but I need it now, i want to make love to you, you are my sunshine which brightens my life” Richærd mumbled,
“Okay let’s do it”
“I love you”
“I love you more”
“no I love you more”
“that’s a lie, I love you much and very much more”
“I love more than the word love”
“awwwn, that’s sweet”
“I love you more than that three word ‘I love you’ can explain,
They planted a k-ss deeply and fell on the bed….
To be continued

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