Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 42

Written by Humble Smith
With the heat of s€×ual urge burning in them they k-ssed their l-ips deeply eating each other’s tongue, their hands worked on their bodies, just as they made to remove their clothes. a knock was heard on the door making them halt that moment,
“who is there?” Sandra asked still sitting on Richærd’s belly,
“Cole” a voice echoed from outside,
Sandra turned to Richærd only to find him fast asleep, he was still drunk..
Sandea stood up and covered his body with the duvet before heading out to meet Cole,
“What is it?” Sandra inquired immediately she walked out,
“We have to discuss something” Cole answered walking downstairs,
“What could that be that it can’t wait till tomorrow” Sandra said following him at the back,
“Tommorow may be too late” Cole answered then slumped on the couch,
“Okay what is it?” Sandra asked and sat beside him
“Have you even have time to think about the recent happenings?” Cole asked gazing at her
“I don’t understand”
“I mean, have you bring our time and have a rethink of what have went between you and Richærd.. you saw a message in his phone in the night and the next morning you couldn’t find it, all your thought was that Richærd had deleted it which could be the only reason, then he denied it, what do you think is going on?” Cole inquired with an arched brow
“I’m so very much confused and befuddled, I can’t think straight” Sandra answered
“You have to find a way to find the secret, this is not time for rom-nce or s€×, I can smell something wrong about to happen..can you tell me the content of the message you saw?” cole asked gazing at her
“it was something like..ermm, Thanks for today’s s€×, can’t wait to have you more, continue deceiving that idiot Sandra till we exhort enough money from her then you will leave her and come to me your true lover… I’m not sure this is truly the message but this is what I can remember” Sandra said with tears forming in her eyes,
“Who do you suspect that lady to be?” Cole asked,
“the truth is this, i could have suspected Clara but I have the picture of that lady with me” Sandra said and brought out her phone then showed Cole that picture of Richærd and the lady,
Cole had his while body shuddered as he saw the picture.
“isn’t that guy with her Richærd?” he asked shocked,
“that’s him.. it’s him with the lady, I can’t just believe my sight when I saw it, I..i ” her l-ips quivered as hot tears rolled down her cheeks,
“Have you shown Richærd this picture?” Cole asked
“No..i don’t think it necessary, let’s wait for the truth to unfold” Sandra answered amidst tears
“Who sent this to you?” Cole asked again
“That same number who sent that message, seriously, I trust Richærd so much, I trust him with everything I have but I don’t.. I.. am so much confuse” Sandra said resting her head on Cole’s shoulder,
“I’m befuddled..we have to show Richærd this picture let’s know what he has to say, what he say would make us know if he is really cheating on you or not” Cole said in finality getting exasperated,
“But I don’t want him to feel bad..”
“shuuuu..go back to bed, I will handle it” Cole said and stood up heading to his room,
Sandra exhaled heavily before heading to hers with million thoughts filling up her head,
“What if Richærd is really living in deceit! what if he is cheating on her?”
The next day came without Sandra falling to sleep, her mind was occupied with different thought, everyone came together, ate their breakfast, and prepared for work, Richærd was the only one out of the others that couldn’t find a job, he had decided to start up a business but that would be later because he needs to find a good shop in the market,
Everyone baded him and left for their different working places, Richærd slumped on the couch and switched on the TV to watch some movie so as to keep himself busy,
It has been up to some hours and Richærd had became tired of watching different series of movie so he decided to catch some sleep, he stood up and head to his room but just then, he heard a loud bang on the door, he couldn’t ascertain what or who could be at the door,
he walked to the door and peeped through the small h0le, he could see a lady but not clearly, he opened the door only for a stark unclad beautiful to rush in with much speed,
Richærd stared at her with an arched brow trying to check if she was mentally ill,
“please close that door please!!” the lady half yelled quivering in fright and horror. her fair skin has a red line mapped on almost every side, her eyes her was reddish and budge as if she had been crying all day,
Her eyes had a black s₱0t around it, looking at her, one would see she was in great pain, her breath was fast and it seem she was running from something which would be dangerous,
“please can you lock that door before he finds me here??” the lady pleaded again trembling,
Richærd turned to the door and locked it before facing her,
“Who are you and what are you doing here? what happened? do you even know you are unclad?” Richærd said I’m a calm tone staring at her without being moved
“Im so very much sorry if I had disturbed you’re peace this afternoon but you really have to save me, please help me” the lady said crying the more,
“before anything can you please cover your uncladness before you make me hærd” Richærd said and removed his shirt giving it to her to wear, she hastely took it and wore, it’s length was so short barely covering her th-gh, her n-pple was sumptuous and straight pointing forward through the shirt,
Richærd’s gaze went there and he quickly averted it,
“so what is your problem?” He asked her gazing at his phone so as not to be carried away, there was not doubt that the lady standing in front of him was as beautiful and s€×y as a goddess, she had this body stature that could make you long for her,
Richærd couldn’t look at her because he knew that content gazing at her body would make him do the unexpected,
“My boyfriend is after my life” the innocent looking girl said sitting in the couch,
“Ugh..” Richærd turned his gaze to her again but quickly returned it back to his phone,
“why??? what is the problem?” he asked
“wait Sir, your face look familiar” to last said to Richærd making him arched his brow on her,
“yes, oooo I’ve remembered where I saw you” the lady said feeling elated
“where?? me??” Richærd became more confused
“we met at a bar long ago, you came feeling so much troubled, you got yourself drunk and was calling me Sandra” the lady explained
Richærd stared at her face for some minute and the truth hitted him,
“Ohhhh, I can remember, you are that lady sitting with her boyfriend?”
“yes.. Ohh, long time” the lady said and hugged Richærd tightly,
His spirit was was unwilling but his body was weak, he wanted to push her off his body but he just couldn’t, he could feel his manh-od changing its size as his body pressed on the half clothes lady, her n-pples was pressed on his bare chest sending some kind of s-nsation round his body, he felt shiver and just then a thought of having s€× crept into his mind, as his hand made to press her b**t he quickly as possible as he can and detached his self from her hug,
“what are you??..okay I’m going to my room..when you feels like going home you go” Richærd said and rushed upstairs,
“so close” he muttered under his breath,
He entered his room and closed the door but as he made to lie on his bed. he heard a knock, there was no doubt that it was that charming lady,
“Ohh my God, what have I put myself into” he mussed feeling confused,
“why can’t I control my urge, why I’m I this eager, why do I want to have s€× with that lady?” he kept asking himself,
He forced himself on the bed so as to gain control of his s€×ual urge but it seem so much difficult, he closed his eyes trying to remove hus mind off anything about s€× but it could not, all that keeps occupying his mind was hiw sweet it would be having a hot s€× with that lady, he stood up and head to the door, as he held the handle, his subconscious scre-med at him not to do it,
“Tell her to wait for you in the sitting room, don’t let her in!!” A voice keep telling him,
He breathed down heavily and stared at the bulge which had formed in his trouser then sighed,
He knew something was wrong somewhere, something was fishy, all his life, he had knew himself as someone who had total self control when it comes in things about s€×, he hærdly gets turn up by any woman uncladness, an unclad lady could not make him hærd, but how could this lady make him think of s€×, how did she make him hærd just with a common hug? he felt his wh0le energy drained as he held the handle, tears dropped off his eyes as he thought of cheating on Sandra hus beloved,
He turned to walk back to his bed but something held him, something stronger than him held him, he badly want to have s€× now with that girl, there was no doubt he was drugged but how????
He twisted the handle of the door and it gave cracking sound and gave way,
“please sir, I’m afraid staying alone down stairs,please can I stay here with you?” the lady said in a calm voice while Richærd stared at her pink l-ips feeling the urge burning in him,
“Come in” his voice sounded making his heart flip,
“thanks” the lady said then walked to the bed swaying her butt which was showing off through Richærd’s transparent shirt she wore,
Richærd gaze was on it steadily, he has totally lose control,
“Sir!! come sit with me” the lady beckoned and like a zombie, Richærd walked forward and sat closely with her,
“I am ready to give you what you want, that would be my way of appreciation for saving me” the lady said in a s€×y voice,
In a slow motion she removed the cloth and placed a k-ss on Richærd’s l-ips,
quickly without control, Richærd devoured her l-ips with his hand fondling her br-ast, the girl used unbuckled hus belt and pulled down his trouser down to his ankle followed by the short he wore in,side,
Richærd pushed her to the bed and climbed on her, without wasting time, he plunged his di*k into her w-t pu**y sending out a loud mo-n off her l-ips,the feeling he got was so sweet, he pounded her so faster, s-nsation of pleasure rushed down his spine, he got totally carried away,
A few minutes ago, Clara had called Joy, Cole and Sandra out of their working place telling them that they needed to go home so that she can take them out and show them around Kano,
She took them all in her car and drove them home after they had took permission, they reached home and Clara told them to follow her slowly so that they would shock Richærd with their sudden visit,
they all agreed not knowing she had an ulterior motive, they reached Richærd’s room and she quickly opened the door only for all of them to see the greatest shock of their lives…
Sandra’s eyes got w¡dened, her wh0le body shook in great horror,
“Richærd!!!!!!!” Cole’s voice echoed round the wh0le building, he was totally shocked,
Joy on the other hand couldn’t believe her sight, she could not believe that this is her own brother doing this,
Richærd jerked up from the bed immediately and on seeing everyone staring at him in shock he felt like dying, he was still stark unclad with his d**k flattened, what he felt in his heart could not be fortold, his wh0le body shuddered in great horror as he saw Sandra staring at him with tears in her eyes,
everyone was staring at him in disbelief,
“That’s the lady” Sandra’s voice sounded as she pointed at the lady caught with Richærd in the act,
“So it is true?”
“I can’t believe my eyes”
these words made Richærd mad, his head pounded him badly, what would he say, there is no doubt that everyone would never trust or believe in him anymore,
He was still standing er-ct with a w¡dened eyes and agape mouth when Sandra walked up to him and gave him a hot slap…
“So all I’ve heard is true? Richærd so you choosed her over me? why do you did this to me? you brought into this house, on the same bed we sleep, you had s€× with her, just know that this is the end between us.. I hate you!!!!!!! ” Sandra yelled and dashed out of the room, cole stared at Richærd with the ‘I can’t believe you can do this’ look before following Sandra,
Joy made to follow them but Clara drew her back,
“Don’t leave, stay here? she said and ran off following Sandra and Cole..
Sandra entered her car ignoring Cole’s call, her heart was heavy and all she could think off was suicide, she found it really really hærd to believe what she just saw, her wh0le body kept trembling as she ignited the car and zoomed off, Cole entered his own car and pursued her while Clara entered hers with a smile,
Sandra drive off to the major road with great speed, on reaching a certain place which was somehow secluded she noticed there black jeep following her closely, she couldn’t space up her mind to think, she was still pained, her heart was still troubled…
Just then, one of the jeep hitted making her stop immediately, she opened the door and alight to let out her anger on the driver who hitted her car,
As she came down, the men in the three jeeps came down, they were five in number all armed with guns, Sandra stared at them with fear
Just then, cole drove closer, he parked his car and came down, the men pointed the gun at him making him raise his hand up to the air,
“both of you lie down!!” one of the men commanded,
Cole and Sandra did as they were told hastily without wasting time,
There at their sight, Clara drove in with a smirk, she alighted from the car with her eyes covered with dark glasses,
Sandra stared at her waiting to know what would happen,
Like a shock to both Cole and Sandra, the men all bowed to Clara as she came down,
“Hi Sandra and Cole” Clara greeted squatting in front of them
“Clara did u planned all these??” Sandra asked in dismay,
“ are one of the biggest fool I had ever come across in my lifetime” Clara blurted with a chuckle
“Clara don’t tell me you did all these? don’t tell me you did this to me because of Richærd!!” Sandra yelled with tears gushing out of her eyes,
“I had never for once thought of leaving Richærd for you, I had him first, you can’t just come out of nowhere and take him away from me.. I’m sending you back to where you belong so I can posses my possession” Clara said with a smirk
“Clara are you the one saying this” Cole retorted with his eyes w¡dened in shock,
“All of you are fools for believing my lies, bye” Clara said and laughed out loudly then turned to the men,
“take them to Chief Gabriel now but first get me Sandra’s phone” she ordered and it was done immediately,
Sandra cried so bitterly, she was so pained that she felt like killing herself, the men took her and Cole into the black tinted jeep after tying them tightly, their mouth gagged,
Clara smiled broadly then walked into her car…
“Time to go and possess” she muttered then ignited her driving off with great speed….
to be continued

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