Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 43

Written by Humble Smith
Clara walked into her mansion only to see that lady sitting comfortably on the couch enjoying a movie,
“Hey girl wats up?” clara said with a calm smile sitting beside her
“Wow, everything really went as planned, I think I don’t have to waste time In getting him to myself” the lady squeaked smiling broadly,
“Who do you want to get to yourself” Clara sneered making the girl surprised
“what kind of question is that? Richærd of course” she answered standing up from the couch primping her self,
“I see you are blind?”
“how??” she asked getting infuriated,
“Well, your job for me is done, you are no more important, if you don’t know, Richærd is the man of my heart, I need him like my breath and I just used you in removing Sandra from him so your being alive is now totally useless to me” Clara blurted giving her the shock of her life
“Do you…” her voice hitched as she saw Clara pointing a pistol on her head..
“Thanks for your help..greet Satan in hell for me” Clara said with a smirk and c*cked the gun,
“please i.. ” two bullets which went deep into her head that moment made her limp as she fell breathlessly on the floor, blood gushing out from her head..
“Dispose her body and clean up this place” Clara said into a mouthpiece around her neck before climbing upstairs,
She took her bath feeling all happy, her face was glistened with gloating smile, she scrubbed her body with glee as she thought of having Richærd back to herself..
After some minute, she was done, she walked into her room unclad, standing in front of a mirror staring at her uncladness made her smile, her body was so s€×y and sensual that every man would long for, her smile brightened up the more as she sighted the lotion resting on the stool, it was a s€× stimulant which when rubbed on the skin makes any man who perceived the cologne get s€×ually active instantly, this was the same cream that lady had used on Richærd,
“Richærd I’m sorry for all this I’m doing, just that I’m crazily in love with you, I’m also very much desperate you know” Clara mussed breathing down heavily,
She wore a black b-ra and p-nties before putting on the red closely fitted gown, she tied up her hair in a bun,
she gazed at the lotion and shook her head,
“I’m not rubbing it today, I’ve to first wipe off his mind from that Sandra of a lady” She muttered and picked up Sandra’s phone from the bed,
“Richærd my ex, just want to inform you that I’m gone forever, don’t try finding me because you would not find me..i and Cole had decided to leave you and Joy..i think I am not destined to be with you..i pray I finds a competent guy who would love and care for me the same way I want..bye, try forgetting me the same way I’m getting along without you, I’ve a secret account where there are much money stucked in there so don’t bother about how I will sustain.. bye and enjoy your day with those cheap slut you choosed over me.. ” Clara typed and send it to Richærd after proofreading..
She stood up and head to Richærd’s house smiling sweetly..
“I’m always the winner” she muttered under her breath as she entered her car..
Richærd had just gotten back from the shock he went through and had wore his short so as to know what next to do, all he prayed for was not to lose Sandra,
there was no doubt that he was caught in the act but he was sure there was something fishy,
Multiples of questions filled his brain that moment, his wh0le body was weak and he really felt like slumping, one thing was sure, even if he succeeded in making Sandra come back to him which he wasn’t sure would be possible she would not trust him like before,
He hobbled down the stairs with a heavy heart, he just needed someone that would believe him, someone that would listen to him, the lady drugged him into having s€× with her, maybe through the perfume she sprayed on her body or the lotion she rubbed, there is really a way..
As he reached the sitting room, he sighted Joy cooking something in the kitchen, he walked to her slowly maybe she would listen to him
“Joy can I speak with you?” Richærd said in horsey voice which he had suddenly gotten through the great shock he experienced not long ago,
Joy turned her gaze to him slowly, her eyes was teary and her l-ips was quivering a little bit,
She made to clean the tears with the back of her hand but Richærd pulled her hand down and cleaned the tears with his own hand, his gaze deeply into her eyes,
“Richærd why did you did that?” Joy asked with a cracked voice,
“Joy, I believe truly that you are the only one that understands me, you know me very well, what on earth would make me intentionally hurt you or anyone especially Sandra, that is what I will never think of doing because I love her..can we go to the couch let me tell you how it all happened, please” Richærd said with a teary eyes,
Joy switched off the gas cooker and followed Richærd to the sitting room..
Just as everything happened, Richærd narrated excluding no place at all..
“Uhm…i think someone is..” a knock interrupted her from completing her speech,
Richærd rushed to the door wishing it could be Sandra but was totally disappointed to see only Clara,
“Please where is she? please tell me she is coming back” Richærd pleaded with drop of tears rolling down in cheek,
“You mean Sandra? uhm, I couldn’t catch up with them, I mean both Sandra and Cole was out of sight before I could get their location” Clara said calmly staring at Richærd innocently
“So you mean no one knows where Sandra and Cole are now??” Richærd asked breathing heavily,
“I don’t know, she must have went to a secluded place to cry out her eyes, you know she is such an emotional lady, this must be the greatest shock of her life, I’m sure she is really really pained” Clara said and walked in,
“why not call her” Joy added while Richærd quickly ran upstairs to get his phone,
A loud scre-m was heard a minute later from the room where Richærd entered, this made both Clara and Joy sprang off from the couch and head to the room with great force,
“Ohhh noooo!!! this can’t be true, omg!! please can someone tell me that this is a dream.. I can’t take” Richærd voice echoed round the wh0le building as he held his phone with a trembling hands, his face was sweaty and his wh0le body was shaking in terrible pain..
“What is it??” Joy asked immediately she entered the room,
“take a look at this!! look and tell me what you see!! tell me!! joy please tell me that those message wasn’t from Sandra my heart beat!!” Richærd squealed, hot tears dropping down,
“Ohh God!!!” Joy squeaked as she read the message, she was totally shocked that at a moment she went limp and couldn’t talk or make any movement,
Clara took the phone from her hand and after reading it, she cringed and scre-med loudly in shock,
Richærd was now crying so loudly, all Clara did to calm him proved abortive, Joy on the other hand was just sobbing, she felt pained that Cole just left her like that, her heart really ached as she glanced at the ring in her hand,
“Cole why do you leave without saying even a goodbye, I’m I this less important to you, why? after engaging me” Joy sulked bitterly..
Richærd couldn’t stand up from the floor where he layed sobbing, he could not imagine what his life would be like without Sandra, although he felt angry and disappointed in Sandra for leaving him without caring to know how everything happened but he could not get himself to hate her, the love he has for her is just immeasurable…
Sandra and Cole was drove into a big mansion which was like ware house, they were both dragged out and thrown into a room which was very dark with any source light, all Sandra could do was to shed tears, she couldn’t help but imagine herself going back to where she had luckily survived to maneuver through,
Cole on the other hand was silent all through, his mind was deeply in great anger, he could not believe that Clara could be this wicked as to send them back to Chief Gabriel someone who had always wanted their death, they were both tied tightly around a chair, all their body was stuck to the chair except for their neck which was the only part of their body which can be moved,
Not long after, they heard a squeaking sound from the door showing that someone just walked in,
The room brightened up immediately revealing Angela standing in front of them with a smirk,
Sandra’s heart sank into her belly that moment, she felt her wh0le body shudder in great fright, who she saw was just her greatest nightmare, someone she prayed and longed never to come in contact with any time of her life,
“Wow, who do we have here?” Angela muttered with a smile,
“You have really changed” She added fondling Sandra’s cheek,
“what is my crime..what have I done wrong? tell me why you people would not want me to have rest of mind ugh” Sandra lamented with tears gushing out from her eyes,
“umm.. there is no space for those annoying tears of yours, just start getting ready for endless torture. I promise you that you would get the real test of pain now..then you will know that I had been pampering you all those years you lived with me” Angela said and burst into laughter
“who are you if I may ask?” Cole ch¡pped with a glare
“I’m your biggest fear..I’m your death” Angela replied with a little smile..
“What is our crime..I’ve been suffering from your hand but I don’t know what I really did..please tell me” Sandra pleaded with tears in her eyes
“I’m not here to tell your crime. just came to inform you if the pain you will pass through..just pray you survive” Angela said with a lopsided smile before leaving bursting into hysteric laughter..
“Who is that woman?” Cole asked Sandra immediately
“she is my stepmother..” Sandra explained everything to Cole starting from the very beginning,
“uhmm, i think we are really in a very big trouble” Cole breathed with a sigh
“just pray we come out here alive” Sandra added breathing out heavily
Just there and then. the door swinged open and Chief Gabriel and Dr Mike walked in with Angela at their back..
“wow so fast” Chief Gabriel exclaimed excitedly,
“yea, I trust that girl..she does a clean job” Dr Mike uttered taking a seat..
The three of them sat down facing Cole and Sandra who also moped at them without uttering any word..
In a few minute, the door opened again and four hefty men stomped in, they were wearing all black with mask on their face, one of them was carrying a bag which it’s content could not be seen as the bag was opaque..
“these are the people” Chief Gabriel said with a smile pointing at Cole and Sandra who was yet to know what was about to happen to them..
The four hefty men averted their gaze to them and slowly walked to a table at the corner, they dropped the bag and started disposing the content in it,
“Sandra and Cole!” Chief Gabriel called out immediately but got no reply,
“I don’t need you to reply by call just need your both must be really thinking what made you in this condition you find yourselves, I want to tell you both the reason before you undergo the torture set for you”
at the mention of torture, Sandra and Cole flinched in much fright and horror, they quickly averted their gaze to the table where the four hefty men was and found their heart beating very fast and loud at what they saw.. different types of torturing tool was lying on the table..
“prepare your mind and body so that you won’t die quickly, only one person can save you both” Chief Gabriel said making both of them turned around him hastily with an inquisitive stare
“the only person that can eradicate this torture about to befall on you is no other person than your mother” Chief Gabriel said making both of them totally befuddled .
“You both thought your mother is dead right? but hell no, she is much alive and healthy, we need her.. so if we can get her where she is hiding right now, you both would be freed..” Chief Gabriel narrated with a narrow gaze on Sandra and Cole whose face really showed hiw shocked and confused they are..
“do you..want to tell me that my own biological mother is alive?” Sandra said after some minute,
“but I thought..”
“she escaped that accident and ran out of sight” Dr Mike ch¡pped in
“do why do you want to torture us, would tha bring her out?” Cole questioned with a straight gaze,
“yes, that would make her come out, all the torture you both will go through would be seen by her.. we would order her presence as the only way for us to halt the torture, it is left for her to choose” Chief Gabriel explained
“but why did you need her?” Sandra asked in a teary tone
“she knows why, thats the reason she had been hidding from us” Chief Gabriel said with a lopsided smile..
“now is time” Dr Mike said and beckoned the men to proceed,
A video recorder was set to get a clear view of what was happening, the men walked up to them with a wh¡p, very soon all that could be heard was the sound of loud shrill of pain..
At that moment, Richærd was lying on the bed still sobbing, he suddenly felt a kind of ache in his heart, he felt something was wrong with someone he loved, he felt someone was in pain and the only person he had in mind was Sandra,
“Sandra please be safe wherever you are.. I… ” the door of his room swinged open and Clara walked in,
“Richærd are you still crying?” Clara asked and sat beside him,
“Tell me one reason why I should stop weeping..tell me!! how can she say it is over..i mean why?? why??” Richærd lamented crying like a baby
“what them do you intend to do with your life? will you cry for ever? or are you waiting for her to come back?’ Clara inquired
“Without Sandra, I’m incomplete, my life would always be meaningless, she is my sunshine, I love her so much like my own life, I don’t think i will ever love any other woman the same way I love her, Infact to be sincere, every woman around me disgust me minding the fact that my Sandra is still far away from me” Richærd said bitterly
“Richærd, the lady you are here lamenting for, is out there enjoying her life, she had just made you understand that she doesn’t want you anymore, I don’t see any reason why you should be stressing yourself out because of her..just try and get along with her because I am not sure she will ever come back” Clara said in a soothing tone,
“you will not understand, I can’t be myself without her, I can’t get along without her, she is my everything, in her I found my future, clara help me out, anyhow you are an assassin trained professionally, I know you can track her, please find out where Sandra is staying, tell me and I’m gonna go there and plead for her mercy even if it takes me a full year” Richærd begged holding Clara’s palm softly staring at her deeply in her eyes,
“Richærd I can’t find her, it would be of your good if you begin to start your life without her” Clara breathed and stood up, the last words Richærd had just said had made her felt guilt, the way he stared in her eyes had made her feel sorry for him because all that she could see in his eyes was sorry and anguish, she needs him to be her lover but he wasn’t even giving her a glance,
“Richærd..i would be going, help yourself and your health by forgetting about that Sandra of a girl, it would be of your own benefit” Clara said and walked out
“I can’t forget her because she is always in my heart” Richærd mussed breathing down heavily, his heart was aching again, he was feeling unease all of a sudden, he was feeling pain in his heart, someone he loved so deeply is in pain
“Sandraaaaa where are you!!!! ” he scre-med loudly slumping on the bed with a loud thud..

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